Holistic Hemp Scotland Review [Brand Overview]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on April 2, 2020

Today, we are reviewing the Scottish brand Holistic Hemp. Not too many CBD brands are based in Scotland, so we were excited to check out the quality of these hemp products. Sit back and enjoy our Holistic Hemp product review!


Holistic Hemp Scotland Quick Summary

Holistic Hemp Scotland Pros

  • The products are unique, and you won’t find many of them elsewhere.
  • Holistic Hemp takes time to handpick the hemp and dry the flowers naturally.
  • The products are CO2-extracted and are all high quality.

Holistic Hemp Scotland Cons

  • We didn’t see any evidence of lab reports.
  • Some of the products are quite expensive.


Holistic Hemp is a decent brand, but if it’s not your cup of (hemp) tea, then you might want to check out our other reviews. Use the ‘Reviews’ tab at the top of this page to explore more amazing CBD brands.


Holistic Hemp Scotland Full Review

We always advise our readers to read reviews on CBD brands before they buy. Currently, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) does not oversee cannabidiol products in Britain, providing opportunities for scammers to sell a low-grade product for a high price. Reviews can help you figure out which brands are legitimate.

Furthermore, you can use review websites like Greenshoppers to quickly compare brands without spending hours doing research! It can be handy, so make sure to check out the other reviews on our site.

Today, we are reviewing Holistic Hemp Scotland. As one of the brands that have managed to make a name for itself in Britain, Holistic Hemp is a worthy contender in your CBD shop. Before you click ‘Add to Cart,’ check out this full product review.


Who Is Holistic Hemp Scotland?

As you can probably guess, Holistic Hemp Scotland is based in the UK – in Scotland, to be exact. The company sources hemp from right here in the UK, adhering to strict quality standards. What sets this brand apart from others is the fact that the workers handpick the flowers and individually hang them to dry at natural temperatures. Holistic Hemp uses CO2 extraction, widely considered to be the best extraction method for CBD.

It’s clear that the brand has an emphasis on nature and creating high-quality products. However, not much is said about the company itself. The ‘About’ page contains no information about where the company is based or who runs it. Although this information isn’t essential, we like to know a bit about who we’re buying from.

Holistic Hemp sells a range of CBD products, some of which are unique compared to what other brands are stocking. Let’s check out the products.


Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Products

Holistic Hemp specialises in CBD products, so obviously, they sell CBD oils and capsules. However, in addition to this, the brand stocks other hemp products that you won’t find elsewhere. This brand has a few tricks up its sleeve that sets it apart from other competitors in the industry.

We tried the products, and below, we let you know what we thought.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBDa and CBD Oil

holistic hemp

Holistic Hemp sells a CBD oil, just like most brands. However, it sells CBD oil with a twist: It’s also CBDa oil. Cannabidiolic acid, or CBDa, is the acidic counterpart to CBD, and it’s actually the precursor. CBDa is what occurs naturally in the plant, but when it is heated, it becomes CBD.

There is little research on CBDa right now. Proponents believe that it could carry the same benefits, if not more, than CBD. At the very least, it’s just like CBD in that it’s not harmful and carries few side effects. What we’re saying is that there’s no harm in trying a CBD oil with added CBDa.

It can be hard to find a CBDa oil in the UK, so Holistic Hemp has filled a gap in the market. The oils are full-spectrum, and admittedly they possess a strong hemp flavour. It’s not for everyone, but it’s not much worse than a regular CBD oil.

The brand also sells CBD paste, which is like a CBD oil but a different texture. It’s completely raw from the hemp plant, and some users enjoy how natural it is.

The CBD+CBDa oils come in 10% and 15% strength for £40 and £50, respectively.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Capsules

holistic hemp

If the hemp taste is too much, you might want to opt for CBD capsules. Cannabis capsules in the UK are a popular way to take CBD because they provide the same benefits without the odd flavour.

Holistic Hemp’s capsules are unique because they contain more than just CBD. Each capsule contains 10mg or 15mg CBD, 20mg curcumin, and 10mg turmerone. You can also choose a CBD and Turmeric variant that provides turmeric as well.

The capsules start at £40 for a 30-pack of 10mg tablets, or £50 for the 15mg ones.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Edibles

holistic hemp

Holistic Hemp has gone all out in terms of edibles. The brand stocks two beverages: CBD tea and CBD coffee. The CBD hemp tea is not exactly a cup of English Breakfast, but instead contains notes of pine, eucalyptus, lemon, black pepper, and hops. The brew is energising and refreshing on the palate, and we have to say we found it quite enjoyable! Plus, the tea bags are biodegradable, which is always a plus.

For coffee lovers, Holistic Hemp sells a caffeinated bag (sourced from Honduras), and a decaf version, sourced from Colombia. You can choose, depending on your tastes. Both are quite delicious.

And if you want to sweeten your CBD drinks, you can use the CBD honey! The jar of honey contains CBDa and various terpenes, with 670mg of the cannabinoid in total. The honey is sourced from a family-run bee farm in Lithuania. It’s not local honey, but still, it’s a lovely addition to the shop.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD and CBG Paste

holistic hemp

We briefly mentioned the paste earlier. CBD paste is similar to CBD oil in that you use it under the tongue. It can be hard to find CBD paste in the UK, so Holistic Hemp has once again filled a gap in the market.

Thicker than oil, the CBD paste comes in a syringe, allowing you to squeeze out a small amount into your mouth easily. The tube is just 3g, containing a potent 450mg of CBD. There is also a 530mg CBG paste.

The pastes are £25 and £33, respectively. By the way, pastes taste very strong, so they aren’t for the faint-hearted!


Final Thoughts on Holistic Hemp Scotland: 7/10

Holistic Hemp Scotland is an excellent brand to check out if you live in Britain. It offers unique products you can’t get elsewhere, and the quality is very high. That being said, we would like to see lab reports as evidence of the high-quality.

Not everybody can afford Holistic Hemp, but if you can, then we recommend giving this brand a try. If you’re one of the unlucky few who can’t access these products, then make sure you check out some of our other reviews: Here are our favourite British brands.