Synerva CBD Oils Review [Brand Overview]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 27, 2020

Synerva CBD is a British brand selling CBD oils, capsules, and various other products. You can find quite a few products from this brand, but are they actually any good? Find out in this Synerva CBD review.


Synerva CBD Quick Summary

Synerva CBD Oils Pros

  • Based in Cheshire, Synerva caters to a British CBD audience. It’s rare to see a British brand with such high-quality.
  • There are quite a lot of options for CBD users here, with a little something in every product category.
  • The company sources hemp from America, which means high quality produce.

Synerva CBD Oils Cons

  • We didn’t see lab reports anywhere.
  • There were no unique products. Everything offered by Synerva CBD is very basic.


Full Synerva CBD Review

The CBD market in Great Britain is not regulated. This means that there are lots of subpar brands out there, peddling CBD that’s not high quality. Sadly, newcomers to the CBD world often fall for these scams, paying much more money than they should for low-quality CBD. Reading reviews is the greatest way to determine whether a brand is any good.

Today, we are reviewing Synerva CBD oils. Synerva UK is one of the larger brands in this country, but are its products actually any good? Let’s find out.

Who Is Synerva CBD Oils?

Synerva CBD is a British cannabidiol brand with a broad range of products to suit all users. The brand is based in Cheshire but sources its hemp from the USA. As such, the products are all made in compliance with the US Farm Bill, resulting in high-quality and safe hemp.

Unfortunately, there is not too much information about the Synerva CBD Oils brand. We would like to know a bit about the founders, but this has been left out. Nevertheless, Synerva explains that it produces CBD using a “proprietary extraction technique,” although this isn’t specified further.

This brand specialises in full-spectrum, cannabinoid-rich products. Below, we tell you what we think of this product line.

Synerva CBD Oils Products

Synerva CBD stocks a wide range of products. The CBD products cover everything from CBD oils to vapes, with a lot in between. We did the leg work so that you don’t have to, and below we tell you what we thought of the Synerva CBD oils products.

Synerva CBD Oils: CBD Oils

synerva cbd oils

Any CBD brand worth its salt sells a CBD tincture of some kind. Given the scarcity of British brands, it can be challenging to find a good CBD oil UK. Synerva has catered to a growing audience, offering both flavoured and unflavoured varieties.

Synerva has opted for a hemp seed oil as the carrier oil. The CBD liquid oil comes in a 10ml bottle, with the exception of a high strength 30ml bottle. Strengths range from a 500mg oil (5%) up to 4000mg (40%). No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it. Prices start at £24.95, which isn’t too bad.

Some of the strengths come in a peppermint flavour, which is refreshing without being overpowering. The taste comes from a peppermint essential oil, meaning the flavour is entirely natural.

Synerva CBD Oils Capsules

synerva cbd oils

Even though Synerva offers flavoured CBD oils, you might still want to opt for CBD capsules. There are a few options for CBD capsules in the UK, but Synerva also has its own range.

There are two sizing options, with a 30-count tub and a 60-count tub. Both containers contain capsules with 10mg each. It would be nice if Synerva had another strength option, but 10mg is quite standard.

Synerva has chosen to use softgels, which is common in the industry. Soft gels are easy to swallow and are therefore ideal for CBD usage. Really, the Synerva CBD capsules are nothing special, but they are reasonably priced. The 30-count tub (300mg total) costs £29.95.

Synerva CBD Oils Gummies

synerva cbd oils

CBD gummies in the UK are very popular; they provide a tasty way to take a convenient amount of CBD each day. Synerva has catered to fans of gummies with a tub of sugar-free CBD gummy bears.

It’s great that the bears are sugar-free, and Synerva has not compromised on taste. The natural flavours still taste great.

Each gummy bear contains 5mg of CBD. This amount is quite low, and may not be the best for everyone. The tub contains 30, equating to 300mg of CBD in total. The container costs £32.95.

Synerva CBD Oils Massage Oils and Balms

synerva cbd oils

Cannabidiol topicals are a great way to use CBD without ingesting it. Synerva offers two types of topical, including a CBD balm. The balm is quite basic and has a lavender scent. Infused with 300mg of CBD, it works well as a basic CBD topical. However, it’s nothing outstanding.

Alternatively, Synerva offers a CBD massage oil. This is a more unique product and can be great if you often suffer from stiffness. There are three varieties: Muscle Recovery, Relaxing, and Reviving. Each one costs £29.95. Each one contains a different blend of essential oils and ingredients. We tried the Relaxing option, which has a fantastic cedarwood scent. The aroma is very calming, and we have to say it was very relaxing!

Synerva CBD Oils CBD E-Liquid

synerva cbd oils

For people who prefer to vape their CBD, Synerva offers a CBD e-liquid. It’s full-spectrum, so it contains all the terpenes from the hemp plant. Unfortunately, this means that the taste can be a little bit strange. However, Synerva says that you can mix it with your regular e-liquid, ensuring that it tastes a bit better.

The CBD vape oil contains 500mg in total. The bottle contains 200 drops, with each drop holding 2.5mg in total. Synerva recommends using 10-20mg per day, and that means you’re going to get down the bottle reasonably quickly!

The e-liquid costs £34.95.

Summary of Synerva CBD Oils

Synerva CBD oils are a good brand. It does the British industry some good by offering an extensive product range and high-quality cannabidiol. That said, Synerva lacks in innovation and excitement. We would like to see some more unique products from Synerva. Additionally, we would like to see lab reports.

All in all, Synerva is a safe and high-quality brand offering CBD products at reasonable prices. If you live in the UK, this might be a lovely brand to try.