Nanocraft CBD | Complete Brand Review

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on May 22, 2020

Nanocraft CBD is a high-quality CBD retailer in the USA. Find out more about this super cool brand in our full review, where we tried the products, so you don’t have to. Check out our Nanocraft quick summary below, or jump to the full review for detailed product info.

Nanocraft CBD: Quick Summary

Nanocraft CBD Pros

  • Lab reports are easily accessible on the website.
  • Nanocraft is super professional; the website is easy to navigate and gives you everything you need.
  • The packaging is beautiful.
  • There are tonnes of products to try.
  • Nanocraft uses nano-CBD, maximising the efficiency of every product.
  • There’s lots of information about the products.

Nanocraft CBD Cons

  • Some of the products might be a little too expensive for some consumers.
  • There’s no unflavoured, plain CBD oil. If you like the taste of hemp – you’re out of luck!
  • Nanocraft doesn’t ship to the UK.

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Nanocraft CBD: Full Review

In the current climate, it’s vital to check that the CBD products you’re buying are worth it. There are lots of subpar CBD brands out there, and there’s no point wasting your hard-earned money on products that don’t work.

That’s why, here at Green Shoppers, we do our best to bring you detailed reviews. Today’s brand is Nanocraft, an American competitor offering some incredibly good CBD products. Read on to learn more about this brand; perhaps it will be the ideal company for you!

Who Is Nanocraft CBD?

Nanocraft CBD is a high-quality CBD brand, as evidenced by its appearance in publications such as Yahoo News, Buzzfeed, and The Huffington Post. It’s a brand driven by science, with an aim to please active CBD consumers. In other words, many of the products are aimed at athletes and gym-goers.

The brand sources hemp from Colorado farms that use organic growing methods. It claims to use a ‘state-of-the-art’ farming process to ensure the highest possible quality. Nanocraft only uses phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil, which basically means the products are full spectrum. The products are also lab tested for quality assurance.

As you may tell from the name, Nanocraft also uses nano-CBD. For the uninitiated, this means that the CBD particles are tiny, ensuring maximum absorption and bioavailability. In other words, Nanocraft fares better than its competitors in terms of effectiveness.

So, how well did the products actually perform?

Nanocraft CBD Products

Nanofraft has an excellent range of products, with all the basics covered. There are even some options for your pets!

Nanocraft CBD Soft Gels

Let’s start with the CBD capsules. Nanocraft sells several soft gel varieties, starting with a 25mg broad-spectrum hemp option. The soft gels contain MCT oil cased in bovine gelatine; please note that this means the Nanocraft capsules are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. With 30 tablets in the container, it costs $79.99.

Nanocraft CBD Soft Gels

Other options include CBD + Curcumin, CBD + Melatonin, and Immune Boost soft gels. The Immune Boost option contains yeast fermentate; there are tonnes of information about the potential benefits of this on the Nanocraft website. These capsules come in a pack of 32, costing just $44.99. Each pill contains 10mg CBD.

Nanocraft CBD Drops

Once again, Nanocraft has created a full range of CBD oils to suit all occasions. There’s a Pure CBD Oil Formula, containing lemon and ginger extract for an invigorating flavour. This oil contains 750mg of CBD in total, costing $69.99.

There are more robust options in the Gold Series, including 1000mg, 2000mg, and 3000mg CBD oils. These tinctures are pretty potent! Prices start at $79.99, which is not too bad considering the strength. Each one of these comes in a Cool Mint flavour.

Nanocraft CBD Drops

The cheapest option is actually the Day Time and Night Time tinctures; the day option includes caffeine and B12, while the night one includes melatonin. Each one costs $59.99.

We love that the Nanocraft CBD oils are flavoured, but not with obnoxious and artificial flavourings. It makes for a pleasant experience.

Nanocraft CBD Topicals

If there’s one thing Nanocraft CBD excels at, it’s topicals. There are several options available:

Nanocraft CBD Topicals

  • CBD Roll-On Stick for Muscle & Joint Recovery: Athletes will love this option, which features 250mg of CBD alongside terpenes, menthol, ginger root, willow bark, and more. It’s effective in mild pain relief due to the unique blend of herbs. $39.99.
  • Extra Strength CBD Roll-On: The same as the above, but with 500mg of CBD. The beauty of these products is that you don’t have to get the menthol on your hands! $59.99.
  • All-Purpose CBD Skin Stick: With 200mg of CBD, this stick is ideal for skin irritations and sunburns. It contains Vitamin E and tea tree oil to nourish your skin, and lavender oil offers a pleasant scent. $24.99.
  • Cooling CBD Sports Cream: This menthol-infused option provides cooling relief for aches and pains; it contains 500mg of CBD. $59.99
  • Cooling CBD Roll-On: Similar to the above, but a roll-on version with 250mg of CBD, perfect for tossing in your gym bag. $29.99

For the CBD skincare enthusiasts, there’s also a handy CBD lip balm for just $6.99. It solved my chapped lips pretty quickly!

Nanocraft CBD Supplements

Nanocraft has branched into the CBD supplements market, offering some unique powder products. Most brands don’t sell this type of thing, so it’s fantastic to see some innovation from Nanocraft CBD.

The Superfood Green Powder contains 750mg CBD spread across approximately 30 servings. It’s also packed with detoxifying antioxidants and various alkalizing ingredients. Think of an energy-fuelling, nutrient-packed, delicious green smoothie, and then add some CBD. In the office, we tried it with water, and it mixed really well. It also tastes pretty good and refreshing. It can also be blended into smoothies.

There’s also a Post-Workout Recovery Powder. This one contains 450mg of CBD and Vitamin B12, ensuring that your muscles get what they need after a killer gym session. It also contains various amino acids and more.

Nanocraft CBD Water

Are you looking to add even more CBD into your day? Nanocraft CBD has the option, and it comes in the form of water. We have seen several other brands (such as CBD Living) selling branded CBD water before. However, Nanocraft has added a new and exciting spin.

Nanocraft CBD Water

These are flavoured waters. The brand calls them Energy Water because they contain lots of refreshing and energizing ingredients. The flavours are Black Cherry and Cucumber Kiwi. We decided to give the Cucumber Kiwi 12-pack a try, and boy, it was so refreshing!

Each bottle contains 10mg of CBD, which isn’t a lot. That’s why we think this product makes a good addition to your CBD routine, but it probably isn’t something you’d use alone.

A 12-pack costs $49.99.

Final Verdict on Nanocraft CBD: 10/10

It was genuinely difficult to find ‘cons’ with Nanocraft for our quick summary. This brand is outstanding, and it offers everything we want in a CBD company. The lab reports are easily accessible and prove the high-quality of these products. Still, you can already tell how excellent this company is from its professionalism and sleek design alone.

We also love the product range, which features lots of great products to try. Nanocraft CBD combines standard CBD products like tinctures with unique innovations like superfood CBD powder. The quality shines through in everything it produces, and so we couldn’t recommend Nanocraft more highly.

Unfortunately, Nanocraft CBD doesn’t ship to the UK at the time of writing. Make sure you check out other brands like CBDPure to find UK shipping.