Simply Supplements Review [CBD Brand Review]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on April 3, 2020

Simply Supplements is one of the growing CBD brands in the UK, renowned for its reliability. The brand works with some authoritative organisations in the industry, spelling good news for users. Find out what we thought below.


Simply Supplements Quick Summary

Simply Supplements Pros

  • The brand works with organisations like the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) and the Vegan Society to confirm the high quality of these products.
  • We don’t often see student discounts on CBD.
  • The subscribe and save option is excellent because it allows you to save money and means you don’t stress about running out of CBD thanks to the repeat order.
  • Lab reports are easily accessible.
  • The products are incredibly well-priced.

Simply Supplements Cons

  • The CBD products are low-strength and won’t work for everyone.
  • There is a limited selection of consumption methods.


If you can already tell that Simply Supplements is not the brand for you, then don’t worry. Looking for something stronger? Find out what the strongest CBD oil in the UK is in our informative guide.


Full Simply Supplements Review

The CBD market is expanding in the UK. More CBD brands than ever before are appearing on the market, and even high street chains like Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy are muscling in on the action. While many people first visit these chains or search for a CBD brand online, there are also other avenues.

Simply Supplements is a British brand that has been selling various supplements for over a decade. Now, this company has also branched into the CBD sector. Today, we are reviewing Simply Supplements UK to let you know what we thought about their CBD products.

Read on for the full lowdown on Simply Supplements’ CBD range.


Who Is Simply Supplements?

Simply Supplements is quite a well-known brand. It has existed in the supplement industry for more than ten years, and the team has a lot of experience in creating and marketing amazing supplements. The brand has a five-star rating on TrustPilot, and that should tell you all you need to know about its reputation.

Simply Supplements has a lot of positives. For one, the ingredients used are responsibly sourced – and that includes the fish oils they sell. All products are produced in GMP certified facilities and are checked for assurance. Plus, Simply Supplements has been supplying lab reports since long before it was fashionable!

Thanks to PriceMatch, the Simply Supplements products are also well-priced. However, the brand offers a student discount through Student Beans, which means that nobody is priced out of CBD.

So, what are the products like?


Simply Supplements CBD Products

While Simply Supplements is not limited to just CBD products, the brand now has quite the range. All the basics are covered, so we thought we’d give the products a try to let our readers know what we thought. By the way, if you want to find CBD products on the website, just type ‘CBD’ into the search bar.

Simply Supplements CBD Capsules

Simply Supplements sells one type of CBD capsule. These hemp extract capsules contain 10mg of CBD each, which is ideal for many users, including newbies. The product contains no THC, as confirmed by the freely available lab reports.

simply supplements

The CBD capsules come in either a 30-count or 60-count tub, priced at £18.49 and £35.99, respectively. You can also subscribe and save 10% on future orders.

The capsules are made with glycerine, which means they’re not vegan-friendly. Thankfully, many of the other Simply Supplements CBD products are – it just means you can’t use these capsules.

Simply Supplements CBD Olive Oil

CBD oil is a popular option for newcomers and veterans alike. It provides an easy way to measure out a specific dose of cannabidiol and change this as you see fit. Just like other brands, the Simply Supplements CBD oil comes in a 10ml bottle with a dropper attached.

However, unlike other brands, Simply Supplements has opted for CBD-infused olive oil. Olive oil is not a typical carrier for CBD, so this is an exciting choice. The flavour is less intense than that of a hemp oil, although the texture is quite slimy.

simply supplements cbd

This option contains 5% CBD, which equates to 500mg. Simply Supplements says that the bottle contains around 200 drops. Given the fairly low strength, this means that experienced users could get through the bottle very quickly.

A huge plus for this product is that it is Vegan Society approved, as all the other CBD oils are. Once again, it contains no THC.

The CBD olive oil costs £21.99.

Simply Supplements CBD Hemp Oil

Another option on the Simply Supplements website is CBD-infused hemp oil. The difference here is that the carrier oil is hemp seed oil, made by cold-pressing hemp seeds. The use of all parts of the hemp plant makes the process very sustainable.

Hemp seed oil has an earthy, nutty flavour. Combined with cannabinoids, some users find the flavour of CBD hemp oil a bit too bitter. If you can get past it, though, then hemp seed oil is a great option. It contains lots of amino acids and omega 3 and 6, so it’s pretty healthy.

The CBD hemp oil is also a 5% concentration. It’s a little more expensive, at £23.59.

Simply Supplements CBD Coconut Oil

The final CBD oil available from Simply Supplements is coconut oil. In this instance, the CBD is infused into an MCT coconut oil. Compared to the other carriers, coconut oil has a mild taste and is said to be extremely useful in delivering CBD due to the way the body digests it.

Once again, this option contains 500mg of CBD and costs £23.59.

With all the purported benefits of coconut oil, you may also wish to use this option as a CBD topical by applying it to the skin. Then again, the oil may make your skin feel a bit greasy. Luckily, Simply Supplements also stocks topicals.

Simply Supplements CBD & Turmeric with Black Pepper

Another option for CBD capsules from Simply Supplements contains turmeric and black pepper. These spices may have health benefits of their own, adding an extra boost to these capsules. Turmeric and curcumin (black pepper) are anti-inflammatories.

Simply Supplements CBD & Turmeric with Black Pepper

The tub contains 30 capsules and costs £19.99. You can also get a 60-count container for £38.49. Each vegan-friendly capsule contains 3mg of CBD and 76mg of curcumin. These may not be the best CBD supplement, but users have said that they are useful for mild pain relief and general wellbeing.

Simply Supplements Hemp Oil Capsules

If you’re not interested in CBD, then you may still wish to try the hemp capsules. These contain hemp seed oil, which has no cannabinoids. You get to benefit from the omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids within hemp, all without ingesting cannabinoids.

The soft gels capsules are easy to swallow and provide an excellent introduction to the benefits of hemp. The tub contains 120 capsules for just £13.99, which is really well-priced.

Simply Supplements CBD Balm

The final product is a CBD balm. It’s only 1% CBD, which is low compared to other brands. However, it provides an excellent, easy way to include a little CBD in your skincare routine. The balm is 30ml in total and features highly moisturising ingredients like shea butter, coconut butter, and mango butter.

Simply Supplements CBD Balm

This balm is vegan-friendly, which is something you don’t often see. It costs £14.99.


Summary on Simply Supplements: 6/10

Simply Supplements is a good brand. It’s not the best we’ve seen, simply because there is a limited product selection and the products they do have are very low-strength. That said, these products are an ideal entry into the CBD world because they’re so cost-effective and reliable.

It’s refreshing to see supplements brands branching into the CBD sector; it spreads a positive message about hemp and cannabinoids. Hopefully, we will get to see other brands doing the same in the future.

In the meantime, you can use the ‘Reviews’ tab at the top of this page to find more of our top brands.