Lazarus Naturals CBD Review [All Products]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on July 21, 2019

Lazarus Naturals is an up and coming brand in the CBD sector. Find out what we thought of the products in this full review.


Lazarus Naturals Quick Summary

Lazarus Naturals Pros

  • Very descriptive product descriptions. This allows the consumer to make a full choice with a full range of information.
  • Incredible pricing. The cheap prices are ideal for anyone. It’s also great that the brand offers 60% discounts for low-income groups and veterans.
  • The Lazarus Naturals products are pretty potent. This is good for consumers who are experienced CBD users. The Standard Potency oil is still good for beginners.
  • The large bottle sizes allow consumers to buy in bulk, but still for an affordable price. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to worry about running out of CBD oil.

Lazarus Naturals Cons

  • Solvent extraction is not necessarily the safest method. It is, however, the reason the products are so cheap. Lab reports do confirm that no harmful chemicals end up in the products, but this is not the favoured extraction method.
  • The company does not ship to the UK.


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Lazarus Naturals Full Review

Choosing a CBD product these days can seem like an impossibility. You could simply pop down to Holland & Barrett and buy the first CBD oil you see, but is this necessarily the best option? Looking online will present to you multitudes of CBD products, all with different benefits and draws.

You could spend hours looking online. Or, you could browse quickly and simply through Greenshoppers for all the information you need! Today, our review centres around Lazarus Naturals, a CBD company dedicated to bringing natural CBD products to a wider community.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this comprehensive Lazarus Naturals review.


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Who Are Lazarus Naturals?

Lazarus Naturals is unique in that it is an employee-owned company. Founded by Sequoia Price-Lazarus in 2014, it is clear from the offset that this company cares about its customers. Other employees include Rory Tipton, Dylan Summers, Cainan Garcia, Evan Skandalis, and Justin Amesbury, all of whom have profiles on the Lazarus Naturals ‘About Us’ page.

The company is affiliated with many other organisations, including the American Herbal Products Associations, and the Oregon Farm Bureau. This proves that the company is trustworthy, as the brand has aligned itself with other reliable organisations.

The products produced by Lazarus Naturals are, of course, all-natural. They are also vegan-friendly and can be used by anyone wishing to use CBD. But what we love most about Lazarus Naturals is their commitment to affordability. Many CBD products lie out of the price range of the general public, but Lazarus Naturals has tried to ensure that all products are affordable. Discounts are offered for veterans, people with long-term disabilities, and those in low-income households. These discounts are up to 60%, which is no laughing matter!

Lazarus Naturals is based in Portland, Oregon. The products are available in the United States only. However, a few of the Lazarus Naturals products have been made available on Amazon; consult the Lazarus Naturals FAQ page for more information on this.


Lazarus Naturals CBD Products

Lazarus Naturals has a good range of CBD products. Below, we go into detail on all of the products available from Lazarus Naturals, including the prices. All products are third-party lab tested, and the results can be viewed in the product descriptions under the ‘Test Results’ tab.


Lazarus Naturals CBD Oils

Lazarus Naturals CBD Oils

The Lazarus Naturals CBD oils are mostly full-spectrum, with several options available for THC-free oil. In compliance with all of this brand’s products, the oils are vegan and gluten-free. There is quite an extensive range of oils, though frustratingly they don’t seem to be in any particular order on the website. A Standard Potency oil is offered, alongside several High Potency oils in different flavours. Each is made using hemp seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, and hemp extract.

The Standard Potency CBD Tincture is made for those who are new to CBD. It is unflavoured and contains no additives whatsoever. Bear in mind that the actual % strength of the CBD oil is the same no matter the quantity of CBD you purchase, because it is actually the bottle size that increases.


  • Standard Potency CBD Tincture 225mg (15ml): $12.00
  • Standard Potency CBD Tincture 900mg (60ml): $38.00
  • Standard Potency CBD Tincture 1800mg (120ml): $70.00


The High Potency CBD Tincture comes in two different flavours: Chocolate Mint and French Vanilla Mocha, as well as an unflavoured option. These delicious flavours are created using natural flavourings and no sweeteners. Once again, this variety is a full-spectrum oil. The ingredients are otherwise the same as the standard tincture above.


  • High Potency CBD Tincture 750mg (15ml): $32.00
  • High Potency CBD Tincture 3000mg (60ml): $110.00
  • High Potency CBD Tincture 600mg (120ml): $200.00 (*only available in natural flavour)


Finally, there are the THC-free options available. These are still categorised as High Potency tinctures, but they are made using a THC isolate, guaranteeing that there is no CBD. This time, the flavours available include Flavorless, Wintermint, Tropical Breeze, and Blood Orange.

  • THC-Free CBD Isolate Tincture 750mg (15ml): $40.00
  • THC-Free CBD Isolate Tincture 3000mg (60ml): $125.00


Lazarus Naturals CBD Capsules

Lazarus Naturals CBD Capsules

Lazarus Naturals sells a number of different CBD capsules, as well as selling from another brand, Cycling Frog. Below, we will only be talking about the Lazarus Naturals brand.

The regular range of Lazarus Naturals CBD Capsules features capsules made with organic brown rice flour, vegetable cellulose, coconut oil, hemp extract, silicone dioxide, and a number of terpenes. Of course, the capsules are vegan. They are also full-spectrum and contain a range of cannabinoids. Here are the options:


  • 10mg CBD Capsules 10-count: $6.00
  • 10mg CBD Capsules 40-count: $25.00
  • 10mg CBD Capsules 200-count: $100.00
  • 25mg CBD Capsules 10-count: $15.00
  • 25mg CBD Capsules 40-count: $50.00
  • 25mg CBD Capsules 200-count: $200.00
  • 50mg CBD Capsules 10-count: $25.00
  • 50mg CBD Capsules 40-count: $90.00
  • 50mg CBD Capsules 200-count: $360.00


There are also two THC-free options available. The first is an Energy Blend,  containing caffeine and Vitamin B12 alongside 25mg of CBD. This option is ideal for providing you with an energy boost. Alternatively, there is the Relaxation Blend. This option also contains 25mg of CBD per capsule, but with ingredients like chamomile that will help you drift off to sleep in the evening.


  • Energy Blend 25mg CBD Capsules 10-count: $15.00
  • Energy Blend 25mg CBD Capsules 40-count: $50.00
  • Relaxation Blend 25mg CBD Capsules 10-count: $15.00
  • Relaxation Blend 25mg CBD Capsules 40-count: $50.00


Lazarus Naturals CBD Topicals

In terms of topicals, Lazarus Naturals has two varieties.

First is the Full-Spectrum CBD Massage Oil. This massage oil is designed for ultimate relaxation, with ingredients like jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and hemp extract. The extract is full-spectrum, and the jojoba oil is organic.


  • CBD Massage Oil 200mg (2oz): $12.00
  • CBD Massage Oil 800mg (8oz): $38.00
  • CBD Massage Oil 1600mg (16oz): $70.00


Next is the CBD Balm. Also a full-spectrum product, the balm contains beeswax. This means that it is not strictly vegan, so be aware of this if you are against using bee products. The balm is available in Lavender, Cedar Citrus, and Soothing Mint varieties.


  • CBD Balm 300mg (0.5oz): $15.00
  • CBD Balm 1200mg (2oz): $50.00


Lazarus Naturals RSO

If you haven’t heard of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) before, then you should know that it is very potent. It is full-spectrum and contains THC, so it should not be purchased in the UK. Nevertheless, Lazarus Naturals sells an RSO option for its US customers. It comes in a handy syringe for easy dosing, formulated using coconut oil, hemp extract, CBD isolate, and sunflower lecithin.

  • RSO CBD Oil 10ml: $40.00
  • RSO CBD Oil 50ml: $180.00


Lazarus Naturals CBD Isolates

Lazarus Naturals CBD Isolates

Lazarus Naturals sells a Cycling Frog CBD isolate, as well as one of their own. While the Cycling Frog option is small, the Lazarus Naturals CBD Isolate is intended for bulk buying – this hefty container has quite the price tag. CBD isolates are usually expensive because of their pure, concentrated nature, and this is a lot of CBD isolate to contend with.

This THC-free CBD isolate is vegan and gluten-free. It is not water-soluble, so you cannot make drinks with it, but you can add it to oils, dab it, or take it sublingually. Bear in mind that the isolate cannot be shipped to Washington, and it does not qualify for 3-day shipping so will take 3-4 weeks to arrive.


  • Bulk CBD Isolate 20g: $450.00
  • Bulk CBD Isolate 50g: $1,000.00


Lazarus Naturals CBD Coconut Oil

We haven’t seen a brand selling CBD-infused coconut oil before, and we have to say we like it. Coconut oil is a great option for health-conscious cooks, and so this CBD-infused version will make a great addition to the pantry. It contains no artificial flavours, preservatives or sweeteners, only organic coconut oil, and hemp extract.

With 50mg of CBD per teaspoon, you can purchase this coconut oil in two different sizes.


  • CBD Coconut Oil 1oz (300mg): $15.00
  • CBD Coconut Oil 4oz (1200mg): $50.00


Lazarus Naturals CBD for Pets

Lazarus Naturals CBD for Pets

For your pooch, Lazarus Naturals offers another affordable CBD option. Made with full-spectrum hemp extract, the lab reports confirm that this product still contains 0mg of THC and still won’t bring harm to your pet.

The product contains coconut oil and hemp extract, nothing else. It is unflavoured, so you can add it to your pet’s food and allow them to lap it up unknowingly, with no complaints.


  • Calming CBD Oil Pet Tincture 225mg (15ml): $12.00
  • Calming CBD Oil Pet Tincture 900mg (60ml): $38.00



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Final Thoughts on Lazarus Naturals: 7/10

In general, Lazarus Naturals is a great brand. The only real issue we can see is the use of ethanol as an extraction method. That being said, this could be looked at as a pro since it brings down the price of the oils, but it is by no means the standard in the industry. The fact that Lazarus Naturals publishes this as their extraction method shows that they are confident it is safe, and the lab reports do show that contaminants do not exist in the final products.

As a result, we can safely say that we rate Lazarus Naturals highly. We just love that the brand is so concerned about customer wellbeing and satisfaction, and the prices of the products definitely reflect this. Of course, the discounts are a huge bonus, too.

It’s a shame that the full product range is not available in the UK, but there are still plenty of other brands you can find in Great Britain for good prices. For example, Medterra CBD is an American brand bringing incredible hemp products to the UK; be sure to check them out in our full Medterra review.