OK CBD Oil [All Products Reviewed]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 27, 2019

Want to learn more about OK CBD? We tried the products, so check out our full review to see what our team thought of the products.


OK CBD: Quick Summary


  • With at least 6 years in the CBD industry, OK CBD is well-equipped to operate in the field. They hold their laboratories and products to high standards.
  • The flavoured oils are a nice touch for those who don’t want to taste the flavour of raw hemp oil.
  • With such low-strength CBD, these products are ideal for CBD beginners looking for a starting dose.
  • Reviews suggest that customers are satisfied with the products.
  • Free first-class delivery on all orders over £14.



  • In this day and age, it’s quite disappointing when a company offers nothing more than sublingual CBD oils. Of course, the sister company OK Vape also sells CBD vape cartridges. That being said, we would like to see things like capsules and gummies.
  • For experienced CBD users, these strengths are practically useless.
  • The multipacks don’t allow you to save any money; it would be nice if they offered a small discount for bulk-buying.
  • There is no option for a ‘natural’ flavour. Some people would prefer unflavoured options that don’t contain additives.
  • It is not mentioned anywhere whether the oils are full-spectrum.


If OK CBD isn’t the brand for you, don’t worry. You can find plenty more products in our guide to CBD oils in the UK.


OK CBD: Full Review

There are almost too many CBD brands out there now. On the one hand, it’s wonderful that new CBD consumers have so much choice; but on the other, it’s really difficult to narrow it down.

It used to be the case that you could only find CBD oil in the United Kingdom if you went online. Since it was such an understudied and little-known supplement, there were only a handful of brands offering it. Shops didn’t want to stock it because of its association with cannabis and the grey legal area it occupies.

But recently, there has been a big turnaround in Britain’s cannabis industry. Even when cannabis was illegal, the UK was the world’s largest exporter of legal cannabis products. This being a little-known fact, public opinion was strongly against cannabis. But when it came to light, it was clear to see that our government was being a bit hypocritical.

The situation reached its climax when stories about young children suffering from severe epilepsy were being denied cannabis-derived medication. Despite the fact that the medication helped them when no other drugs did, the government’s stance on cannabis was too strong. Public uproar led to a government review on medical cannabis, and suddenly the situation changed.

With a new law on medical cannabis, public opinion began to shift – and fast. CBD oil was already available, but not common nor popular. More and more people began to become intrigued, though, and now the CBD industry is absolutely huge.

New brands are available all too often and choosing a brand that suits you can be difficult. Luckily, here at Greenshoppers, we review the best brands for you, so that you know exactly which companies you can trust.

Today, we are taking a look at OK CBD. Read on to find out all you need to know about this up-and-coming brand…


Who Is OK CBD?

OK CBD does not give an awful lot of information on their website. A lot of companies have touching backstories as to why they got into CBD, relating to illness in their family and a passion for herbal remedies. OK CBD lacks this.

Their ‘About Us’ is very practical and gives limited information.

OK CBD is the sister company of OK Vape, which has been selling CBD vaping products for over 6 years. Their CBD-infused vape cartridges are available in retailers like Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, and Argos. Of course, you can also purchase their products directly from their site.

It’s clear that OK CBD has an online presence, as a Google search for this brand almost immediately brings up a promotional video from their YouTube account.

The OK CBD endeavour from OK Vape is quite an interesting branch. Their hemp is grown in the USA, from which cannabinoids are extracted and tested in the company’s UK-based manufacturing facility. The products are tested to ISO-7 standards at every stage of the process.

Despite the relative lack of information about the company, there is a clear interest in the customers. OK CBD has been praised for its customer service. Furthermore, the OK CBD Blog is dedicated to educating customers on all things CBD. In an unregulated industry, this is extremely important.


OK CBD Products

ok cbd oil

At the moment, OK CBD only sells sublingual CBD oils. Just like a regular tincture, these are meant to be held under the tongue for 2 minutes before swallowing. However, you can also add them to food and drinks. Creating CBD food and beverages is a popular option, since many people don’t like the taste of CBD oils. But OK CBD provides a way around this.

All of the OK CBD oils are flavoured! In four different flavours, these oils taste delicious and give you a dose of CBD. The available flavours include Vanilla, Orange, Spearmint, and Summer Berry. If you do want to cook with CBD, then you can choose a flavour based on the food you want to make; for example, the Vanilla option could be perfect for whipping up a delicious CBD latte.

Each CBD oil comes in a 15ml bottle, packed full of pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Vegan-friendly and gluten-free, anyone can use this product without worry.

Each flavour is available in three different strengths, of which the prices vary:

  • OK CBD Oil 50 mg: £7.00
  • OK CBD Oil 200 mg: £19.00
  • OK CBD Oil 400 mg: £25.00

For regular CBD users, these strengths are all pretty low. However, for CBD newbies, they are pretty spot on. If you have never used CBD before, then we recommend using low strengths like these.

You can also buy multipacks if you want to buy in bulk. Unfortunately, they won’t save you any money unless they happen to be on sale. With these, you can mix and match with your flavour choices, and you receive 3 bottles to play around with:

  • 200 mg CBD Oil Multipack: £57.00
  • 400 mg CBD Oil Multipack: £75.00

Our Final Thoughts on OK CBD

If you are a newbie when it comes to CBD, then OK CBD could be the brand for you. They offer a small range of low-strength CBD oils which come in exciting flavours. Some people prefer to use unflavoured oils, in which case you should look for another brand. Furthermore, some users may want to find much stronger potencies of CBD.

If you’re into vaping your CBD, then it might be worth checking out CBD Vape instead. At the end of the day, choosing a CBD brand that suits your needs requires a bit of shopping around.

We think that OK CBD is quite a good extension of CBD Vape, and they have time to add new oils and products to their range in the future. Meanwhile, you can definitely find more options for CBD products elsewhere.