Ignite CBD [All About This Brand]

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Updated on December 27, 2019

CBD is everywhere. If you live in the UK, you have probably seen these three letters advertised in shop windows. In particular, vape shops seem to be vocal about their sale of CBD. Vaping and CBD go hand in hand. When CBD was still rare, occupying the fringes of the market, vapers delighted in the opportunity to use a tasty e-liquid without nicotine.

Now that CBD has taken off, it’s still enormously popular in the vape community. Although vaping has come under fire recently for potential health hazards, advocates of this method will tell you that it’s one of the best consumption methods. For starters, inhaling CBD is the fastest way for it to take effect, and it’s also thought to be more bioavailable.

The rise of CBD vaping has led to the formation of brands that specialise in CBD vape products. One such brand is Ignite CBD, headed by Instagram personality Dan Bilzerian. In today’s article, we will run you through our thoughts on the Ignite CBD brand.

Who Is Ignite CBD?

Founders Dan Bilzerian and Josh Caranza established Ignite CBD in 2017. It was only a matter of time before celebrities began cashing in on the CBD trend – in fact, even Martha Stewart has found her way into the industry! But there’s always a slight problem when influencers enter the CBD field: They don’t have any medical knowledge.

CBD is a tricky field to navigate. Although legal, the compound is often under scrutiny due to a lack of medical research. Studies thus far are usually conducted on animal models, and most of the evidence for CBD’s effects is anecdotal. When the head of a company has no background in science or health, you have to wonder how legitimate these products are.

That said, Bilzerian certainly has a lot of experience marketing. It’s not surprising that the Ignite CBD brand is so polished and well-presented, nor is it a shock that the vape products became popular almost as soon as they hit the market.

Ignite CBD has several plus points. For one, we like that this is a big-name vape brand in the UK, as most high-quality vape products go to our American cousins. It’s nice to see influencers tapping into the British market. Secondly, it’s pretty cool that the brand is so well-known and respected in the industry. Multiple consumers trying and testing the products is a positive sign for any company.

However, there is one major downside. Ignite CBD does not refer to lab reports, nor does the brand post them on the site. We always tell our readers to search for lab reports that can verify the quality and safety of the product. In an ideal world, it would be the law for brands to provide this information. Alas, there is no such law, and Ignite CBD can get away without giving lab reports.

If you can look past this flaw, then you might want to check out the products.

Ignite CBD Products

Despite the lack of lab reports, we think it’s safe to say that Ignite CBD is legitimate. It’s good to be suspicious, but the wealth of customers and survival in this industry suggests that Ignite is reliable. The brand specialises in CBD vape products, but it also offers a few oral options.

Ignite CBD Tinctures

Ignite CBD

The Ignite CBD tinctures are pretty standard. Each bottle is 30ml, though, which is more significant than what most CBD brands sell as the standard size. It does mean that you can keep your bottle for a more extended time period.

The oils use MCT oil as the carrier, with stevia to improve the taste. Regular CBD users will know that the taste of CBD oil can be less than pleasant, but the Ignite range tastes better thanks to this sweetener. In our book, it’s a plus that the company uses stevia instead of artificial sugars. Ignite also uses essential oils to create various flavours and effects.

The terpenes in essential oils can promote particular effects when used. As a result, each flavour of CBD oil has slightly different effects, made more predictable by the naming system used by Ignite. Here are the options:

  • Calm: Use this option to relax and unwind.
  • Recharge: Replace your morning coffee with these options to stay energetic.
  • Lucid: This variety helps improve focus and promote general wellness.

Ignite CBD says the products contain 0% THC. Unfortunately, there is a set amount of CBD in every bottle, standing at 1200mg. That equates to 40mg per 1ml drop. This strength is way too high for new users, and perhaps too high for regular users! We wish Ignite had more options.

The flavour options are as follows:

  • Blood Orange (Lucid)
  • Tropical Fruit (Recharge)
  • Lavender (Calm)
  • Natural (Lucid)
  • Cucumber Lemon Mint (Calm)

Each bottle costs £69.99.

Ignite CBD Topicals

Rather than stocking a cream like most brands, Ignite has elected to sell a CBD lip balm. The formula includes argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and essential oils, as well as shea butter and beeswax. These ingredients make for a super-moisturising lip balm that is really refreshing on the lips.

Each stick contains 50mg of CBD, costing just £9.99. The available flavours include Natural, Mango, and Cucumber Lemon Mint.

Ignite CBD Vapes

Ignite CBD

The star of the show at Ignite CBD is definitely the vape pens. With both disposable and  rechargeable pens, Ignite has crafted a range using the Calm, Recharge, and Lucid formulas mentioned above.

The disposable vape pens won Best CBD Vape Pen at the High Times Cannabis Cup. Each pen contains 150mg of CBD isolate; each 3-second puff provides about 2mg. The vape liquid has an MCT base, but please note that there are some concerns about inhaling an oil. The pen is black and colour, baring the Ignite logo. It’s simple and sleek and fits easily in your pocket or bag. Each pen costs £24.99 and comes in the following flavours:

  • Pink Chill (Calm)
  • Blood Orange (Lucid)
  • Tropical Fruit (Recharge)
  • Apple Berry (Lucid)
  • Mango (Calm)
  • Watermelon (Recharge)

As for the rechargeable vapes, Ignite stocks a vape device, and several pods to top up your pen. The pods come in the same flavours as above, costing £19.99 each for 250mg of CBD. This time, the base is a mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, as most e-liquids are.

The pods fit into the Ignite pen, which functions with a 380 mAh battery. The pen is lightweight and sleek, with a soft-touch matte coating that makes it super stylish. It works using auto-draw technology for ease of use. You can buy the pen on its own, costing £29.99, or you can get a starter kit, including pods for £49.98. Both options come with a USB charger.

Ignite CBD Pros

  • A high-quality brand headed by an influencer with a lot of marketing experience.
  • The vape e-liquids have proven popular with consumers.
  • Ignite has a large social media following, suggesting it is wholly legitimate

Ignite CBD Cons

  • There are no lab reports on the site.
  • Some consumers say some of the flavours aren’t so great, such as the mango e-liquid.
  • There is only one strength of CBD oil.

Final Verdict on Ignite CBD

For us, Ignite CBD is a mid-tier brand. It’s not an industry leader, but it’s definitely a massive name in the CBD vape market. If you’re in search of CBD oils, however, then you might want to look elsewhere. It’s disappointing that there is only one choice of CBD oil, and this strength is much too high for new CBD users.

If you’re a vaper, though, then you might want to check out Ignite CBD. We feel like there are new and exciting things coming for this brand.