Herts Hemp Review | All About the CBD Brand

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on July 13, 2020

Herts Hemp is one of many CBD brands on the market these days, but it doesn’t seem to have many products. Can the Herts Hemp CBD oil compete?


Herts Hemp Quick Summary

Herts Hemp Pros

  • Herts Hemp uses CO2 extraction.
  • All ingredients are organic.
  • The capsules are vegetarian-friendly.
  • The CBG oil is a nice touch.

Herts Hemp Cons

  • All of the products are very expensive.
  • The product descriptions are somewhat lacking.
  • There’s not a lot of information about the brand.
  • The product range is very limited.


One plus point for Herts Hemp is that this brand sells CBG oil; find out more about cannabigerol (CBG) in our article: What Is CBG?


Herts Hemp Full Review

There are hundreds of CBD brands now, even in the UK. Take a walk down your town’s High Street, and you’re likely to see shops brandishing CBD in their windows. Lloyd’s Pharmacy and Holland & Barrett are just two major retailers selling CBD. However, the largest available selection remains online.

When choosing a CBD brand, it’s vital to read reviews. Where should you really be spending your hard-earned cash? Here at Greenshoppers, we try to make the process a little easier by letting you know everything you need to be aware of regarding different brands.

Today, we are reviewing Herts Hemp UK. Find out more about Herts Hemp CBD below, including the full product range.


Who Is Herts Hemp?

Herts Hemp is a CBD brand based in the UK. The website doesn’t share a lot of information on the brand, so we’re at a loss as to who the founders are and where the company is based. There is, however, a decent bit of information on how Herts Hemp makes its products.

Herts Hemp says that it uses organic production methods. It uses non-GMO hemp plants grown in the EU, with no pesticides or herbicides. The brand then uses CO2 extraction, widely regarded as one of the safest and cleanest methods.

The brand seems to be quite transparent, admitting that its products aren’t the cheapest. Herts claims that the expense comes from quality. There are lab reports freely available on the website to prove that what you’re buying is high-quality and safe. These reports feature the name of the third-party tester, allowing you to verify the information. They also contain all cannabinoid contents, proving a lack of THC.

So far, so good. However, Herts Hemp has a limited product range, and the products are quite ordinary.


Herts Hemp Products

Herts Hemp doesn’t have many CBD products; you’re pretty much limited to capsules and tinctures. Interestingly, there’s also a CBG oil. Let’s check them out.


Herts Hemp CBD Drops

Confusingly, the box for the Herts Hemp CBD drops reads ‘cannabis oil.’ The lab reports confirm a lack of THC, otherwise, we would be worried! We’re a bit surprised that Herts Hemp hasn’t run into trouble over this branding.

Herts Hemp CBD Drops

The Herts Hemp CBD oil comes in several strengths. Each dropper bottle contains just two ingredients: Hemp extract (cannabinoids), and hemp seed oil. The flavour of the product is quite strong thanks to the addition of hemp seed, but it’s not the worst tasting oil.

The product description contains a handy run-down of the different strengths and their respective prices, as well as how much CBD is contained per drop. The options are as follows:

  • 5% (250mg): £18.50
  • 5% (500mg): £32.50
  • 10% (1000mg): £62.50
  • 18% (1800mg): £105.00

As you can see, these are highly priced oils; however, Herts Hemp does admit that they are expensive products. Interestingly, the product description also says that these strengths are CBD + CBDa. Research is lacking on CBDa, but some users are starting to see benefits.

Each bottle is 10ml and is easy to use thanks to the dropper.


Herts Hemp CBG Drops

Herts Hemp also sells a CBG oil. Again, research into CBG is far behind that of CBD, but proponents believe that cannabigerol could have many benefits. This product also comes in a 10ml dropper bottle, but there is only one strength available.

Herts Hemp CBG Drops

The 5% CBG oil contains 500mg of CBG + CBGa. That’s about 2mg per drop. The bottle costs £38.50, which is far cheaper than the 5% CBD oil. However, whether CBG is as effective as CBD remains to be seen.

Personally, we found that the CBD oil was more to our preference. As a result, we think the 5% CBD oil is worth the extra money in comparison.


Herts Hemp Capsules

Of course, Herts Hemp also sells vegan-friendly CBD capsules. The brand uses a plant-based cellulose as the casing of the capsule, ensuring that everyone can use this product no matter their dietary preference.

Herts Hemp Capsules

Each Herts Hemp capsule contains 25mg of CBD, which is a fairly standard amount. With 30 capsules per container, that’s 750mg of CBD. The tub costs £48.50. It’s nice that this product is vegetarian-friendly, but it’s also a bit pricey.


Herts Hemp Extracts

Some brands have begun selling CBD paste, which is a more concentrated form of CBD oil. It has a thicker consistency and a stronger taste but is used in the same way as a normal tincture. You can find CBD paste on the Herts Hemp website under the ‘CBD extract’ tab.

The paste comes in a syringe; you click the product once to administer a dose. Depending on how much you turn the base of the product, you can measure out a different amount; a quarter turn is ¼ a gram of extract, half a turn is ½ a gram, etc.

The CBD paste contains 3600mg of CBD + CBDa in a 12g tube. In other words, it’s super potent! However, you can expect a hefty price tag! The Herts Hemp CBD Extract costs a whopping £195, which is a lot to be spending if you use CBD regularly.


Final Thoughts on Herts Hemp: 6/10

There are some great things about Herts Hemp, such as the use of CO2 extraction and organic materials. However, these products are extremely expensive and we know that some of our readers will be priced out. Plus, the range is very limited at present.

We recommend checking out another brand, such as Just CBD; this brand has a huge product range and high-quality ingredients, but for better value. Read more in our Just CBD review.