Irie Hemp Review [All About This CBD Brand]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on November 24, 2020

Irie Hemp is an American CBD company with an array of products. We tried them all, and below, the Greenshoppers team explains what we thought of them.


Irie Hemp: Quick Summary

Irie Hemp Pros

  • There’s a vast range of CBD tinctures to choose from with various ingredients.
  • The CBD face serum is a really great product for skincare lovers.
  • Reviews from other customers are positive.

Irie Hemp Cons

  • Lab reports are not available to view on the site, though Irie claims to test its products.
  • The products are expensive compared to others on the market.


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Irie Hemp: Full Review

Before buying CBD products, it’s essential to set time aside to research. Not all CBD products are made equal, so you really need to make sure you’re buying a safe and reliable product. It can be trickier than it sounds since you need to trawl through all the brands on the internet, find those based in the UK, and then choose one that fits within your budget and that you like.

Reading reviews like those here at Greenshoppers can be super helpful. We help our readers reach a decision about reputable brands to make CBD shopping just that little bit easier.

Today, we are reviewing Irie Hemp. Read on to learn everything there is to know about this brand and its products.


Who Is Irie Hemp?

When it began, Irie Hemp was called IrieCBD. The brand changed its name to reflect the fact that hemp is at the heart of the company. After all, everything starts with hemp.

Irie comes from a Jamaican English word meaning ‘nice’ or ‘good.’ It’s associated with Rastafarianism, which goes hand in hand with the humble cannabis plant. In case you weren’t aware, hemp is a non-intoxicating form of cannabis that’s low in THC.

The brand’s slogan is “Live. Life. Irie.” It’s a brand that’s all about relaxation and living the good life. It aims to sell high-quality hemp that can improve its’ customers quality of life for the better, and that’s a mission we can’t fault.

The brand doesn’t have tons of products available, but what’s there is good. The brand sources hemp from North American farms and regularly conducts tests to verify the quality of its products. That said, we couldn’t actually find the lab reports on the website, which is not ideal.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the products and see what’s on offer from this brand.


Irie Hemp CBD Products

Irie Hemp categorises its products according to their effects. In this review, we look at the tinctures, topicals, and pet products available from Irie. Read on to learn more about what’s on offer.


Irie Hemp CBD Tinctures

The Irie Hemp tinctures consist of hemp seed vitamin E oil and MCT oil infused with a blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and herbal extracts. The precise herbal extracts depend on the intention of the oil. Each one is designed to promote different effects. Each bottle has a dropper attached for complete ease of use.


The various tinctures come in several strengths each, allowing you to choose both the ingredients and CBD concentration that you desire. Note that the oils are naturally flavoured, possessing the slightly bitter taste of hemp alongside hints of essential oils and plant extracts.

Here is a rundown of the CBD tinctures and their prices:

  • Daily: Contains monk fruit
  • 250mg:$34.97
  • 500mg:$64.97
  • Relief: Contains Devil’s Claw, skullcap, curcumin
  • 250mg:$39.97
  • 500mg:$74.97
  • 1000mg:$119.97
  • Calm: Contains peppermint, lavender, monk fruit
  • 250mg:$37.97
  • 500mg:$74.97
  • Balance: Contains ashwagandha, holy basil, black maca, mucuna
  • 250mg:$39.97
  • 500mg:$74.97
  • Lifeline: Contains frankincense, ginger, sandalwood
  • 250mg:$39.97
  • 500mg:$79.97
  • 1000mg (Lifeline MAX):$119.97
  • Feminine: Contains fennel, avena sativa, evening primorose
  • 250mg:$37.97
  • 500mg:$74.97
  • 1000mg:$119.97


Irie Hemp CBD Topicals

In contrast with the enormous range of tinctures, Irie Hemp only has two topicals on offer. The first belongs to the same collection as the Relief CBD Oil: the Relief CBD Cream with Celadrin.

The cream is based around Celadrin, an ingredient designed to promote joint mobility and reduce inflammation. The combination of Celadrin and CBD could help to reduce muscle and joint soreness, hence the cream’s name as Relief.

It also contains peppermint oil and menthol, which not only make the product smell pleasantly minty but also deliver a cooling sensation. Anyone who has suffered muscle soreness will know that cooling creams are ideal for relieving pain, so the addition of menthol is a great touch.

The Relief CBD Cream comes in a 2oz tub with two strengths available: 100mg ($39.97) and 500mg ($99.97).

The second product is the CBD Oil Face Serum for Oily Skin. The serum comes in a dropper bottle with a liquid inside. It contains full-spectrum hemp extract and oregano oil. The latter is thought to draw out and unplug deal skin cells, cleansing the face. Meanwhile, lavender, bergamot, and cedarwood add pleasant scents and give the skin a healthy glow.

The bottle costs $79.95.


Irie Hemp CBD for Pets

Unde the CBD tinctures category, you will also find a CBD pet tincture. Just like the human tinctures, it has a hemp seed oil base, but it doesn’t contain any MCT. It also features cod liver oil and astaxanthin.


The pet tincture has a low CBD concentration of 250mg, which is about right for average-sized pets. One bottle costs $34.97.


Final Verdict on Irie Hemp: 7/10

All in all, Irie Hemp is a great company. It has been around for a while now, albeit under a different name, offering high-quality tinctures and a couple of topicals. We love the various ingredients included in the tinctures; it’s excellent than you can find a CBD product to suit your specific needs.

That said, Irie Hemp is an expensive brand, and we’re not entirely sure that these products warrant such a high price. Other customers have found success, though. You may want to give Irie Hemp a try if you’re looking to feel ‘irie’.

That said, you can also try another brand with more reasonably priced products, like MedTerra. Read more in our full MedTerra review.