LDN CBD Review [All About the Brand]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on August 3, 2020

Before buying from any CBD brand, you should read reviews. Today, we are revealing everything you need to know about LDN CBD and its products. If you’re short on time, check out our quick summary below.


LDN CBD: Quick Summary


  • The brand has a very stylish design and chic feel.
  • The products are clearly high-quality.
  • Lab reports are available for each and every product.
  • There is a decent product range.


  • There’s no information about where LDN sources hemp or how it extracts CBD.
  • The products are quite expensive.


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LDN CBD: Full Review

CBD is trendier than ever. Everybody is using it, and it’s in everything from coffee to face masks. It’s kind of hard not to jump on the CBD bandwagon when even your favourite celebs are using it. We bet some of your friends have told you about how wonderful CBD is.

LDN CBD is clearly hopping on this trend. Visit this brand’s website, and you’ll immediately be struck by how stylish this brand it. It feels fresh and exciting, designed for cosmopolitan young people rather than those with health issues.

The LDN CBD brand appears to be designing CBD products for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here at Greenshoppers, healthy living is one of our favourite things! We decided to try the LDN CBD UK products; here’s what we thought.



The LDN CBD website is quite vague about the company itself. It’s easy to assume that the brand is based in London, given the name. The ‘About’ section says that the company is all about providing ‘plant-based’ products to consumers.

As with all companies, LDN CBD states that it sources high-quality and 100% natural hemp. However, it doesn’t say where the hemp comes from or how it is processed. It’s always best to know that the hemp is responsibly sourced from countries like the USA or those in the EU. We also like to know if CO2 extraction is used.

LDN CBD does, however, provide lab reports – this is a huge plus. LDN CBD uses Botanacor as a third-party tester, ensuring complete transparency. The lab reports verify the cannabinoid content and prove that the products are broad-spectrum. They contain the correct CBD amount and no THC.

Another thing we like about the LDN CBD products is that everything is vegan-friendly. This is a genuinely plant-based company that anybody can use; even the beauty products are vegan! Plus, LDN CBD is super stylish and has really thought about everything down to the packaging.


LDN CBD Products

LDN CBD has a decent product range. It seems like a relatively new company, so perhaps it will continue to expand in the future. Primarily, we tried the tinctures and a few of the beauty products.


LDN CBD 5% CBD Oil with MCT Carrier

All of the LDN CBD tinctures use an MCT oil base. Some experts in the CBD industry believe that MCT coconut oil works well because the body can use more of the CBD within it than other carriers. Plus, coconut oil has a mild flavour that isn’t too offensive.

All LDN CBD oils are also broad-spectrum, with a range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

LDN CBD categorises its oils according to percentage strength, which can be confusing if you’re used to numbers. The bottles are 10ml, so the 5% oil contains 500mg. It costs £35, which is a little on the expensive side.


LDN CBD 10% CBD Oil with MCT Carrier

The 10% CBD MCT oil is pretty much the same. It comes in the same stylish packaging with a dropper bottle. This option contains a more robust 1000mg of CBD, costing £60.

LDN CBD 10% CBD Oil with MCT Carrier

The 10% oil is better suited to those with a little bit of CBD experience from our point of view. It is more powerful and better for achieving focus and alleviating aches. In LDN CBD’s words, this option is for when “the repetition of working from home is preventing you from getting the rest you need.”


LDN CBD 30% CBD Oil with MCT Carrier

The 30% MCT CBD oil is the ultimate strength available. It equates to a massive 3000mg of CBD and costs £150. Most people won’t need more than 1000mg, but this option is suited to those who require lots of CBD to feel the effects.


LDN CBD Broad-Spectrum CBD Massage Oil

The LDN CBD massage oil comes in a much larger 100ml bottle. It contains 300mg of CBD in total, which the brand suggests is about 30mg per full body massage. The list of other ingredients provides love to the skin and the senses thanks to the delightful smell.

LDN CBD Broad-Spectrum CBD Massage Oil

It includes:

  • Neroli
  • Cedarwood
  • Rosemary
  • Jasmine
  • Bergamot

The woody, herby scent is really soothing and relaxing, perfect for an intimate massage.

The 100ml bottle costs £30, which isn’t too bad considering the quality.


LDN CBD Face Cream with Rosemary, Orange, and Nettle

There is also a CBD cream available from LDN CBD, containing 600mg in 60ml. It comes in either unscented or rosemary, orange, and nettle. The latter smells amazing, with an invigorating feel.

LDN CBD Face Cream with Rosemary, Orange, and Nettle

The cream feels pleasant on the skin, not too thick or balmy. It definitely does its job of moisturising, and the CBD is supposed to reduce inflammation.

It costs £50.


Other LDN CBD Products

There are a handful of other products that we didn’t try. LDN CBD also stocks vegan CBD gummy bears and a general CBD body balm. The website is also home to a couple of other products from brands like FourFive CBD and Warfighter.

We also found a Try Me CBD set. It contains 2ml of the 5% tincture, 3ml of the face cream, and 10ml of the massage oil. This pack costs £10 and gives you an opportunity to try some of LDN CBD’s best products.


Final Thoughts on LDN CBD: 8/10

LDN CBD is a great brand. It offers attractive products that are obviously high-quality and effective. With gummies, tinctures, and topicals, LDN CBD has covered all the basics. We would be surprised if this brand doesn’t really take off!

However, the products are a little expensive compared to some other brands on the market. We understand that you get what you pay for, but other brands out there are offering top-shelf CBD at a lower price. Still, you might want to spend a little extra for the luxury experience of LDN CBD.

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