MariPharm Review [Complete CBD Brand Walkthrough]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on July 7, 2020

Reading up on CBD brands is the best way to ensure that you don’t waste your money. Check out this full review on MariPharm CBD to find out if it’s worth the cost; if you’re short on time, be sure to check out our quick summary below.


MariPharm: Quick Summary

MariPharm Pros

  • MariPharm employs a doctor to help with its cosmetic products; it doesn’t get any more professional.
  • The brand produces lab reports and posts them on the website.
  • The bottles have a beautiful design, and the dark blue colouring protects the products from degradation.

MariPharm Cons

  • There is a minimal range of products.
  • The strengths of the CBD oil are limited, too. There’s nothing strong enough for advanced users.
  • Some of the products are lacking essential information.


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MariPharm: Full Review

The CBD industry is chock full of brands. It’s hard to choose a brand you like when there are so many options. Plus, some brands are masquerading as top-quality retailers, when, in fact, the CBD is low-quality and ineffective.

The last thing you want is to accidentally spend lots of money on a brand that’s not useful. Reading reviews ensures that you always get the best products. But did you know that third-party, crowd-sourced review sites like TrustPilot may contain paid reviews? Not as trustworthy as they first may seem.

Here at Greenshoppers, we always give our honest opinion. Our site is filled with reviews on CBD brands, giving you all the info you could possibly need to make the right decision. Today, we are reviewing MariPharm. Let’s see what these products are like.


Who Is MariPharm?

MariPharm is a CBD company from the Netherlands. It calls itself a ‘phytopharmaceutical’ company, with products always made from natural botanicals. It was started in 1995, making it much older than other brands available on the market. According to the website, MariPharm has advised the Dutch government on programmes to improve citizens’ quality of life.

The brand follows its products from seed to sale. There’s a detailed infographic on the website explaining the entire process, so you can’t be any more informed. The brand has been selling worldwide for many years, including to countries throughout Europe and North America.

Currently, the brand employs Dr. Aamer Khan as the Chief Cosmetics Advisor. Dr. Khan states that he genuinely believes in the MariPharm products, which is why he wanted to get on board with this brand. Having a doctor on the team is a great sign, and CBD can’t get much more trustworthy than that.

MariPharm also provides lab reports on the website. The MariDrops and MariSpray are covered by the same report, and the MariCreme is also there. You can email the company for more information or further results.


MariPharm CBD Products

MariPharm sells a couple of different CBD products, including a standard CBD oil and a couple of topicals. We tried them out, so let’s see how they fared.


MariPharm CBD Drops

MariPharm CBD Drops

The MariDrops are MariPharm’s approach to CBD oil. This brand uses hemp seed oil as the carrier, which means there’s a relatively strong taste. The oil comes in a darkened, 10ml glass bottle. The blue colour is supposed to protect the CBD oil from light degradation, but you should still always store it in a cool, dark place.

There are three strengths available, giving you a decent range of options. That said, there’s nothing excessively strong here, so those who need a lot of CBD daily will be going through several bottles a month.

  • 2% (200mg): £19.99
  • 4% (400mg): £39.99
  • 10% (1000mg): £69.99

Something to note is that, on a price per milligram basis, the MariPharm drops are a little more expensive than some other brands.


MariPharm CBD Spray

MariPharm CBD Spray

The spray is similar to the drops. In fact, the product itself is the same, but it comes in a spray bottle. Many consumers prefer spray bottles for on-the-go use because the containers are much less likely to leak. Plus, spraying makes it easier to measure out a CBD dose, whereas drops can be a little tricky.

Unfortunately, the spray only comes in the 400mg strength. There’s also a subscribe and save feature, where you can save 10% on your future orders. It would be handy if this product came in more strengths with this feature.

The 400mg CBD spray costs the same as the oil, retailing for £39.99.


MariPharm Essential Oil

MariPharm Essential Oil

Under the MariCare tab on the website, there’s an essential oil. You can’t consume this product orally, but you can use it on the skin.

It’s unfortunate that there’s very little information about this product. We’re not sure exactly what’s in it – but we do know that there are no cannabinoids. The product contains coconut oil and terpenes that produce a grassy smell.

The essential oil is supposed to be applied to the skin. It’s pleasant and calming, but we wish there was more information about this product.

It costs £29.99 for a 50ml spray bottle.


MariPharm CBD Crème

MariPharm CBD Crème

The MariPharm crème is a luxury moisturising cream designed to nourish the skin. Ingredients include tons of skin compounds that nobody has really heard of. However, considering Dr. Khan’s position on the cosmetic’s team, we can only assume that they’re all safe ingredients.

The CBD cream contains 1% CBD in the 30ml bottle. The label claims that it supports the restorative capacity of the skin. By the way, the product contains no THC whatsoever.

Again, there’s very little information about the product.


Final Verdict on MariPharm: 7/10

MariPharm CBD is a decent brand. There’s a lot to like about it, with high-quality products and lab reports to prove their quality. It’s also great that the brand has a doctor on board to help with the cosmetics side of things.

The products are also beautifully designed in sleek packaging. We like the essential oil, even though it doesn’t contain cannabinoids, and we think the other products are pretty good, too. However, there’s a limited range.

There aren’t many products or strengths to choose from, which is a shame. If you’re looking for more variety, check out Lazarus Naturals. We have a full review of this brand, which has an enormous product range. You can read the complete Lazarus Naturals review here.