Simply CBD Review [All About the Brand]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on April 1, 2020

Want to know more about Simply CBD? This brand is one that has a huge focus on its consumers and sustainability, so you can be sure you’re shopping with a reliable brand. Find out more in our full review below.


Simply CBD Quick Summary

Simply CBD Pros

  • The products are cheap and ensure that CBD is accessible to everyone.
  • 100% of profits go to an animal charity so that you can feel good about every purchase.
  • There is a decent range of products to choose from, giving you a top choice.

Simply CBD Cons

  • Only the oils have lab reports, leaving us wondering about the other products. The balm doesn’t even list a CBD content!
  • The website layout can be a bit confusing. For example, some oils are listed in milligrams, while others as a percentage.


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Simply CBD Full Review

CBD has become a complicated matter. Newcomers to the world of cannabidiol might find themselves overwhelmed by the range of products and choices in the industry. And with brands trying to outcompete one another, sometimes you find that they pay more attention to the unique products than the good old CBD oil.

Simply CBD is a brand taking it back to the basics. Even so, these products aren’t dull. This brand is also based in Britain, bringing quality CBD products to a British market. Today, we are reviewing the Simply CBD UK products, letting you know what we thought of these offerings.


Who Is Simply CBD?

Simply CBD is a British CBD brand selling high-quality cannabidiol products. It sources CBD from farms in Holland, using CO2 extraction to craft safe and effective products. Simply CBD aims to be the cheapest brand in Britain, but without compromising on quality. And so far, they’re succeeding.

Simply CBD saves on costs by avoiding fancy packaging, office rentals, investors, and more. As a result, the brand can bring the end price down for consumers.

What’s more, Simply CBD is not for profit. 100% of profits go to Huckleberry Farm, a dog charity located in the Forest of Dean in Wales. It’s touching to see a brand that’s so clearly dedicated to the welfare of humans and animals.

Without further ado, let’s check out the products available from Simply CBD.


Simply CBD Products

Simply CBD stocks quite a range of CBD products. Although the company aims to keep things simple, it has not compromised on quality and choices. We tried some of the products to let you know which ones are worth your hard-earned money.

Simply CBD Capsules

simply cbd uk

The simplest way to take CBD, by far, is to use CBD capsules. All you need to do is pop a pill into your mouth and swallow with water. They’re tasteless and easy to use; you can even carry them on the go for use throughout the day.

These capsules are delayed-release. Simply CBD designed them to bypass the stomach acid, meaning the tablets dissolve further down the digestive tract, supposedly leading to better absorption. The capsules are vegan, by the way.

Each one contains just 6.5mg of CBD, which is a pretty low amount. By the way, that’s just 2-3mg of CBD after the absorption process! You might need multiple per day. The 30-count tub costs £14.

Simply CBD Entourage Aqua Water Soluble Pump

simply cbd uk

According to Simply CBD, the Entourage Aqua is an innovative, drinkable alternative to CBD oil. Essentially, this is a water-soluble version of CBD oil that you can use to create CBD-infused water. Alternatively, you can make lemonade, tea, or other CBD beverages. With the addition of your favourite drinks, CBD oil suddenly tastes a lot better.

This product is full-spectrum, which is why it has the word ‘entourage’ in its name. Terpenes included in the product include limonene and pinene, alongside cannabinoids like CBC and CBN.

Simply CBD offers a 2% version in a 10ml bottle (£20) or a 4% version in either a 10ml or a 20ml bottle. The pump dispenser makes it really easy to use and measure out the right amount of CBD.

Simply CBD Oil

simply cbd uk

Simply CBD sells an enormous range of oils.

Simply CBD Green starts at just £7 for a 10ml bottle. It’s 2.5% CBD strength, equating to 250mg in the 10ml bottle, but you can also get a 30ml version. Simply CBD uses a hemp seed oil as the base, which is pretty standard. However, it gives the oils a sharp, bitter flavour, so be prepared.

Here is a run-down of the options:

  • Simply CBD Green (2.5%): £7-20
  • Simply CBD Purple (400mg): £16
  • Simply CBD Blue (500mg): £18-54 (comes in Lemon, Mint, and Natural flavour)
  • Simply CBD Red (800mg): £23
  • Simply CBD Black (10%): £28-£140

There are also two other options. The Simply CBD Light uses an alternative base of rice bran oil to support a healthy heart, with 640mg of CBD/CBDa per bottle. The Simply Sunset option is designed to help you sleep, with a carefully blended terpene profile that should help you to drift off soundly. It seems as if Simply CBD has thought of everything!

Simply CBD Pet Safe Sensitive Balm

simply cbd uk

CBD for pets has become a significant deal in recent times. That’s why Simply has crafted a CBD pet balm that can help your pets with sore spots and cracked paws. Given that Simply CBD donates profits to a dog shelter, it’s surprising to see only one product for animals on the site.

The balm contains beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E, which makes for a super moisturising combination. Technically, it’s designed for humans, but you can rest assured that your pet will be okay if they decide to lick you after you’ve applied it.

Strangely, Simply CBD doesn’t mention a CBD content for this product. We’re not sure if there’s any cannabidiol to speak of.

Simply CBD Gummies

simply cbd uk

The CBD gummies from this brand consist of standard jelly tots infused with 10mg CBD each. Note, however, that these gummies are vegan-friendly! That’s excellent news, as it means that anyone can enjoy these CBD-infused treats.

The gummies come in an assortment of fruit flavours and taste delicious. There are 20 gummies per pouch, costing £18.

Simply CBG

simply cbd uk

Simply CBD has gone a little off-piste with this one. The brand sells a cannabigerol (CBG) oil, which also contains CBD and CBDa. CBG is less researched than CBD, and admittedly we know little about its effects. Unfortunately, Simply CBD has not elaborated on the compound’s potential, either, so we’re not entirely sure what this product offers.

Nevertheless, it tastes like a standard CBD oil. If you want to try CBG for yourself and see how you get on, Simply CBD’s option costs just £25.

Simply CBD Dr. Vegan Full-Spectrum Capsules

simply cbd uk

In addition to the other capsules, Simply CBD also sells a more potent variety. The Dr. Vegan Capsules contain 15mg of CBD each, which is typical for most CBD capsules. Once again, they are designed for delayed-release and are mixed with extra virgin coconut oil for maximum efficiency.

The 30-count tub costs £22.


Verdict on Simply CBD: 7/10

Simply CBD is a mid-range brand, in our opinion. The website is poorly designed and could do with a revamp, and some lab reports are missing. That being said, the products do seem to be high-quality, and this appears to be a brand that cares about consumers and even their pets.

The major selling point for Simply CBD is the price. Astonishingly, the company has kept costs down so well, but we aren’t complaining! Even if Simply CBD doesn’t sell the best quality CBD around, it could be a good route for getting started.

Most of the oils are also pretty weak and low in CBD content, which isn’t ideal for experienced users. While you’re here, why not find out where you can find the strongest CBD oil in the UK?