Ignite CBD [All About This Brand]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on December 27, 2019

CBD is a big deal these days, so much so that even celebrities are cashing in on the trend. We decided to try Dan Bilzerian’s CBD brand to find out if it’s really worth it.


Ignite CBD: Quick Summary

Ignite CBD Pros

  • Ignite CBD is led by an influencer with a lot of marketing experience.
  • According to reviews, the vape e-liquids are super popular.
  • You know that Ignite CBD is legitimate because it has a significant social media presence and tons of positive reviews.
  • There are lots of topicals available.

Ignite CBD Cons

  • We couldn’t find any lab reports on the website.
  • Some consumers say that some of the e-liquid flavours are overly sweet.
  • Overmarketing puts some people off.


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Ignite CBD: Full Review

These days, finding a CBD brand can be tricky. It’s vital to do your research before investing in any brand, as lots of companies are selling subpar products. The last thing you want is to spend money on an expensive product just to be let down by its quality.

Here at Greenshoppers, we try to make things a little easier by reviewing all the CBD brands on the market.

When Ignite CBD was launched in 2017, it quickly took off, with lots of social media marketing propelling the brand forward. But popularity and fame don’t necessarily equate to a top-quality product. We had to try this brand’s products to find whether they’re really worth it. Read on to learn more about the Ignite CBD brand and discover whether it’s deserving of its fame.


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Who Is Ignite CBD?

Party boy Dan Bilzerian founded Ignite CBD back in 2017. Having lived in the spotlight for many years now, Bilzerian knows how to make a statement. He is no stranger to fame (or infamy), and so it’s no surprise that he knew exactly how to make a splash in the CBD industry.

He launched Ignite CBD with an extravagant party at his Bel Air mansion. However, Bilzerian is a smart guy, and he wanted to push the boundaries of CBD. He didn’t just stick to the states; he threw an equally wild party in the UK that was attended by Love Island stars and Instagram fitness guru Pete Wicks.

Whether you like Dan Bilzerian or not, you have to admit that he has thought everything through. The website describes the brand as a socially responsible company that aims to promote healthy living. It also tries to do good by its employees, which is always a good thing.

The products are actually really well-priced, despite what you might first assume. You won’t feel priced out of this range, which is great to see.

However, the website is lacking in some information, such as where the hemp is sourced, and what extraction process is used. Plus, there are no lab reports. They can’t do everything right, I suppose!


Ignite CBD Products

Recently, Ignite expanded its range of CBD products, featuring new strengths, flavours, and topicals. Let’s check out the full range to see where you should be spending your cash.


Ignite CBD Drops

Ignite CBD specialises in flavoured drops, but there are also some unflavoured varieties. Formerly, the brand only stocked one strength, but now, you can choose between two. The 500mg strength is perfect for those who want to try CBD for the first time, whereas the 1200mg strength is better for regular consumers. It would be nice to see more strengths, but these two choices are a good start.

Ignite separates its flavours into categories depending on their effects:

  • Lucid
  • Recharge
  • Calm

The Lucid oils, for example, come in Blood Orange and Lavender flavours, while Recharge comes in Tropical Fruit. No matter your choice, the oil has an MCT base that’s sweetened with stevia. It’s good that this brand doesn’t use artificial sugar, but some users want to stay away from sweeteners altogether.

We tried the Unflavoured (Lucid) drops in 1200mg strength. The flavour was sweeter and more pleasant than other brands, on account of the stevia. It was easy to take thanks to the dropper, and quite effective. The £45 was worth it, and it’s also cheaper than many other offerings on the market.

Ignite CBD Vapes

Ignite CBD

Ignite CBD is perhaps best known for its vapes. The brand has several offerings. There’s an Ignite CBD starter kit, which features the brand’s signature vape pen, a USB charger, and a flavoured vape pod of your choice.

The pen is pretty good, especially for a starter kit. It’s super lightweight at just 22g, and it has a 380 mAh battery. The auto-draw technology ensures that it’s simple to use; all you need to do is inhale. We also like the simple matte black design, as it suits all tastes.

As for the pods, each one contains 250mg of CBD. Like the oils, the flavours come in Lucid, Recharge, and Calm options. There are more flavours available than the drops, including Apple Berry, Watermelon, and Pink Chill. Each pod costs £20, which is pricier than the CBD drops on a cost per milligram basis. They’re easy to use; all you need to do is click them into the vape pen.

By the way, the starter kit costs £50. The pen itself costs £30 and is available to buy separately, so it’s a bit annoying that the starter kit doesn’t include a discount.

Aside from the pods, Ignite CBD also sells disposable vape pens. These contain just 150mg of CBD, but are slightly more expensive at £25. Nevertheless, they are cheaper than buying the full starter kit if you want to try vaping for the first time.

If you already have a vape pen, then Ignite CBD sells another option: CBD e-liquids. Each one comes in a 10ml dropper bottle, each available in three strengths. Being able to choose between 500mg, 300mg, and 100mg gives you quite a bit of choice. Prices start at £10.


Ignite CBD Skincare

The topical options available from Ignite are pretty great. The first item available is a roll-on, which is always a product we love to see. The 10ml bottle contains 1000mg of CBD and costs £30. It’s vegan-friendly, but it only contains CBD isolate. Options include Lavender, Subtle Citrus, and Rosemary-Lemon.

There’s also several CBD lip balms on offer. Each contains 50mg of CBD and really keeps your lips moisturised all day long. Scents include Cucumber Lemon Mint, Mango, and Natural. The balms cost £10, which is quite a bit pricier than your average lip balm.

Aside from that, Ignite CBD has tons of other unique CBD topical products. We can’t review them all as there are simply too many to choose from. The range includes:

  • CBD joint cream
  • CBD foot care cream
  • CBD muscle rub gel
  • CBD bath bombs
  • CBD hydrating face serum
  • CBD moisture day cream
  • CBD hydro night cream
  • CBD body oil
  • CBD tattoo balm

Most products cost £25 and contain 500mg of CBD. The bath bombs, however, cost £8 for 100mg of CBD.


Final Thoughts on Ignite CBD: 8/10

At the end of the day, Ignite CBD is a good brand. Dan Bilzerian has done a great job here, slowly expanding the range to feature tons of great products for reasonable prices. We hear that the brand has recently opened a drinks division, so we expect to see even more from Ignite CBD in the future.

For now, we like this brand, but there are some potential improvements. For one, lab reports should be available – this is a key quality indicator that every brand should have.

Official Site: ignite.co
Coupon Code: CBD15LIFE

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