Lakeland CBD Review [All Products]

Green Shoppers Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 4, 2019

The reviews here at Greenshoppers always intend to give you the best idea about a particular CBD brand. We review the biggest and the best CBD brands in the United Kingdom and abroad, but new brands are popping up every week or so.

It’s great that the CBD industry is expanding, and it’s something we love to see! With the cannabis sector in general growing worldwide, we expect that Britain’s CBD market will keep on growing in the future – as long as Brexit doesn’t affect it!

One of the newest brands to spring up is Lakeland CBD. Based in Cumbria, Lakeland are a great company that we expect will take off in the future. So what are their products like? Let’s find out in today’s CBD review…

Who are Lakeland CBD?

Lakeland CBD is based in the Lake District. It was started up by three friends who all discovered they had a passion for hemp and CBD products, and who wanted to share the benefits with their friends, family, and beyond.

Nic Hewit, Luke Woodend, and Chris Braithwaite are all clearly dedicated to their customers. Having used CBD themselves for some time now, they all aim to bring the wellbeing they have experienced to a wider audience.

They aim to not only expand their company, but also to build a community. They are a member of the Carlisle Ambassadors group, as well as the British Hemp Association, and they are also CannaPro certified. You know that Lakeland CBD are trustworthy, because their third-party lab results are posted clearly on their website; you can download them if you have any doubts about their products. Furthermore, they grow their hemp on a farm in Spain; under the European Union, you know that this hemp will be high quality.

Another thing we like is that Lakeland CBD has a couple of pages on their website dedicated to teaching consumers about the endocannabinoid system and CBD. Although this is simple, we appreciate it when companies make the effort to keep their consumers educated.

So, what about their products?

Lakeland CBD Products

Lakeland CBD sell a few different products and have a decent range. All of them have lab reports available, and have a good amount of product information available.

Lakeland CBD Oils



Lakeland’s bottles of CBD oils contain only three ingredients:

  • Hemp extract
  • Water
  • Organic honey

This differs from other manufacturers, because a carrier oil like MCT oil is usually used for the products. As such, this isn’t technically a CBD “oil”, but it still works in pretty much the same way. Lakeland CBD states that this is to retain the potency of the oil. We are not actually sure whether honey is as effective when it comes to bioavailability, but there aren’t really any studies on this to say otherwise! Whether the “oil” is effective or not, it certainly tastes better than regular CBD oil!

There is actually a major problem when it comes to CBD honey. In a dropper bottle, it becomes too sticky, and may not be sucked up into the pipette properly. Lakeland CBD recommend heating the bottle in hot water for around 60 seconds before consuming, liquifying the honey a bit more so that it is easy to consume. This, of course, isn’t all that convenient.

The CBD bottles come in two strengths, both in 10ml containers:

  • 300 mg CBD Oil Bottle: £25.00
  • 600 mg CBD Oil Bottle: £40.00

Lakeland CBD Syringes

lakeland cbd

To get around the sticky honey problem, Lakeland sell CBD syringes. These are similar to the bottles, except they contain an extra ingredient: Essential oils. Traces of lemon, ginger, turmeric and other essential oils can be found in these syringes. The terpenes from these oils may help in the entourage effect.

A second difference is, obviously, that they come in a syringe rather than a bottle. This makes it much easier to administer the honey. The syringes actually hold more liquid than the bottles, though, containing 30ml of CBD honey.

There are three strengths available:

  • 300 mg CBD Oil Dropper Syringe: £60.00
  • 600 mg CBD Oil Dropper Syringe: £100.00
  • 1000 mg CBD Oil Dropper Syringe: £130.00

Lakeland CBD E-Liquids

lakeland cbd uk

If you are someone who prefers to vape their CBD – as many consumers do – then Lakeland has a couple of options for you. They come in 10ml bottles containing a vape juice made with an 80:20 PG:VG mixture. This ratio is designed to create large vapour clouds and maintain the safety of the individual doing the vaping.

Coming in a 10ml bottle containing 100 mg of CBD, you have the option to purchase a Blueberry or a Strawberry flavour. Both cost £20.00.

Lakeland CBD Topical

lakeland cbd oil uk

The final product that Lakeland have to offer is a topical. The Lakeland CBD Joint Cream Tub contains hemp extract blended with organic coconut shea butter. These are typical ingredients in a topical lotion, as they are very kind to the skin and feel quite luxurious to use. Lakeland recommend using this lotion as a muscle and joint rub, as the cooling cream will help to soothe sore muscles and joints.

The tub contains 30 ml of cream with 100 mg of CBD, costing £35.00.

Lakeland CBD Pros

  • Clearly a professional company with great packaging and a professional website. The information provided about CBD shows how much they care about their consumers.
  • Products are all high-quality, as demonstrated by third-party lab reports.
  • The fact that they use honey means that the CBD “oils” taste much better than regular CBD oils. If you find that you don’t like the taste of raw hemp CBD oil, then Lakeland’s products could be well-suited to you.
  • They seem to be embedded in the local Cumbrian community, which is always a great sign for any company.

Lakeland CBD Cons

  • The CBD oils and e-liquids are packaged exactly the same, so the website can be confusing if you don’t read the title of the product properly. Don’t get caught out and buy the wrong thing!
  • There are no scientific studies on whether honey makes sublingual administration of CBD more or less effective. This might not be an issue – it could be the same level of efficacy. However, it’s worth nothing that it might be different to a regular CBD oil.
  • We would like it if they stocked more variety. As a fairly new company, they definitely have time to grow and introduce new products, but in the future we would like to see something like edibles.

The Last Word on Lakeland CBD

Lakeland CBD are a relatively new company on the CBD market, but so far so good! They seem professional, reliable, and concerned about transparency. These are some of the things we look out for when judging a CBD manufacturer, and so it all looks good on that front.

We will have to wait some time as more reviews roll in. As of yet, customers seem satisfied by Lakeland’s products, which is a great sign.

With such a strong start, we think that Lakeland CBD will only go from strength to strength in the future.