Cannatural Review [CBD Brand Overview]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 15, 2021

Cannatural is a CBD parent company that runs a couple of brands you might have heard of, including Canavape and Endoca. In this review, we check out the products available on the Cannatural website.


Cannatural Quick Summary

Cannatural Pros:

  • You can shop and buy multiple brands from one place, which is pretty convenient.
  • The brands stocked are all researched meticulously, so they’re guaranteed good quality.
  • There are lots of CBD products to choose from, and more are added all the time.

Cannatural Cons:

  • You have to research the brands separately to find lab reports and check out the company.
  • It can be challenging to choose between different brands.


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Cannatural CBD Full Review

Cannatural is a website that stocks a variety of different CBD brands. It caters to a UK audience by selling brands from around the world, allowing people to access a range of CBD. Cannatural UK claims to be a supplier of the finest cannabidiol, and we have to say that some of the brands listed on the site are quite impressive.

In this review, we investigate some of the brands and products listed on the website to find out more.


Who Is Cannatural?

Cannatural is a British retailer of cannabidiol, operating online. It sells numerous brands, including Canavape and Endoca. In fact, this site is currently one of the only places where you can purchase Canavape products.

Cannatural aims to be an environmentally friendly brand, and so it endeavours to use sustainable packing. This is excellent news for those shoppers who are interested in being sustainable. Cannatural also aims to source from brands who also use sustainable methods.

The website is continuously being updated with new brands and products, which is pretty exciting. It’s also good to know that you’ll never run out of products to try. Below, we check out some of the best products available on the Cannatural website.


Cannatural CBD Products

Cannatural sells numerous products from several brands, handily grouped into product types. You can also browse via the brand, whether you head to the official site or stay with Cannatural.


Cannatural CBD E-Liquids

The Cannatural CBD e-liquid comes from Canavape, a brand that claims to be one of the first sellers of CBD e-liquid in Europe. These e-liquids come in 30ml dropper bottles that can be added to most vaporisers. Each one is flavoured with the terpenes of different cannabis strains. As a result, the taste won’t be for everyone – there are some vapers who prefer fruity concoctions.

Canavape’s e-liquids use a propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine blend that’s infused with CBD, CBG, and CBDv. Of course, the terpenes are different depending on the strain. Each one is available in 300mg (£27.95) and 600mg (£48.95).

Here are the flavours:

  • OG Kush
  • Sour Diesel
  • Sour Haze
  • White Widow


Cannatural CBD Capsules

Cannatural CBD Capsules

There are a couple of capsule options when shopping on the Cannatural site. Firstly, there is Endoca, a family-run company renowned for its high-quality CBD products. The Endoca CBD capsules come in several types, including an option that includes CBDa. Cannatural stocks the following Endoca CBD capsules:

  • CBD capsules 300mg: £26.95
  • CBD capsules 1500mg: £115.95
  • CBD & CBDa capsules 300mg: £26.95
  • CBD & CBDa capsules 1500mg: £115.95

Alternatively, you can shop with CBD Brothers. This European brand has a rustic, organic feel thanks to its use of sustainable and clean ingredients. The capsules are just as high-quality, featuring a vegan casing so that anyone can use them. Here are the available options for the CBD Brothers CBD oil capsules:

  • Sativa 50mg: £13.75
  • Hybrid 50mg: £16.75
  • Sativa 100mg: £26.05
  • Hybrid 100mg: £31.75
  • Sativa 250mg: £61.75
  • Hybrid 250mg: £75.25


Cannatural CBD Concentrates

Cannatural stocks one CBD concentrate from Endoca. This concentrate comes in the form of CBD crystals, which can be vaporised and dabbed. Cannatural also notes that you can add them to cosmetics and edibles for even more comfortable use.

There is 500mg of CBD per tub, which equates to a 99% CBD purity. The small container of CBD isolate sells for £43.95.


Cannatural CBD Oils

Cannatural CBD Oils

CBD oil is where Cannatural shines. There are lots of oils from many different brands; too many to cover all the oils here. The website sells CBD Brothers, Endoca, Hempen, Mana Artisan Botanics, Pura Vida, and Sisters of the Valley.

There are lots of strengths to choose from, and with the CBD concentration, the price varies wildly. The cheapest is a 2.8% strength CBD Brothers tincture costing just £9.55. The most expensive is also from CBD Brothers; a 5% oil costing £155.95.

It can be kind of hard to choose the product you want when faced with so many decisions. This is the main downside of Cannatural.


Cannatural Edibles

Cannatural sells a couple of CBD edibles, but interestingly, there are no CBD gummies to be seen. Instead, there are the following products:

  • Pura Vida CBD Tea: from £6.95
  • Pura Vida CBD Honey: from £21.95
  • Mana Artisan Botanics CBD Honey: from £28.95
  • Hempen CBD Coconut Oil: £30.55
  • CBD Brothers CBD Coconut Oil: £39.95
  • Hempen Hemp Seed Oil: £9.95
  • Pura Vida CBD Hemp Seed Oil: £11.45

These are more unique options in comparison to other CBD edibles on the market. They’re harder to measure out than other edibles, which means they might not be for everyone.


Cannatural CBD Balms

Cannatural also has quite a range of CBD topicals. In the CBD balm department, there are lots of options. The Endoca Lips & Skin Balm (£6.25) doubles up as a lip balm and a skin balm, which is pretty cool. However, the tube is small, so it’s a good job that other brands are selling larger tubs of balm through Cannatural.

Pura Vida has the broadest range of CBD balms, with lots of scents and ingredients to choose from. We tried the coconut and mango balm, and it smells absolutely delicious – we were tempted to eat it! (Although we strongly advise against this.) The ointments are also not greasy on the skin.


Bottom Line on Cannatural: 6/10

Cannatural provides convenience for UK CBD shoppers in that you can browse and shop from multiple brands in one place. However, this same positive also brings about some negatives. You have to visit the websites of individual brands to find out more about them and see the lab reports, creating more work. Also, it can make your decision more difficult because you have to choose between different brands.

Cannatural stocks high-quality brands, so either way it’s not a bad thing if you shop with them. However, it can be just as convenient to find a single brand you like.

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