Lakeland CBD Review

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 4, 2019

The UK CBD market is not as large as the one over in America. However, there are a couple of proud British CBD brands with roots in the local community. Lakeland CBD is seemingly a decent brand, but let’s explore its products in further detail.


Lakeland CBD: Quick Summary

Lakeland CBD Pros

  • Lakeland CBD has excellent packaging and a professional website that’s easy to navigate.
  • The third-party lab reports show that the products are high-quality.
  • There’s a decent range of products.
  • Lakeland is very involved in the local community.

Lakeland CBD Cons

  • These products are expensive, especially on a price per milligram basis.
  • There are limited strengths and flavours in things like the vapes.
  • Some information is missing from the product descriptions, such as what the capsules are made of.

Proponents of CBD suggest that it has numerous therapeutic benefits. Scientists are still researching the compound, and human trials are yet to come in many cases, but advocates still push many claims. Find out if there’s any truth to the claim that CBD can help with herpes here.


Lakeland CBD: Full Review

Here at Greenshoppers, we always aim to give our honest opinions on brands. The internet is flooded with CBD brands and reviews, but not all of them are as open – or as detailed. The Greenshoppers team aims to review all the best brands in the United Kingdom, but this is no easy task when new brands are appearing all the time.

It’s great to see that the CBD industry is growing; after all, we love CBD! In fact, the cannabis sector, in general, is gaining momentum worldwide, only contributing to the growth of the British CBD industry.

Some brands are implementing local practices and getting involved in the community, like Lakeland CBD. Based in Cumbria, this CBD brand is a fantastic company that we think will go places in the future. What are the products like? Let’s find out.


Who Is Lakeland CBD?

As you may have guessed, Lakeland CBD hails from the Lake District. It was started by three friends with a passion for CBD and hemp. This is a similar story to many other brands, as the group decided to create high-quality products that they would be happy for their friends and family to use.

Nic Hewit, Chris Braithwaite, and Luke Woodend are the names behind this brand. All three of them have been involved in the CBD community for some time, using the products for years before they started their own brand. It’s clear that they know their audience, as Lakeland CBD has taken off.

As far as community goes, Lakeland CBD is super involved. The brand is a member of the Carlisle Ambassadors Group, the British Hemp Association, and it’s CannaPro certified. This certification lets you know that these products are definitely trustworthy.

In case you needed more reassurance, though, Lakeland CBD posts third-party lab results on the site for everyone to see. These reports confirm the cannabinoid content of the products. Lakeland also grows its hemp on EU farms, under strict quality standards.

So far, Lakeland CBD seems like a reputable brand. We tried the products to discover more.


Lakeland CBD Products

Lakeland CBD sells numerous products, and it is continually changing its range to suit the needs of its customers. The brand recently expanded the topical range, so let’s check it out.


Lakeland CBD Oils


Lakeland CBD has taken a slightly different approach to CBD oils. Rather than selling droppers, Lakeland specialises in syringes. There is one spray available, too, but it only comes in one strength.

The spray contains an MCT oil base, and it’s a completely clear oil. You can tell it’s high-quality. This option contains 500mg of CBD in total, with 2.5mg per spray. The spray bottle makes it super easy to control how much CBD you use at any one time. The spray oil is just £30.

As for the syringes, they’re also really simple to dose thanks to the markings. The syringe oils contain lemon, ginger, turmeric, and essential oils alongside the CBD, increasing their efficacy and improving the taste. Strength options include:

  • 300mg
  • 600mg
  • 1000mg

Each one contains 30ml, and prices start at £35.


Lakeland CBD Capsules

Lakeland CBD Capsules

If the taste of CBD oil is too much for you, then Lakeland sells some capsules. Again, they contain extra terpenes for a further boost; in this case, it’s myrcene, humulene, and linalool. You can get the capsules in 10mg, 20mg, and 40mg strengths, and in different bottle sizes.

The product description doesn’t clarify what the capsules are made of, so we don’t know if they’re vegan-friendly. It’s probably best to assume they’re not.

Lakeland also stocks 10mg Immune Booster Capsules, which contain 3mg of vitamin C per capsule. With 30 pills in the tub, there’s 300mg of CBD, but Lakeland states that there are 487mg of phytocannabinoids in total.


Lakeland CBD Creams

Lakeland sells two CBD creams. The options are both directed at pain treatment, featuring ingredients that can soothe muscular and joint pains.

lakeland cbd oil uk

The Heat Cream contains warming ingredients that increase blood flow to the area, reducing inflammation that causes pain. With 100mg of CBD, it’s quite useful for mild pain. However, the 30ml tub costs £40, which is quite expensive.

There’s also a Joint Cream tub for the same price. It contains ingredients like annus seed oil and aloe juice powder. It also contains 100mg of CBD. Both of these products contain moisturising elements that make your skin feel smooth and supple.


Lakeland CBD Vapes

Lakeland CBD Vapes

The vaping products from Lakeland CBD have proven to be quite popular. This brand sells two flavours of CBD e-liquid in two flavours. Lakeland has opted for an 80% PG, 20% VG blend, allowing for huge vapour clouds and a smooth vaping experience.

The e-liquid comes in a 10ml bottle that you can easily add to your favorite vaporiser. Strengths include 100mg and 500mg, which are ideal for most users. The flavours are Blueberry and Strawberry.

It’s a shame there aren’t more flavours available as it prevents Lakeland from competing with other brands in this arena.

At £10 for the 100mg, these aren’t too badly priced, but there are cheaper options on the market. The 500mg vapes, however, cost £20, which is very reasonable.


Lakeland CBD Cosmetics

Lakeland CBD Cosmetics
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More recently, Lakeland CBD introduced cosmetic products. The range includes a 100mg soap bar printed with the Lakeland CBD logo. It smells lovely thanks to the essential oils, and the other ingredients soften your hands while you wash.

Speaking of cleansing, there’s also a hand sanitiser. The 30ml bottle contains 50mg of CBD and costs just £5. It’s alcohol-based, but still smells sort of hemp-y. At the time of writing, Lakeland ships a free mask with every purchase of the sanitiser, on account of the pandemic.

Lakeland also sells bath bombs, but the most interesting cosmetics are the beard oil and face oil. Only a handful of brands sell beard oil, so it’s exciting to see a UK brand getting involved. Both of these products smell fantastic and luxurious, and they contain 100mg of CBD alongside the delightful essential oils. They come in dropper bottles that are incredibly easy to use. Both cost £30.


Final Thoughts on Lakeland CBD: 8/10

Lakeland CBD is a pretty good brand. We love that it’s a local brand embedded in the community, and there’s a good range of CBD products. The topicals, in particular, have received a great revamp recently.

However, this brand could expand a little more in the vape market. There are only two flavours, and many brands are offering way more. To see a full range of vaping products, check out CBDfx. This is one of our top-rated brands, and it offers tons of flavours and vape pens. Read more in our CBDfx review.