Taylor Mammon Review | Complete CBD Brand Overview

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on July 10, 2020

Taylor Mammon is a little different from the brands we usually review; it’s a specialist White Label manufacturer. In other words, it sells CBD onto other brands for them to market. Let’s find out more about this company.


Taylor Mammon: Quick Summary

Taylor Mammon Pros

  • Taylor Mammon is a family-run company, which is always a good sign.
  • The website is very professional and easy to use.
  • Taylor Mammon uses a CO2 extraction process.
  • There are lots of products to choose from, particularly in the topical department.

Taylor Mammon Cons

  • If you’re looking to buy and use products, Taylor Mammon is not the company for you; this is just for businesses.
  • There is no pricing on the website.
  • There’s very little information about both the brand and the products.
  • No lab tests were freely available.

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Taylor Mammon: Full Review

Here at Greenshoppers, we often review CBD brands in the UK and America. Today, we’re reviewing Taylor Mammon, which is a slightly different brand to the companies we usually consider.

Taylor Mammon UK is a specialist White Label CBD company. In other words, it sells high-quality CBD products with a blank label so that other brands can sell it on as their own. It’s basically a wholesale CBD company.

Below, we learn a little more about this company and find out if it’s worth the cost.


Who Is Taylor Mammon?

Taylor Mammon is an independent family-run CBD retailer, specialising in white label CBD products. There is very little information about the company itself, who runs it, and where it’s based. We know that Taylor Mammon is based in the UK.

The company claims to have contacts in hemp farms around the world, so we’re not sure where the majority of the hemp is sourced. It uses CO2 extraction to create a variety of hemp products, including CBD hemp oil, paste, isolate powder, water-soluble CBD, and more.

The website has only a bit of information about the brand and its products; we really wish there was more. If you want to learn more about the brand, you have to get in touch via e-mail.


Taylor Mammon Products

Taylor Mammon has a vast range of CBD products, but with very little information about each. We wish we could give you more information, but Taylor Mammon is highly secretive. There is no pricing on the website, as it will depend on your business and your requirements.


Taylor Mammon CBD Soft Gel Capsules

Taylor Mammon CBD Soft Gel Capsules

The soft gel CBD capsules from Taylor Mammon seem to be pretty standard capsules. As a soft gel, they’re easy to swallow. Taylor Mammon produces the products using Halal and Kosher ingredients, which is always a good sign. The brand says that it has numerous complex house blends targeting different health conditions.


Taylor Mammon Elixir

Taylor Mammon Elixir

The Taylor Mammon CBD elixir is a food-grade product in a tall, beautiful bottle. The brand says that you can add it to cold food, drinks, smoothies, or use it as a salad dressing. The standard option contains 500mg of CBD, but Taylor Mammon also states that the manufacturers can produce it to suit your needs.


Taylor Mammon Local Sourced Organic CBD Honey

The funny thing about this CBD honey product is the word ‘local.’ It clearly refers to somewhere local to the company, but local honey usually refers to honey from your local area.

Anyway, the Taylor Mammon CBD honey is blended with ingredients, including cinnamon, lemon, and turmeric. The blends can be changed depending on what you want for your brand,

Alternatively, Taylor Mammon sells agave nectar, which is sweet like honey but is vegan-friendly.


Taylor Mammon Brownies

Taylor Mammon Brownies

As far as CBD edibles go, Taylor Mammon has opted for brownies. CBD brownies are a rarity compared to gummies, but these ones seem quite delicious. Taylor Mammon states that these are gourmet chocolate brownies, so they must be good!


Taylor Mammon Energise & Relax Head Roller

This CBD roll-on is quite unique because it’s designed to be used on your head. The brand says that it’s intended to be applied to pressure points around the body. It’s infused with terpenes to provide relief, relaxation, and a delightful aroma; plus, the roll-on application makes it super easy to use.


Taylor Mammon Body Oil

Taylor Mammon Body Oil

Taylor Mammon actually has a vast range of topicals, including a CBD body oil. This is perfect for those who want to use a CBD topical on specific areas without having to apply a cream. Taylor Mammon’s CBD body oil contains 300mg of CBD along with cold-pressed oils.


Taylor Mammon Lip Balm

CBD lip balm is becoming increasingly popular, so this product would make an excellent addition to any CBD shop. Taylor Mammon’s version contains the same CBD concentration per ml as the body oil, but it comes in a portable, miniature size.

Impressively, Taylor Mammon says that you can choose between “hundreds” of scents.


Taylor Mammon Active Skin Cream

The Active Skin Cream is the most regular topical so far. It comes in a tub of CBD cream, which Taylor Mammon claims has been crafted to rehydrate the skin. Although the ingredients aren’t listed, it seems like a pretty standard moisturising cream infused with cannabidiol.


Taylor Mammon Beard Oil

Taylor Mammon Beard Oil

Again, CBD beard oil is a product that’s growing in popularity. Taylor Mammon states that this option is designed to improve both the look and feel of your beard. Alongside CBD, it contains a blend of vitamins and minerals that thicken the hair and massage the face.

Taylor Mammon CBD Vape E-Liquid

The CBD vape oil from Taylor Mammon is relatively unique. Most brands offer a 70/30 VG/PG split, but this company has opted for 50/50. You receive an even mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine to provide optimum flavour and great clouds.

Taylor Mammon provides any concentration and flavour of your choice, ensuring that you can keep your brand unique and supply quality.

Taylor Mammon Heated Balm

Taylor Mammon Heated Balm

This topical is unlike the cream because it has a really balmy texture. Luckily, it seems to come in a stick, so you can apply it directly to the skin. The house blend is infused with 300mg of CBD, but Taylor Mammon says that it can adjust the CBD balm as needed. As the name implies, it also comes in a heating option. However, there is another cooling version, too.


Taylor Mammon CBD Isolate

Taylor Mammon’s CBD isolate powder is the most versatile product yet. You can use it for dabbing and vaping. However, as Taylor Mammon handily points out on the website, the Novel Foods Act now bans cooking with CBD isolate because the industry is unregulated.


Taylor Mammon CBD Bath Bombs

Taylor Mammon CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are super popular these days, so we’re not surprised that Taylor Mammon offers an option. This product contains aromatic salts, butter, and essential oils, alongside the CBD.

The company says that it can tailor the CBD content of each bath bomb to your needs.


Taylor Mammon Muscle Gel

This CBD muscle rub apparently contains anti-inflammatory ingredients; however, Taylor Mammon does not specify what these ingredients are. The website does say that the muscle gel can be customised to your needs.


Taylor Mammon Massage Oil Candles

This is actually a product we have never seen before. The CBD candles are basically hardened massage oil; when melted, it can be applied to the skin as a topical. It’s a sensual and inviting product, so we love the idea. Hopefully, some brands start to snap these up.


Taylor Mammon Hair Oil

We’ve already covered the beard oil, but Taylor Mammon also sells a CBD oil for hair. This product contains natural oils that have “intensifying” properties. There are lots of vitamins and minerals that provide a gentle shimmer, strengthening your hair and ensuring it looks flawless.


Taylor Mammon Hand Lotion

Taylor Mammon Hand Lotion

Finally, Taylor Mammon sells a hand lotion. It hydrates the skin and nourishes it using skin-loving ingredients, and it’s easy to use because it comes in a pump dispenser. The CBD lotion has very little information about it.


Bottom Line on Taylor Mammon: 7/10

All in all, Taylor Mammon is an excellent choice if you’re looking for wholesale CBD. However, we would like it if they gave a pricing estimate to help start-up brands figure out if they can afford these products.

The product line seems to be really good, and we can’t fault the Taylor Mammon CBD website.

However, not everyone is in the market for wholesale CBD. If you’re looking for a standard brand to buy from, try PureKana. You can read more in our PureKana review.