Social CBD Review [Oils, Edibles, Topicals]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on July 29, 2019

Social CBD, formerly Select CBD, is a fairly well-known cannabidiol brand. We review the available product selection in today’s review.


Social CBD Quick Summary

Social CBD Pros

  • The award-winning brand provides reassurance that every single product is top-quality by providing lab reports.
  • The packaging is sleek and stylish; the products look good on your shelf.
  • There’s a lot of choice on the website.

Social CBD Cons

  • Social CBD doesn’t ship to the UK.
  • Formerly, Social CBD used solvent extraction, which is not the cleanest extraction method available. However, it does keep prices down.


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Social CBD Full Review

CBD is an incredibly popular compound these days. It’s taking over the supplement industry and changing the stigma around cannabis. CBD is non-intoxicating and has few side effects, contributing to its growing popularity.


But with increasing use, there is a growing number of brands and products. While this initially seems like a positive, it can make things hard for the consumer. You have to find a reputable brand with high-quality and reliable products, all without breaking the bank.


Here at Greenshoppers, we aim to facilitate the shopping process. Our CBD reviews aim to help you decide which brand is best for you. Today, we are reviewing Social CBD, formerly known as Select CBD. Unfortunately, Social CBD doesn’t ship to the UK, but we enjoyed their products, nonetheless.

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Who Is Social CBD?

Social CBD is a brand based in Oregon, USA. It began as Select CBD, a vaping brand started by an advocate who aimed to bring CBD to a broader audience. As the years went by, the company added more products to the range, including oils and gummies. It has also changed its name to Social CBD.

Social CBD has won multiple awards in the past, including Oregon Business Magazine’s 2018 Top 100 Companies to Work for in Oregon. The pride Social CBD takes in this award is evident, and it’s clear how much emphasis the brand puts on professionalism and quality.

Social CBD lab tests all of its products, which is excellent news in this industry. We can’t fault the brand’s top-quality and adherence to standards. Even better is the transparency, with lab reports and a straightforward FAQ page to answer all your questions.

From the website, all seems well; but what did we think of the products?


Social CBD Products

Although Social CBD began as a vaping company, it has blossomed into much more. The brand still stocks vapes, but there are also other consumption methods to try. We tried them out, and below, we fill you in on the details. We excluded the pet products from this review but tried pretty much everything else.


Social CBD Oil

Something that sets Social CBD apart from other brands is the emphasis on flavoured CBD oils. Many users dislike the taste of CBD oil, so it’s great to see options. If you want to avoid added flavourings, however, there is also an unflavoured option. Options include:

  • Natural
  • Unflavoured
  • Vanilla Mint
  • Cinnamon Leaf
  • Meyer Lemon
  • Pomegranate Tea

Each one is broad-spectrum, providing a dose of cannabinoids. You can purchase each flavour in 375mg, 750mg, and 1500mg strengths, giving you complete control.

The Social CBD oils are pretty good, all in all. The flavours are tasty without being overwhelming.


Social CBD Vapes

As you can imagine, Social CBD has an excellent vape selection. The brand specialises in disposable vape pens, each containing either 125mg or 250mg of CBD. The former provides 1-2mg of CBD per 3-second puff, allowing you to measure out your required dose easily.

These pens come in the signature Social CBD teal colour and easily fit into a pocket or bag. The sleek pen is easy to use – simply inhale to activate. The ceramic core technology ensures that heat is evenly distributed to the oil, and this creates a quality vapour.

Social CBD Vapes

Social CBD creates a range of flavours using natural essential oils. This means you don’t have to worry about harmful additives. Nonetheless, the vape liquids taste great. The Social CBD e-liquids come in the following flavours:

  • Grapefruit
  • Lavender
  • Spearmint
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Cinnamon


Social CBD Capsules

As is the case with many other brands, Social CBD stocks soft gel capsules. But once again, Social CBD has gone extra lengths to make its products stand out from the crowd. You can purchase Balance, Recover, Rest, and Boost capsules. Each one contains slightly different ingredients depending on the aim.

Social CBD Capsules


The capsules contain around 33mg of CBD each, which is a bit higher than other brands. Each tub contains 30 capsules.

Social CBD Gummies

Social CBD Gummies

Social CBD has also branched into gummies, but they don’t come in an assortment of flavours. Instead, you can choose between Peach Mango, Red Raspberry, and Lemon. They come in pouches of 10, which is pretty small and means you need to top up often. That said, they taste pretty good and don’t contain any artificial ingredients.


Select CBD Topicals

Social CBD offers so many topicals that it’s impossible to go into them all here. An essential product is the CBD patch that comes in three concentrations, slowly releasing CBD over an extended period. Patches are straightforward with minimal fuss, making them ideal for daily users.

You can also get various foot creams and muscle rubs. Our favourite product was the Cooling Roll-On Gel, which provides cooling relief to problematic areas. The fact that it’s a roll-on means you don’t get the product all over your hands, which is ideal.


Summary on Social CBD: 7/10

Social CBD is a quality brand that’s well-known for a good reason. The brand has built itself up from a small CBD vaping company, and now stocks a range of top-shelf CBD products. It’s great that the company provides lab reports and is transparent with its consumers; this is something all brands should be doing.

We liked the products that we tried, and they also aren’t too badly priced. As a result, we recommend Social CBD. However, you can’t get these products in the UK. Our British readers will have to look elsewhere for high-quality CBD brands. Fortunately, there are many – and that number continues to grow.

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Coupon Code: CBD15LIFE

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