Mary’s Nutritionals Review [All About the Brand]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on April 4, 2020

You may have heard of Mary’s Nutritionals or its sister brand, Mary’s Medicinals. These cannabis-focused companies provide some great products to American customers. Below, we check out the Mary’s Nutritionals products.


Mary’s Nutritionals Quick Summary

Mary’s Nutritionals Pros

  • Working in conjunction with rheumatologists and having a medical sister company means that Mary’s Nutritionals has some top of the range, useful products.
  • The packaging is always sleek and stylish.
  • There is a good range of products to try.

Mary’s Nutritionals Cons

  • Some of the products are on the pricey side, which makes them inaccessible to many users.
  • Mary’s Nutritionals doesn’t ship to the UK.


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Mary’s Nutritionals Full Review

Mary’s Nutritionals is one of the many CBD brands on the market, offering a variety of CBD products for consumers to enjoy. The brand seems professional and sleek at first glance, but it’s always a good idea to do thorough research on a brand before you purchase.

You can read many Mary’s Nutritionals reviews online. But here at Greenshoppers, we try to be as thorough as possible. In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about the Mary’s Nutritionals products. Hopefully, by the end of this review, you’ll know whether this is the brand for you.


Who Is Mary’s Nutritionals?

Mary’s Nutritionals is an American CBD brand that aims to sell high-quality to the public. Its sister brand, Mary’s Medicinals, caters to the medical marijuana market in legal states. Those who don’t qualify for MMJ are directed to Mary’s Nutritionals, a brand that focuses on CBD products derived from hemp and meets the legal qualifications.

Mary’s is a professional brand with a clean website and sleek packaging. The attractive branding lures you in, but the quality of the products makes you stay. Mary’s Nutritionals is a high-quality brand with a decent range of products to suit all needs.

Below, we take you through the products and what we thought.


Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Products

Mary’s Nutritionals stocks an excellent range of CBD products, with a little something for everyone. The product range includes oils and topicals of several varieties. In fact, Mary’s Nutritionals somewhat specialises in topical CBD applications. Without further ado, let’s see what we thought of the products.


Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Remedy Oil

Of course, Mary’s Nutritionals stocks a CBD oil, as almost every brand does. The Remedy Tincture is a healthy hemp oil infused with full-spectrum CBD. Alongside the CBD extract and hemp seed oil, the Mary’s Nutritionals oil is infused with cinnamon oil and myrrh. The cinnamon provides a sweet flavour in comparison to other CBD oils we’ve tried. Still, there are underlying notes of earthy hemp.

marys nutritionals

The bottle contains 250 servings, with each serving providing about 2mg of CBD. That’s not a lot, so you might find yourself getting through the bottle pretty fast.

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Capsules

Capsules make a welcome alternative to CBD oil. Even though the oil tastes sweeter than that of other brands, the Mary’s Nutritionals hemp extract capsules are perfect if you still don’t like the taste. Plus, they are super convenient.

The CBD capsules are full-spectrum, just like the oil. They contain terpenes such as linalool and humulene. As they are 100% plant-based, anybody can use them, including vegetarians and vegans. Apparently, the enteric coating is designed to improve the bioavailability of the CBD.

The tub contains 150mg of activated hemp in total and costs $65, which is pretty pricey!

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs have become a big deal in recent times, and some brands offer many options. Mary’s Nutritionals provides two types of CBD bath bomb; the first is called the Boost Bomb. It’s enriched with vitamins A, C, and E to promote healthy and glowing skin. It also has a citrus aroma that’s quite refreshing. Mad Micas green dye is used to create the lime colouring, but it didn’t stain the bathtub because it’s quite subtle. This is always desirable in any bath bomb.

Mary’s Nutritionals

There is also a blue Calm Bomb, which has a lavender scent ideal for winding down. It contains all the same vitamins and cannabinoids as before.

The bath bombs are more potent than many other hemp bath bombs on the market, with 50mg of CBD in total.

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Elite Patch

CBD patches are a unique kind of topical. They’re very straightforward, as you simply apply them to the area you want to target and allow the CBD to get to work. This is different from a regular topical such as a cream.

The Mary’s Nutritionals CBD patch contains eucalyptus and has a cooling effect on the skin. The plant-based blend is also suitable for vegans. The patch releases 10mg of CBD over a more extended period of time, bringing a long-lasting effect. Mary’s Nutritionals recommends using it in the morning for a quick boost. When we tried this in the office, it was pretty helpful at keeping the team motivated!

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Topicals

Other CBD topicals on the Mary’s Nutritionals site include the Muscle Freeze, Transdermal Relief Cream, and a Massage Oil.

The Transdermal Relief Cream is perhaps the most basic CBD topical available on the site. However, this CBD cream is set apart from other brands because it was developed in conjunction with a world-renowned rheumatologist. Aloe vera and lidocaine ensure that any and all pain is lifted. While the cream was super useful, the price of $100 may well be off-putting to some users.

The Muscle Freeze is a much cheaper option at just $35. The full-spectrum hemp is combined with moisturising mango butter. It also smells pleasant compared to other brands we’ve tried.

Finally, the massage oil is a reasonably unique option, designed to be nourishing and rich. The oil consists of sunflower seed oil and grapeseed oil, hydrating the skin. What we will say is that the brand could have added essential oils for a scented touch.

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Transdermal Gel Pen

Mary’s Nutritionals is perhaps best known for the CBD gel pen. This topical is designed for the utmost convenience. It comes in a click dispenser with 2mg per pump. The gel has the scent of cool citrus basil and is quite stimulating.

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Transdermal Gel Pen

Since the pen is so small, it’s ideal for tossing in your bag in case you need a top-up throughout the day.


Summary of Mary’s Nutritionals: 7/10

Mary’s Nutritionals is a famous brand for a reason. Alongside its sister brand, Mary’s Medicinals, these products can be found in dispensaries throughout legal MMJ states in the USA. With a range of great topical products, Mary’s Nutritionals is perfect for CBD users looking to access full-spectrum hemp extract.

Sadly, the products remain out of the price range of many users. As the CBD market continues to grow, the public can access other high-quality brands for much lower prices. However, you might be missing out on the incredible convenience of a transdermal gen pen!

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