Sagely Naturals [All About This CBD Topicals Brand]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on December 19, 2019

CBD topicals are all the rage, and now there are some brands solely dedicated to their sale. One such brand is Sagely Naturals. We try the products in this complete review, but make sure you check out our quick summary if you’re short on time.


Sagely Naturals: Quick Summary

Sagely Naturals Pros

  • If you like topicals, this is a great brand to suit all your skincare needs.
  • The website is clearly professional and portrays precisely the kind of image it intends.
  • The products all contain organic, high-quality ingredients. Plus, they’re vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.
  • Safely Naturals triple lab tests all the products for a guarantee of safety and quality.

Sagely Naturals Cons

  • For some users, these products might be quite expensive.
  • The lab reports aren’t posted on the site; this would be an improvement.
  • This brand doesn’t ship to the UK.


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Sagely Naturals: Full Review

Finding a good CBD brand is trickier than it sounds. The market is unregulated at the moment, placing the burden on consumers to find a safe and trustworthy brand. While most brands are dependable, there are a few scammers out there.

The trick to finding a good brand is to take your time. Look out for third-party lab reports, a professional website, and positive reviews online. Here at Greenshoppers, we regularly review brands to give you an insight into how each one runs behind the scenes. Today, we explain what we thought of Sagely Naturals, a brand specialising in CBD topicals.


Who Are Sagely Naturals?

Sagely Naturals is a CBD brand based in California. Kaley Nichol and Kerrigan Behrens founded the brand in 2015, meaning it was around before CBD became the huge deal it is today. The two decided to start the brand when Kerrigan found CBD effective for her chronic pain.

Sagely Naturals focuses on topical CBD products, with just a few ingestibles available. The brand employs qualified chemists in formulating its products, using premium hemp in their creation. The hemp is non-GMO.

From the moment you enter the website, it’s clear that Sagely Naturals is a professional brand. Everything is well put together and presents an image of wellness. It’s an attractive website that makes you want to explore the products more. So, without further ado, here’s what we thought of the Sagely Naturals product range.


Sagely Naturals CBD Products

Sagely Naturals divides its products into three categories: Relief & Recovery, Calm & Centered, and Drift & Dream. Each category uses a different formula to provide specific effects. We have divided them up a little differently below, but we still cover all the bases.


Sagely Naturals CBD Capsules

Sagely Naturals CBD Capsules

The Sagely Naturals capsules are one of the only consumable products on offer from this brand. There is a capsule option for each product category, with different additional ingredients depending on the desired effects.

The Relief & Recovery Capsules contain black pepper and turmeric extract, for example. The  Calm & Centered option includes ashwagandha, magnolia bark, and L-theanine, all designed to promote relaxation. Finally, the Drift & Dream capsules include GABA, 5-HTP, and melatonin. Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD, but there is also an Extra Strength Relief & Recovery option with 20mg per capsule.

In 30-count bottles, all the capsule options cost $49.99.


Sagely Naturals CBD Topicals


Sagely Naturals [All About This CBD Topicals Brand]

Topicals is Sagely Naturals area of expertise. The site sells a cream, perfect for moisturizing and taking care of your skin. Each option is vegan and cruelty free, filled with essential oils that provide a pleasant scent. These essential oils also contribute to particular effects. For example, the Relief & Recovery Cream contains peppermint and menthol, while the Calm &  Centered Cream features lavender and bergamot.

  • Relief & Recovery Cream 25mg: $19.99
  • Relief & Recovery Cream 50mg: $35.99
  • Relief & Recovery Cream Extra Strength 250mg: $54.99
  • Calm & Centered Cream 50mg: $35.99

There is also a roll-on version with 50mg CBD. Available in each of the three formulas, the roll-on costs $29.99.

Sagely Naturals also stocks beauty products, including an eye cream, a face serum, and a night cream. The intention is to brighten and hydrate the skin using lily extract, rosehip oil,  and other essential oil extracts.

  • Brightening CBD Eye Cream 150mg: $49.00
  • Brightening CBD Face Serum 250mg: $89.00
  • Brightening CBD Night Cream 150mg: $64.00


Sagely Naturals CBD Spray

Sagely Naturals [All About This CBD Topicals Brand]

The final product option is a CBD spray. It uses plant-based ingredients in the above formulas, providing an easy way to take CBD each day. The spray format is sometimes considered easier to use than an oil dropper. The CBD sprays contain 50mg of CBD per bottle, costing $27.99.


Final Thoughts on Sagely Naturals: 8/10

If you like topicals, as many CBD users do, then Sagely Naturals could be the perfect brand for you. There are quite a few products to choose from, and we like the use of different product ranges. If you want to get specific effects out of your CBD experience, then you can browse the different ranges to find the ingredients that work best.

It would be nice if Sagely Naturals posted the results of the lab tests on their website. Aside from this, we don’t really have any complaints! Although, the products might be out of the price ranges of many consumers.

By the way, Safely Naturals doesn’t ship to the UK. Our British readers will have to look elsewhere for a CBD topical product. Fortunately, we know of the perfect brand. Provacan is one of our top-rated brands, and it has an enormous range of topicals. We go over them in more detail in our full Provcan review, so make sure you check it out.