Joy Organics CBD Oil Review [Updated]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on July 10, 2019

Joy Organics is a well-known CBD brand with a positive reputation. Find out more about this brand in our full product review.

Joy Organics Quick Summary

Joy Organics Pros

  • Joy Organics offers free shipping on all orders, apart from the gummies and the softgels.
  • There is a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your order. This is always nice to see, as it gives you peace of mind.
  • The website is very informative and ensures that you have access to all you need to know about Joy Organics and CBD in general.
  • The organic nature of these products ensures that you get high-quality ingredients.

Joy Organics Cons

  • These products are out of many people’s price range. It’s true that you get what you pay for, but it’s unfortunate that not everybody has access to these products.
  • No shipping to the UK. We understand why, but it is a bit of a shame.

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Joy Organics: Full Review

As more and more CBD brands come to the fore, it is of growing importance that consumers know the brands they can trust. It is not always easy to tell straight away whether a brand is reliable, and it can be time-consuming to spend your life searching for third-party lab reports from every brand you see.

Here at Greenshoppers, we are committed to bringing you the truth about CBD brands. We do all the leg work for you so that you can browse all the latest CBD reviews at your leisure and make an easy decision.

Today, we are reviewing Joy Organics. This American brand has a touching family story and is loved by many CBD-users in the States. Let’s check it out…

Who Are Joy Organics?

Joy Organics is a family-run company founded by Joy Smith. Joy found that CBD helped with her restless nights and shoulder pain, and eventually decided to start her very own CBD company. Her passion was borne out of a desire to find CBD products that really work.

Joy co-founded the company with her husband, Todd Smith. Together, they run the business with their son Gerrid. All of the family have several accolades in entrepreneurship, and this talent has clearly worked in putting together a marvellous CBD business. The Joy Organics company is continuing to expand, now with two locations in the U.S.

The products are available to buy online. If you are unsure which product to pick from the range, there is a quiz that will help determine the right product for you. This is a helpful part of the site which we think is a nice touch.

Unfortunately, this brand does not ship to the UK because of the legal complications surrounding international CBD laws. Nevertheless, our American readers might want to know a little about this brand and the products it offers.

Joy Organics CBD Products

As a long-standing CBD brand, Joy Organics has had plenty of time to extend its product range and develop plenty of CBD products. Admittedly, it is not the largest CBD range we have seen; we just hope that means Joy Organics has chosen to focus on quality over quantity.

Each product has a third-party lab report linked in the product description. Joy Organics is very transparent about what is in its products, which is excellent news for the consumer.

Official Site: Joy Organics 

Joy Organics CBD Oils

Joy Organics CBD Oils


The Joy Organics CBD oil is broad-spectrum; while it contains a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes, it is guaranteed to be THC-free. The extract is suspended in hemp oil, packaged in a 30ml bottle. This is much larger than many of the bottles we see, meaning the supply will last you longer.

You can purchase the oil in several flavours, including Natural, Tranquil Mint, Orange, and Lemon. These flavours are an easy way to get around the bitter taste of hemp oil.

Also, there are a few different strengths. Here is each potency along with the price; we have stated the milligrams per drop to make the pricing more easily comparable to other brands with smaller bottles.

  • CBD Oil 250mg (8.3mg per drop): $34.95
  • CBD Oil 500mg (16.7mg per drop): $59.95
  • CBD Oil 1000mg (33.3mg per drop): $99.95
  • CBD Oil 1500mg (50mg per drop): $134.95

Joy Organics CBD Capsules

The capsules from Joy Organics come in a softgel format, making them very easy-to-swallow. They are made using a water-soluble nano-emulsion technology; according to Joy Organics, this increases bioavailability up to 200% over an oil-based product.

Note that there is a $5 surcharge for shipping because the softgels often melt in transport and require an ice pack and insulated packaging.

There are several varieties of capsules sold by Joy Organics, each containing 30 capsules in the tub.

  • Premium Hemp Softgels 10mg: $49.95
  • Premium Hemp Softgels 25mg: $84.95
  • Premium Hemp Softgels with Curcumin 25mg: $99.95
  • Premium Hemp Softfels with Melatonin for Sleep 25mg: $99.95

Unfortunately, Joy Organics does not detail how much melatonin is included in the last variety. This is unfortunate, as most brands would state this on the site.

Joy Organics CBD Topicals

Joy Organics sells a couple of different topicals. Firstly, there is the CBD Salve, which is intended as a muscle rub. Ingredients include beeswax, essential oils, and of course, cannabidiol.

  • CBD Salve 1 oz 500mg: $59.95
  • CBD Salve 2 oz 1000mg: $99.95

Aside from that, Joy Organics stocks a range of CBD skincare items. With CBD skincare products being all the rage, it is nice to see a normal CBD brand selling quite the variety of these products.

The CBD Face Mask contains ingredients like black liquorice and rosemary, as well as 10mg of CBD. One sachet (one mask) costs $12.95.

The CBD Day Cream is a moisturising cream that can support your skin and keep you looking fresh. It consists of almond oil, shea butter, citrus chamomile essential oil, and more. The cream is dermatologist-tested, too. The 30ml tub contains 100mg of CBD, costing $79.95.

Next is the CBD Face Serum, intended to hydrate your skin every day. The ingredients include rose hip, milk thistle, and citrus chamomile essential oil. According to Joy Organics, the formula can minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The 30ml tube of serum contains 90mg of CBD and costs $99.95.

Finally, there is the CBD Eye Serum, designed specifically to treat your eyes. This product contains aloe vera, cucumber extract, alfalfa extract, and lupine protein, which will keep your skin supple and young. Once again, it is dermatologist-tested. This 30ml tube contains 150mg of CBD for just $99.95.

Joy Organics CBD Vapes

Joy Organics CBD Vapes

Vaping is a very popular way to enjoy CBD nowadays. Manufacturers who sell vaping equipment often sell a huge array of vape cartridges and flavours, with so many varieties it can be hard to choose.

Joy Organics has kept things simple. The brand sells a sleek, white vape pen that’s fairly basic, but it gets the job done. Experienced vapers looking for a high-tech vaporiser are best looking elsewhere, but those keen to try the effects of vaping CBD for the first time may enjoy this stylish e-cigarette. The pen is rechargeable and works with the Joy Organics cartridges, which have a 510 thread connection.

The vape pen comes with a cartridge on first purchase, and costs $99.95. After that, you can continue to purchase the Lite Citrus Breeze cartridges for $79.95 each. The cartridge contains 1ml of liquid, with 500mg of CBD. We have to say, this is incredibly expensive considering that it probably won’t last you very long!

Joy Organics CBD Edibles

Joy Organics CBD Edibles

Of course Joy Organics has some gummies in stock. The CBD Gummies come in an assortment of fruity flavours. Only eight ingredients are used in total to make these gummies, which contain 20mg of CBD each. The tub contains 15 gummies, providing a total of 300mg of CBD. It costs $44.95. Just like the softgels, the gummies cost $5 for shipping due to risk of them melting.

Joy Organics also sells a CBD Energy Drink Mix. This little sachet of powder can be added to a drink of your choice to add a CBD boost. It is intended to be taken as a pre-workout, as CBD is often used this way in a fitness routine. The mixture is packed full of various vitamins, and is a delicious fruit punch flavour. One sachet contains 12.5mg of hemp extract and 75mg of caffeine. 5 packets cost $19.75.

Joy Organics CBD for Pets

joy organics for pets

Like many other companies, Joy Organics has branched out into the CBD pet market. All of Joy’s products are THC-free, but these products have a special pet formula which ensures your furry friend will remain safe.

The CBD Oil Tincture for Pets comes in a 30ml dropper bottle. It contains a natural-flavoured hemp CBD oil. Usually, manufacturers flavour pet tinctures in a way that will encourage your animal, such as bacon or chicken flavourings. However, Joy Organics has opted to keep things natural, so it might be best to drop this into your pet’s food.

  • CBD Oil Tincture for Pets 250mg: $34.95
  • CBD Oil Tincture for Pets 500mg: $59.95

If your pet is quite picky, you could try the CBD Dog Treats. These are veterinarian-formulated, guaranteeing that your pet will be safe. The treats are meaty flavoured, meaning that your dog will have no problem chowing them down! With 2mg per chew, dogs of any size will be able to enjoy these treats. A bag of 30 treats costs $34.95.

Our Final Verdict on Joy Organics: 10/10

Joy Organics is a very trusted brand, and it’s easy to see why. All of the products are very high-quality, containing organic ingredients and broad-spectrum CBD; being THC-free is another plus.

Sadly, the products are actually very expensive, and not affordable for most people. If you can afford them, then we recommend giving Joy Organics a try. If not, then it’s lucky that there are plenty of other great CBD brands out there.