Prime CBD Review [All About the Brand]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on May 5, 2020

Prime CBD is one of the many newer British brands offering CBD to customers throughout the UK. It’s a member of the Cannabis Trades Association, but just how good are the products?


Prime CBD Quick Summary

Prime CBD Pros

  • Free shipping throughout the UK.
  • Prime CBD is a member of the CTA, which guarantees safe products.
  • There is a lab reports tab on the website where you can view product analyses.

Prime CBD Cons

  • Some product descriptions and names are inconsistent with the pictures, making the shopping experience confusing.
  • The website is either poorly organised or needs updating. Some products are only available to view once you’re looking at other products, so we’re not sure if they’re even available to buy.


Perhaps you’ve already decided that Prime CBD isn’t the brand for you. Make sure you visit some of our other reviews to find brands better suited to your needs.


Prime CBD Full Review

Prime CBD is one of many British brands on the market these days. It’s an authentically British brand offering a wide variety of products and consumption methods.

In today’s review, we will be breaking down the Prime CBD UK products, which we tried out recently. The brand seems pretty decent from the outset, but we go into as much depth as possible. Find out what we thought below.


Who Is Prime CBD?

Prime CBD is based in Staffordshire, England. The website says that the brand began as a ‘passion product’ for the founders, who saw the CBD revolution in the USA and wanted to bring it to the British Isles.

This brand is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association, which provides reasonable assurance about the safety and quality of this company. Furthermore, the lab reports are published on the website for additional confidence that you’re buying quality goods.

Unfortunately, there is not much other information available on the website. It can be helpful to know who runs the site, where they grow the hemp, how they extract the CBD, etc. Prime CBD does not have an ‘About’ section, and this is unfortunate.

It doesn’t necessarily speak about the products, though. So, let’s find out what we thought.


Prime CBD Products

Prime CBD sells several types of CBD products, offering a little something for every kind of consumer. Below, we cover the costs and ingredients, as well as what we thought.


Prime CBD Oil Spray

Of course, Prime CBD offers an oil tincture. It comes in the form of a CBD spray, although confusingly, the pictures on the website depict a dropper bottle. Additionally, several times the product description mentions’ drops.’ Perhaps Prime CBD recently changed the product, in which case they need to update the site!

Prime CBD uses an MCT oil as the base for this oil, blended with CBD alongside natural flavourings. For many users, the taste of the oil is off-putting, so it’s good to have flavoured options. The oils are vegan-friendly and use natural ingredients.

The flavours include Natural, Cherry, Peppermint, and Orange. These tastes are relatively subtle, but enough to cover the hemp taste of most CBD oils.

Here are the prices:

  • CBD Oil 500mg: £29.99
  • CBD Oil 1000mg: £49.00
  • CBD Oil 2000mg: £79.00


Prime CBD Capsules

Prime CBD Capsules

If you want to avoid flavours altogether, then we recommend opting for capsules. Prime CBD has one option available. The full-spectrum CBD capsules come in a vegetable casing, ensuring that they are vegan-friendly. It’s always good to see CBD brands embracing veganism.

There are 10mg of CBD per capsule, with 60 capsules per tub. That’s a total of 600mg CBD. The container costs £34.00, which is a very good price for this much CBD.


Prime CBD Skincare

Prime CBD Skincare

Interestingly, the ‘Skincare’ link on the homepage leads to a broken link page. Perhaps these products were recently removed. Nevertheless, Prime CBD does have some CBD cream available under the topicals section.

There is a multi-purpose balm and a muscle rub. We’re disappointed to say that Prime CBD doesn’t feature much information about the ingredients for these products. We think it’s crucial to know what’s in topical products, as many people have sensitive skin or conditions, and those who use vegan beauty products would also find this information useful. Prime CBD apparently doesn’t share our opinion.

  • CBD Balm 300mg: £30
  • CBD Muscle Rub 300mg: £30

You can also get the balm on a monthly subscription for £25.50.


Final Thoughts on Prime CBD: 5/10

To be honest, Prime CBD isn’t a brand we would recommend. While the brand does some things right, such as publishing lab reports and joining the CTA, there are also lots of drawbacks.

For one, the website is a bit of a mess. Some products are listed in the ‘Related Products’ sections under descriptions of other items; however, they aren’t listed separately on the site. Are these products actually available for purchase? We’re none the wiser!

Secondly, there is missing information. We know nothing about the brand’s founders or processes, and some information about the products is also lacking ­– especially in the topicals department.

Without a doubt, you can find other British brands that provide a better sense of both the company and the products. For a stellar example, check out our Hempura review.