Lord Jones Royal CBD Review

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on August 28, 2019

Lord Jones is one of the many CBD brands celebrities have been praising. Check out what we thought of the company in this full review.


Lord Jones Quick Summary

Lord Jones Pros

  • Decent range of products.
  • All products use natural scents and natural flavourings, which is a lot better than artificial alternatives.
  • Discounts are offered for veterans, individuals serving in the military, and also teachers. It’s always nice when a company has these kinds of rewards.
  • The packaging is quite nice to look at and the brand is clearly well put together.

Lord Jones Cons

  • Although it says on the site that the products are third-party lab tested, the tests are nowhere to be seen. It makes us doubt these claims a bit.
  • Some of the products are on the expensive side.


Lord Jones Full Review

CBD is a supplement intended to help you care for your health and wellbeing. Alongside an otherwise active and healthy lifestyle, CBD is a good way to support your general health. There are now many ways to take it, including oils, capsules, and topicals.

No matter what way you take CBD, you want it to feel like a luxury experience. After all, CBD doesn’t come cheap, and so your daily dose is often like a little treat. The cannabidiol itself will make you feel generally better, as well as more balanced and with a more positive outlook. And the addition of getting to treat yourself will have you feeling even better.

Perhaps there is no better company to help you pamper yourself than one with a name like Lord Jones. It is even said that Liv Tyler uses these products! This brand produces a range of CBD products emblazoned with a coat of arms, making every part of their range seems like a super expensive product.

But good packaging doesn’t necessarily connote a good product. Today, we will be taking a look at the full range of Lord Jones products, including the Royal Oil – apparently the highest concentration of CBD on the market.


Who Is Lord Jones?

Lord Jones is one of those companies that’s straight to the point. There isn’t a touching backstory or information on the brand’s founders – the ‘About Us’ page simply explains a bit about the growing practices and how the brand makes products. Really, this is all we need to know.

The hemp used in the products is cultivated in the USA, which makes sense considering that this is an American company. All the products are broad-spectrum, containing a range of cannabinoids and terpenes but with the THC removed. The products have a lot of care put into their formulation, and this is clear from the careful sourcing of ingredients.

Lord Jones has a pretty good social media presence, which is always a good sign. It’s clear that a company isn’t a scam when they have a popular social media presence and decent posts. But to be fair, it’s obvious that Lord Jones isn’t a scam anyway, because the whole company image is well put together.

So, what are the products actually like?


Lord Jones CBD Products

There is a decent range of products sold by Lord Jones, so let’s check them out.


Lord Jones CBD Oils

Lord Jones CBD Oils

The Lord Jones CBD Tinctures come in a few different options. The full-spectrum hemp extract, from US-grown hemp, suspended in a blend of hemp seed oil and grape seed oil.

There are two flavour options: Lemon and Peppermint. Since many people don’t like the taste of CBD oil, it is quite beneficial to have a flavoured option. Plus, the taste is produced using peppermint oil and lemon oil, respectively. This means that no artificial flavourings are used, and only stevia is used to sweeten the oil a little more.

The oils are vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free, which means they can be taken by a wide range of people. Each bottle contains 250mg and contains 25 servings. That’s about 10mg per serving.

It’s a bit of a shame that there is only one strength available and only no natural flavour option, but we suppose we can’t be so picky. One bottle costs $60.

Alternatively, there is the Royal Oil. Also using grape seed oil, this product is free of all flavourings and other additives, giving the pure taste of hemp. Lord Jones says that it is intended as an “all-purpose” product that can be used for cooking, as a topical, or as a normal sublingual tincture.

The Lord Jones Royal Oil contains 1000mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle. That’s quite a lot of CBD, packing 40 milligrams per single dropper. According to Huffington Post, that makes this product the highest-potency CBD product stocked at Sephora stores in the USA. This option costs $100, which is actually quite good value for something this strong.


Lord Jones CBD Capsules


Lord Jones CBD Capsules

Many CBD capsules come in a soft gel format, and the Lord Jones option is no exception. The capsules are made using gelatine, and infused with extra-strength broad-spectrum CBD oil. The capsules are sugar-free, gluten-free and dye-free, meaning that they should be okay for people with sensitivities. Nevertheless, the use of gelatine means they are not suitable for vegans.

Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD, which should be a standard dose for most people. There are 30 capsules in the tub, equating to a total of 750mg of CBD. It costs $95, which is admittedly on the expensive side. There are definitely other CBD soft gels out there of similar quality and the same potency for a cheaper price.


Lord Jones CBD Topicals

With CBD skin care being all the rage, we aren’t shocked that Lord Jones has several products on offer.

For starters, there is the Heavy Duty Chill Balm. This one includes ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and extra virgin olive oil, all organic. It’s heavy duty because the formula is so thick – you will need to warm it between your palms before you use it. It also takes a little while to absorb, so you shouldn’t put clothes straight over the area after application. The balm is really moisturizing, and Lord Jones says you can use it “head to toe”. However, the tub is tiny, so we don’t recommend using it as a daily body moisturiser! The 1.4oz jar contains 200mg of CBD and costs $75.

Second up is the CBD Formula Body Lotion. This one is much more fluid and velvety, and we personally find that it leaves the skin softer. The vegan and cruelty-free lotion is free of ingredients like formaldehyde. Instead, it is packed with order ingredients that are designed to cool the skin on impact. The 50ml (1.7oz) bottle contains 100mg of CBD and costs $50. For reference, each pump dispenses 2mg of CBD.

Next is the CBD Body Oil. This roll-on option features a blend of avocado oil, jojoba oil, and safflower oils, as well as 100mg of CBD. The fragrance is light and citrusy, and the oil itself is quite soothing on the skin. Plus, we like that it’s a roll-on because it means you don’t have to get the oil on your hands during application. The 30ml bottle contains 100mg of CBD and costs $65.

By the way, the body lotion also comes in sachet form for those on the go. Each sachet contains 2ml of the same lotion we mentioned above, with 2ml containing 4mg of CBD. You can buy a few different multi-packs:

  • CBD Body Lotion 6-pack: $15.00
  • CBD Body Lotion 12-pack: $30.00
  • CBD Body Lotion 18-pack: $45.00


Lord Jones CBD Bath Salts


Lord Jones CBD Bath Salts

While CBD bath salts are fairly unique, we have seen them before. However, the last ones we saw were in a sachet. The Lord Jones CBD bath salts come in a jar, with a scooper included. Each scoop of salts will contain 20mg of CBD, and there should be enough for about 12 baths.

As with the other fragrances in other Lord Jones topicals, the bath salts have a light citrus scent with notes of evergreen. Other ingredients include calendula petals and other ancient herbs and essential oils.

One tub costs $65.00.


Lord Jones CBD Edibles

There are essentially two types of edible offered by Lord Jones. The CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso Chews offer gluten-free dark chocolate with 20mg of CBD per chew. The box contains 5 chocolatey chews, with 100mg in total. One box costs $30.

The rest of the options are gumdrops, in a variety of different flavours. For summer 2019, Lord Jones also offered two Limited Edition flavours, which we have also mentioned below. Each box contains 9 gumdrops, each with 20mg of CBD. The flavours are made using natural fruit essences.

  • Limited Edition Red Raspberry Summer CBD Gumdrops: $50
  • Old Fashioned CBD Gumdrops: $45
  • Sigur Rós Limited Edition Sugarberry CBD Gumdrops: $60
  • The Standard Limited Edition Blood Orange CBD Gumdrops: $50


Final Thoughts on Lord Jones CBD: 8/10

At the end of the day, Lord Jones is a decent company. It’s even good enough to be featured in Sephora! In fact, Lord Jones is so well-known that the brand has been featured in a number of publications, so there can be no doubts that it is legitimate.

The products are quite good, too, clearly geared toward health and luxury. All ingredients are natural, and a good majority are organic. It’s a little bit of a shame that the products are so expensive, though.

Our British readers will not be able to buy these products, unfortunately. Differences in law means that this American brand doesn’t ship to the UK. This might be set to change in the future, especially if a UK shopping chain decides to stock it, as Sephora has done in the U.S.

For now, though, us Brits will have to look elsewhere for a high-quality CBD brand. Why not check out Medterra? This is an American brand that has started shipping to the UK, but how have they achieved this feat? Find out in our full Medterra review.