Four Five CBD Review | Complete Brand Overview

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on May 1, 2020

Looking for a sporty CBD brand that can keep you active? Four Five CBD might just be the brand for you. Find out more about it in this guide.


Four Five CBD: Quick Summary

Four Five CBD Pros

  • Started by real CBD users, this is a brand that really believes in CBD.
  • The products are broad-spectrum, but still, contain 0% THC.
  • The products are designed for active, busy lifestyles, so they’re easy to use.
  • Four Five uses CO2 extraction.
  • All the products are vegan-friendly.

Four Five CBD Cons

  • The products come in a limited range of strengths and varieties compared to some other brands.
  • Although the brand claims to lab test, we couldn’t see any reports.


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Four Five CBD: Full Review

Four Five CBD is an interesting brand in that it was started by two rugby players who shared a passion for cannabidiol. It’s always great to see a brand run by people who are just as passionate about CBD as their users.

Four Five CBD UK is a professional, clean-cut brand offering a few different product options. Find out more about this company in our full review. We tried out the products and give our verdict below. But first, a little bit about the brand.


Who Is Four Five CBD?

George Kruis and Dominic Day started Four Five CBD thanks to their love for CBD. Both men were rugby players, and both played for the English Premiership club Saracens (George still plays).

Working in a high-pace active environment and in a contact sport ensured that these men were familiar with injuries – as well as aches and pains. They discovered CBD as a way to promote health and healing. According to the Four Five CBD website, they have endured surgery as a result of injury twelve times collectively.

The men have worked with CBD suppliers since 2018 to form their own brand. Their aims revolve around busy lifestyles, and therefore the products are all straightforward and easy to use.

The website is really easy to use, making it simple to find the products you want. Below, we investigate the products in more detail.


Four Five CBD Products

Four Five sells several CBD products, covering all the basics of cannabidiol. These aren’t flashy, innovative products, but they get the job done for a reasonable price, and that’s something we appreciate about Four Five CBD.


Four Five CBD Balm

four five cbd uk

Four Five CBD has a pretty big focus on topicals. If you understand anything about CBD use, then you might get why. These rugby players wanted to focus on muscle rubs and other similar products, and CBD topicals are popular among athletes.

The CBD balm is the most basic product, made using vitamin E and olive oil among other ingredients. Although it has a thick consistency, it doesn’t leave oily residue on the skin. Four Five has also included lavender and blackberry, which gives the product a pleasant scent.

The tub is 45ml, which is the perfect size for carrying on the go. It contains 300mg of CBD and costs £34.99.

By the way, it’s also vegan-friendly.


Four Five CBD Capsules

Four Five CBD Capsules

Four Five CBD sells vegetarian CBD capsules. Each contains 10mg of CBD so you can combine them as necessary to provide you with the correct amount of CBD. The vegetable casing is perfect because it ensures the product is vegan-friendly.

You can purchase the capsules in 30-count and 60-count containers:

  • 30-count 300mg: £29.99
  • 60-count 600mg: £49.99

Four Five CBD recommends taking them with some food.


Four Five CBD 0% THC CBD Oil

four five cbd

If you want to use CBD with no THC whatsoever, then this zero THC CBD oil is a good option. It has an MCT oil base for a mild flavour and contains broad-spectrum hemp extract, but with 0% THC.

It comes in a spray bottle for ease of use, which again makes it ideal for carrying around.

Our only qualm is that the oil comes in just one strength: 1000mg. It would be nice to have more options. It costs £69.99.


Four Five CBD Muscle Rub

One of the company’s flagship products is the CBD muscle balm. It’s similar to the balm we talked about earlier, only it’s infused with menthol for a cooling effect. As a result, it’s ideal for aches and pains.

This one contains 300mg of CBD isolate. It retails for the same price of £34.99.


Four Five CBD Oils

Four Five CBD Oils

Four Five CBD sells a few different oils. They all have the MCT oil base, vegetarian formula, and come in a CBD spray bottle.

You can get the oil in three strengths:

  • CBD Oil 500mg: £29.99
  • CBD Oil 1000mg: £59.99
  • CBD Oil 2000mg: £107.99


Summary of Four Five CBD: 8/10

All in all, we like Four Five CBD. It’s a brand run by genuine CBD enthusiasts. While the products aren’t particularly unique, they do offer good quality for a reasonable price. For customers who are seeking no-nonsense CBD, Four Five CBD seems like a good brand.

However, we didn’t spot any lab reports on the site. Four Five claims to conduct lab tests, but we like to see evidence! Furthermore, the fineprint at the bottom of the page states that all products contain less than 1mg THC. The limit in the UK is 0.3mg, so we hope it’s lower than that!

Elsewhere on the site, Four Five claims to contain almost zero THC, so you should be okay if you use these products.

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