Taiga Laboratories CBD [Who Are They?]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on October 27, 2019

CBD is a health supplement which has seen a huge rise in popularity recently. It comes from the cannabis plant, but it is entirely non-intoxicating. Users take a small dose each day to stay on top of their health.

As with anything, CBD’s popularity has caused a surge in available products. There are almost too many CBD brands to choose from, and many of them offer weird and wonderful products in an effort to win you over. But let’s be real – do you really need CBD lube?

Sometimes you want a high-quality company selling simple products. Taiga Laboratories does just that. This brand stocks a line of CBD tinctures in different strengths. But if that’s all it has on offer, what sets Taiga apart from the rest? We find out in today’s review.

Who Is Taiga Laboratories?

Based in California and Oregon, Taiga Laboratories is a brand founded by scientists. The team consists of various scientists and cannabis experts who have teamed up to produce high-quality CBD.

The name stems from the taiga forest, a boreal forest in the subarctic. A pleasant photo of pine forests heads the Taiga Laboratories website, with the slogan “Escape to your place of calm.” It appears that Taiga Laboratories is marketing itself to health-conscious people who want to lead a stress-free life by keeping on top of their health. It suggests that CBD products are the way to remain calm and happy.

As for the products, Taiga Laboratories works exclusively with full-spectrum hemp extract. The hemp is all grown in Oregon. It undergoes a supercritical CO2 extraction process after growth; a method widely considered to be the best extraction method around. All products contain less than 0.3% THC to remain in line with the 2018 Farm Bill. They still contain CBD, CBG, CBN, and more.

Sadly, Taiga Laboratories doesn’t ship to the UK. Differences in the law prevent many companies from doing so, and it’s an unfortunate fact that British CBD users will have to look elsewhere.

Taiga Laboratories CBD Products

The Taiga Laboratories product range is small, to say the least. The brand used to stock vape products, too, but this line seems to have disappeared from the site. This is probably due to the safety concerns about vaping and a few tragic cases related to e-cigarettes which have emerged recently.

Still, Taiga Laboratories stocks a few different strengths of CBD oil. The emphasis on full-spectrum products shows that this brand really believes in the entourage effect – a strong selling point for many users.

Taiga Laboratories Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Taiga Laboratories Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

The full-spectrum CBD oil from Taiga Laboratories uses an MCT oil as the carrier. Of course, it is loaded with a full-spectrum hemp extract that contains a variety of cannabinoids and plant compounds.

The oils come in a dropper bottle, but unfortunately Taiga doesn’t mention the amount of liquid in the bottle or the number of servings. It would be helpful to have a reference point here. It looks to be about 30ml.

Taiga Laboratories says its oils are “ideal for relaxation, sleep and anxiety.” It also acknowledges that none of these claims are approved by the FDA. This isn’t necessarily a negative on this brand, however, since the FDA are notoriously slow to act on CBD matters.

The oils start out at a 500mg strength and go all the way up to 3500mg. These are some pretty powerful oils!

Here is a breakdown of the milligrams per 1ml drop in each oil:

  • 500mg: 16mg per 1ml
  • 1000mg: 33mg per 1ml
  • 1500mg: 50mg per 1ml
  • 2500mg:33mg per 1ml
  • 3500mg:66mg per 1ml

For many users, these strengths will be too much. At Greenshoppers, we usually recommend that newcomers to CBD start out at a much lower dose – around the 10mg mark. Experienced users and those with high tolerance might enjoy these products, though.

Here is a breakdown of the prices:

  • 500mg: $59.95
  • 1000mg: $94.95
  • 1500mg: $139.95
  • 2500mg: $199.95
  • 3500mg: $249.95

Taiga Laboratories Pros

  • High-quality products formulated by scientists and experts.
  • Free shipping on orders over $100 (not hard to achieve at those prices!)
  • In New York City, customers can receive their order in 60 minutes, courtesy of Speed CBD.
  • Full-spectrum products allow for the entourage effect to take place.

Taiga Laboratories Cons

  • No lab reports in sight, which is always worrying in the current CBD era.
  • Extremely high strengths and, as a result, extremely high prices that might be out of some people’s budget.
  • Very small product range. It would be nice to see at least capsules or topicals.

Final Thoughts on Taiga Laboratories

It’s hard to deny that Taiga Laboratories is a reputable brand. It’s worrying that there are no lab reports, but it’s still obvious that this is a top of the range company. Customer reviews are fantastic.

There is still room for improvement here. We would like to see some more information, such as bottle size and perhaps a little more background on the company. Lab reports would also be a welcome addition. Plus, it would be nice if Taiga Laboratories expanded the product range to include at least one other product type.

If you are looking for full-spectrum CBD at a high quality, and can afford to spend a little extra, then Taiga Laboratories might be a good brand to try out. Remember, though, that if you live in the UK, you will have to look elsewhere for your CBD.