Terahemp CBD | Complete Brand Review

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on December 11, 2019

Here at Greenshoppers, we consistently publish reviews on CBD brands. In today’s market, new CBD brands are appearing all the time, giving consumers almost too much choice. CBD users now have a massive range of options when shopping for CBD.

When shopping online, it’s crucial to remain vigilant. Since nobody regulates the CBD market in the UK, the burden is on consumers to find a brand with ethical values and high-quality products. Finding a safe CBD oil can be a task.

Luckily, plenty of fantastic CBD brands exist. It only takes a bit of searching to find the right one. One of the simplest ways to find a great brand is to read third-party reviews like ours. Reviews can give you a good idea about the essence of a brand, as well as the truth about the quality of its products.

Today, we will guide you through the brand Terahemp. Let’s see if these products make the cut.

Who Is Terahemp?

According to the website, Terahemp is the creation of two individuals from very different backgrounds. Ari has a history in technology, while Eric was an entrepreneur in the investment industry. When the two decided to work together, their thought process led them towards CBD.

Terahemp is an American brand with an aim to produce high-quality products. The brand grows its hemp in the USA and produces everything “under one roof.” The products seem to be of high quality, and this is backed up by lab reports that the brand posts online. We always recommend that our readers check out lab analyses to confirm the safety and quality of products; it’s excellent when a brand provides them so openly. If you want to see Terahemp’s lab reports, check out the ‘Lab’ tab at the top of the website.

Interestingly, lab reports are only available for the tinctures and not the other products. You might assume that the other products are just as high-quality.

Another downside to Terahemp is that there’s not much information on the site. The basics are there – lab reports, information about how the brand started, and how the hemp is grown. However, it would be nice to learn more about this brand.

Without further ado, let’s check out more of Terahemp’s products.

Terahemp CBD Products

Terahemp has a pretty standard range of CBD products. The products include both tinctures for humans and a few products for pets.

Terahemp CBD Oils

Terahemp CBD Oils

The Terahemp CBD oils come in a few different strengths. The full-spectrum hemp extract contains a range of cannabinoids and terpenes, including alpha and beta-pinene. The carrier oil is sunflower lecithin, which is a somewhat unique choice. However, this carrier oil is vegetarian-friendly and has a mild, neutral taste.

We noticed a slight problem on the website — the product descriptions for these oils list that they can help with things like anxiety and depression. Since research into CBD is in its infancy, governments have laws against making medical claims about cannabidiol products. The FDA forbids manufacturers from making such claims about their products. Terahemp is likely to receive a stern warning in the future if they haven’t already.

Here are the products and prices:

  • 500mg – Simple Relief: $69.99
  • 1000mg – Advanced Relief: $149.99
  • 1500mg – Combo Relief: $179.99
  • 2000mg – Extra Combo Relief: $199.99

Terahemp CBD Capsules

Terahemp CBD Capsules

Like many manufacturers, Terahemp’s CBD capsules are made with a vegetarian casing. The hemp extract and MCT oil are infused into the vegetarian capsule for ease of use. Each tablet contains 25mg of CBD, and the regular tub contains 30 capsules.

Alternatively, there are Sport Capsules. On top of the CBD, these contain turmeric, bromelain, ginger, and Boswellia Serrata extract. These ingredients have been chosen because they can boost energy, and additions such as turmeric reduce inflammation.

  • 750mg Pure CBD Capsules: $69.99
  • 750mg Extra Strength Sport CBD Capsules: $89.99

Terahemp CBD Topicals

Terahemp CBD Topicals

Terahemp offers three different topicals for different purposes. The first, the Calm & Fast Recovery Cream, is a typical CBD topical. The cream is made with beeswax, hemp extract, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, and essential oils. Really, the consistency is more like a salve than a moisturiser, but it still feels nice on the skin. We’re not sure what makes it a ‘recovery’ cream, per se. Most ‘CBD pain creams’ contain cooling or warming ingredients to achieve such effects, but there are no such ingredients in this cream. It contains 250mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Secondly, there is a more unique product: The Tattoo Aftercare Cream. It is intended to reduce the risk of scabbing and itching, using similar products to the other cream. Interestingly, the ingredients list is exactly the same as the first product – we’re not sure what the difference is other than the label!

The final topical product is a CBD-infused lip balm. It’s a pretty standard lip balm, infused with rosebuds and elderflower alongside 50mg of CBD. The tube costs $12.99, which is on the expensive side compared to most lip balms you can get.

Terahemp CBD Edibles

Terahemp CBD Edibles

We have to admit; Terahemp’s selection of CBD edibles is quite incredible. There are lots to choose from, with some great products to suit all tastes.

Of course, Terahemp sells CBD-infused gummies. Gummies are the hallmark of the CBD edible industry, so we’re not surprised. Terahemp’s option comes in the form of a sugar-coated gummy bear jar with an assortment of flavours. Each bear contains 15mg, with 30 gummies in the tub.

Other gummy options include the Elite Hemp Gummies in a sour flavour, the Elite Hemp Infused Work Gummies, and the x400 Elite CBD Gummy Poppers. There are fewer gummies in each of these containers, and unfortunately, Terahemp has not gone to the trouble of mentioning how much CBD is in each option. It appears to be more than the standard gummy variety, so we wish we had more details.

CBD chocolate is another standard CBD product that makes an appearance in the Terahemp range. There is a bar of white chocolate, a bar of milk chocolate, and a bar of dark chocolate. Each one says it is x400 strength, but once again, the CBD content isn’t listed anywhere!

More unique parts of the Terahemp CBD edibles range include CBD cookies, CBD honey, CBD lollipops, and CBD tea. Unsurprisingly at this point, the CBD content of these products is not listed. This is a real shame – companies should do their utmost to be transparent.

Here are the prices of the edibles:

  • X400 Elite CBD Chocolate: $11.99
  • 450mg CBD Oil Gummies: $29.99
  • 600mg Kaya CBD Tea: Sleep Well: $24.99
  • Elite Hemp Gummies (Sour) x400: $25.99
  • Elite Hemp Infused Worm Gummies x400 Strength: $25.99
  • Hemp Sour Rainbow Bites x400: $23.99
  • Hemp Infused Chocolate Chip Cookies: $30.00
  • Hemp Infused Cinnamon Cookies: $30.00
  • Hemp Infused Cookies with Sprinkles: $24.95
  • Hemp Crystal Infused Lollipops: $24.99
  • X400 Elite Gummies – Gummy Poppers: $25.99
  • 250mg Elite CBD Infused Honey: $39.99

Terahemp CBD for Pets

Terahemp CBD for Pets


As CBD grows in popularity, more people are giving CBD to their pets. Terahemp has entered this market with a CBD tincture for cats and dogs. Each one contains 300mg of CBD. Both of them are bacon flavoured. To be honest, we don’t see the difference between the two, so we’re not sure why they are packaged differently!

Both options cost $39.99.

Terahemp Pros

  • A good range of products, especially in the culinary department.
  • Terahemp offers products for relatively reasonable prices.
  • Some lab reports are provided.

Terahemp Cons

  • The lab reports are only available for a couple of products.
  • A lot of information is missing regarding cannabinoid content.
  • It’s not clear how some of the products differ from one another – Terahemp appears to be trying to make their range look larger than it is.

Final Thoughts on Terahemp

Terahemp is, all in all, a mid-tier brand. While it has some good points, we are severely disappointed with the lack of transparency presented by this brand. The openness is a little deceptive; lab reports are provided, but not for all products.

It does not appear that the products pose a risk, but some definite improvements could be made. At the end of the day, there are many better brands out there offering a higher degree of transparency.