Loveburgh Review | CBD Brand Overview

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on April 30, 2020

Loveburgh is a growing brand based in the UK. It has a broad range of CBD products, so we tried them out. Find out what we thought in this full product review.


Loveburgh Quick Summary

Loveburgh Pros

  • There are lots of product types to try.
  • The brand aims to be sustainable, and it seems they’re following through.
  • All-natural ingredients.

Loveburgh Cons

  • You can’t shop online, so you have to find your nearest store. It’s quite inconvenient!
  • No lab reports.


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Loveburgh CBD Full Review

CBD is still growing in popularity, with more people than ever giving the compound a go. With fame comes business, and there are now plenty of brands to choose from when buying CBD.

Today, we are reviewing the Loveburgh brand. Started in 2015, this is an up-and-coming brand with a lot of impact and a growing number of products. The Greenshoppers team decided to try out the Loveburgh CBD products to get a better idea of what this brand is about.

Find out more about Loveburgh in the full review below.


Who Is Loveburgh?

Loveburgh is a British CBD brand located in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Aside from Holistic Hemp, this is the only big brand we know of that’s based in Scotland.

A man named Jas founded Loveburgh. He believes strongly in the natural power of plants to keep us healthy, and one of these powerful plants is hemp! As well as following a plant-based diet, Jas also uses natural, alternative treatments and supplements.

The brand sources hemp from farms throughout Europe, in the Netherlands, and Denmark. Although based in the UK, it sells its products in several locations throughout the continent. Loveburgh aims to be sustainable, and therefore the hemp growing measures are all environmentally friendly.

Strangely, you can’t purchase these products directly from the website. Instead, you must find a stockist using the ‘Where to Buy’ tab, and head to your nearest shop. In this day and age, it’s inconvenient not to have an online shop function.

You can still view the products on the website.


Loveburgh Products

Loveburgh has a decent range of CBD products available, from CBD oils to hemp teas. We tried them out and investigated the product descriptions to see what’s what. Here’s what we thought of the Loveburgh products. By the way, prices vary depending on the stockist.


Loveburgh CBD Oils


Loveburgh’s CBD oil options are somewhat peculiar. There are several strengths available, and each one comes in a different carrier oil. Most brands stick one oil and stick to it, or offer multiple carriers across the whole range of strengths. We’re not sure why Loveburgh has done this, but it isn’t really an issue.

Regardless, the oils are broad-spectrum. While they contain no THC, you get plenty of CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids. Loveburgh claims that there is also lots of CBDa in there.

Here are the available options:

  • 250mg – Hemp Seed Oil400mg – Olive Oil
  • 420mg – Hemp Seed Oil
  • 600mg – Hemp Seed Oil
  • 750mg – MCT Oil
  • 1500mg – MCT Oil
  • 2000mg – MCT Oil

There is also a 500mg Rapid Absorb option, which contains liposomal CBD and curcumin. Liposomal CBD can be dissolved in water and may, therefore, be more effective. This option is usually more expensive, though, so the regular oils work just fine.


Loveburgh CBD E-liquids

loveburgh cbd

Loveburgh also stocks a CBD vape oil that has a natural MCT oil suspension. Some experts recommend avoiding vaping an oil, so we’re not sure if this is safer than propylene glycol, which appears to be what Loveburgh is suggesting.

The CBD e-liquids come in 10ml bottles, in 200mg, 400mg, and 800mg strengths. There are three flavours, produced with natural ingredients in line with Loveburgh’s authentic ethos. Flavours include:

  • Cedar Blend
  • Citrus Blend
  • Grape Blend

We tried the cedar blend as it was something we hadn’t seen before. And all we can say is that you won’t like it if you don’t like aniseed! However, the honey flavours sweeten it a little, and it was actually quite pleasant.


Loveburgh CBD Raw Juice

Uniquely, Loveburgh sells a CBD-infused juice called raw juice. Think of a fruit smoothie, but with added CBD! Of course, you could make one of these at home yourself, but Loveburgh’s ready-made product offers convenience.

Each 500ml bottle contains just 25mg of CBD+CBDA, which isn’t an awful lot.

Here are the flavours:

  • Berry Blast: Acai, blueberry, apple, banana
  • Green Supreme: Kale, cucumber, celery, apple, avocado, lemon, lime
  • Orange Dream: Orange, carrot, lemon, lime, avocado, turmeric


Loveburgh Hemp Extracts

Loveburgh Hemp Extracts

When Loveburgh says ‘hemp extracts’, they mean CBD paste. A paste is a more concentrated version of CBD oil, offering a more natural approach to tinctures. As a result, pastes can have a strong taste – but they’re useful!

Loveburgh sells two pastes, and both contain CBD and CBDA:

  • Gold 50% Paste: High-strength, refined paste. 50mg per serving (1500mg total)
  • Raw 10% Paste: Low-strength, raw paste. 20mg per serving (1000mg total)


Loveburgh Hemp Powders

Loveburgh Hemp Powders

Interestingly, Loveburgh also sells hemp protein. The hemp plant is packed full of protein, so this is an excellent addition to the shop. It’s worth noting, however, that these products do not contain CBD. Nevertheless, they’re a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.

The proteins come in natural and strawberry flavour. The strawberry flavour was quite sweet, but we can’t imagine a hemp-flavoured protein shake would be too appealing!


Loveburgh Hemp Teas

Did you know you can brew tea from the leaves of hemp? Hemp tea is quite beneficial for your health and can even taste pleasant. Loveburgh sells several varieties of hemp tea, but none of them contain any CBD.

The teas are part of Loveburgh’s sustainable aim. The components of the hemp that aren’t used for CBD products are made into tea!


Bottom Line on Loveburgh: 6.5/10

Loveburgh is an alright brand. There are some good things, such as an extensive product range, sustainable practices, and natural ingredients. However, the issues we have with Loveburgh are pretty big ones.

First off, the lack of online shopping is a real pain, especially if you don’t live near a retailer. Secondly. Loveburgh has no lab reports, and that’s a red flag.

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