The CBD Store Full Review [Oils, Capsules, E-Liquids]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on January 22, 2019

The CBD Store is one of the UK’s most famous brands, sold in retail stores and online. We reviewed the products to let our readers know if this brand is really worth it.


The CBD Store: Quick Summary

The CBD Store Pros

  • Fairly cheap (and trustworthy) shipping through Royal Mail. Green Monkey drinks even have free shipping!
  • A very good range of strengths in each product type, apart from the capsules.
  • The Green Monkey beverage is a unique twist on CBD beverages – not many companies offer carbonated drinks.
  • They offer both drops and sprays, showing that they care about what matters to their customers. There is a product to suit almost everyone.
  • The packaging and website are all very professional.

The CBD Store Cons

  • We couldn’t find third-party lab reports on the website; if they exist they are not easily accessible.
  • There are no edibles available. While the product line is very varied and good, we would like to see some sort of gummy available in the future.
  • The products are very expensive compared to some other brands.
  • It is very hard to locate reviews, calling the company’s legitimacy into question.


It’s crucial to learn more about CBD before you buy. For example, can you overdose on CBD? Find out in our full guide.


The CBD Store: Full Review

The CBD food supplement industry is sadly unregulated in Great Britain. While we have high hopes that the situation may change in the future, it is currently the case that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) only regulate CBD medicines – not the products you can buy on the high street.

Plenty of CBD brands are popping up online, but it can be scary to buy from companies peddling cannabinoids when there is no regulation. Luckily, there are trustworthy manufacturers and brands out there, and here at Greenshoppers we are dedicated to letting you know who is who.

In this full review, we will be taking a look at the relatively new brand The CBD Store, investigating their product line and whether they are any good.


Who Is The CBD Store?

Formed only in 2017, The CBD Store intends to bring new and innovative cannabinoid products to its consumers. They attach importance to their testing procedures and ensure to use only safe processes such as CO2 extraction in the creation of their extensive product line.

The hemp used in these products is grown in Europe, ensuring that they comply with EU hemp regulations. Organic farming techniques are used, meaning that no herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, or heavy metals are used in the process. Once grown, the crops are harvested by hand and dried at temperatures below 35˚C. The entire process is clearly well thought out and focused on ensuring a high-quality end product.

One initial complaint we have about the company is that they have a ‘Blog’ section on their website that currently contains nothing. There is a small FAQ section for CBD newcomers, but nothing more than a very basic education. With CBD being so new, it would be nice for them to provide more detailed information about cannabidiol to make customers feel more comfortable. Since The CBD Shop only formed in 2017, they may currently be focusing on creating a high-quality product line right now, so they do have time to develop this in the future.


The CBD Store Products

As soon as you enter the shopping section of the website, it’s impossible not to notice the whopping number of different oils available. There are also a few other products to note, but the variety of CBD oils is almost overwhelming. Let’s take a look at The CBD Store’s full product range below.


CBD Oils and Sprays

the cbd store

The CBD Store sell a few different varieties of oil. If you’re new to CBD, you might be shocked to discover that there are so many different types, but these differences are important in choosing the perfect CBD product for you. We have to say, we are impressed at the diversity of this range – there’s something for everyone!

CBD Drops: These are your classic sublingual oils. Each coming in a 10ml bottle, there are a few different strengths to try out. The product is made using industrial hemp extract from The CBD Store’s European grown hemp, which is suspended in 100% organic cold-pressed olive oil. The product, which contains less than 0.2% THC, is said to take effect in 5 to 10 minutes after consumption.

  • 5% (50 mg per 1ml): £39.99
  • 10% (100 mg per 1ml): £79.99
  • 15% (150 mg per 1ml): £119.99

CBD Drops Curcumin & Black Pepper: This product is the same as the CBD drops, only with added curcumin and black pepper. Curcumin is a known anti-inflammatory, which is why it has been included as an added beneficiary. Black pepper is featured so as to help absorption. This product is only available at 5% strength, equating to 50 mg of CBD per 1ml. It will cost you £45.99.

CBD Spray: Instead of the usual dropper bottle, these sprays come in a handy atomiser spray bottle. This means that you can take a CBD dose at any time throughout the day with maximum convenience. All you need to do is spray once either under the tongue or at the back of the throat. A 10ml bottle contains 100 doses; 0.1ml per dose.

  • 5% (50 mg per spray): £39.99
  • 10% (100 mg per spray): £79.99
  • 15% (150 mg per spray): £119.99

CBD Aqua Drops: Some people dislike the taste or texture of CBD oil, and so they like to add it to food or beverages for a tastier experience. However, it can be difficult to add CBD oil to tea or coffee, for example, because oil is hydrophobic. In other words, it won’t mix with water. Some companies have been catching onto this gap in the market, and The CBD Store is one of them. The Aqua Drops use an emulsifier solution to ensure that they can be readily added to beverages in a much more convenient way.

  • 5% (50 mg per 1ml): £49.99
  • 10% (100 mg per 1ml): £79.99
  • 15% (150 mg per 1ml): £119.99


CBD Balm

the cbd store uk

Usually when a company sells topical CBD products, they sell one strength. The CBD Store has set themselves apart here, offering two strengths of their CBD Balm. Made using coconut oil, beeswax, grape seed oil, Madagascan vanilla, rosemary essence and shea butter, the balm is intended to moisturise and soften the skin. Added CBD can allow it to benefit the endocannabinoid system in a similar way to other CBD products. The tubs are 30ml each, which should last a good while if used sparingly.

  • 1% (approx. 10 mg per 1ml): £29.99
  • 3% (approx. 30 mg per 1ml): £69.99


CBD Capsules

the cbd store aqua drops

The CBD Store offers just one strength of CBD capsules, as is usually the case. Both vegetarian and vegan friendly, these CBD Capsules are made from industrial hemp resin, magnesium stearate, talcum, AR-vegetable capsule, and Hypromellose. Simply take one capsule each day with a drink, before eating. A bottle contains 30 capsules, with 10 mg per capsule and less than 0.2% THC.


CBD E-Liquids

There is a good range of e-liquids offered by The CBD Store – five different flavours, each coming in three strengths. As usual, the CBD is suspended in a propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine solution, and it can be vaped in any e-cigarette just like any other e-liquid. Natural terpenes are also included alongside the CBD, allowing for the entourage effect to take place. Each e-liquid comes in a 10ml bottle, containing 10 equal doses of 1ml. The flavours include Blue Ice, Cherry, Spearmint, Strawberry, and Vanilla Fudge.

  • 2% (20 mg per 1ml): £19.99
  • 5% (5 mg per 1ml): £39.99
  • 10% (100 mg per 1ml): £79.99

CBD E-Shot: Aside from regular CBD e-liquids, The CBD Store also sells a CBD E-Shot. This is a flavourless solution that you can add to regular short-fill e-liquids, allowing you to create a CBD-infused version of your favourite e-liquid. Once again, it contains 10ml in total, with 10 servings of 1 ml. This e-shot is 10% CBD, meaning that there is 100 mg of CBD per 1ml serving. A bottle will take £79.99 out of your pocket.


CBD Paste

More and more companies are beginning to sell CBD paste, and The CBD Store has clearly jumped on the bandwagon. They are still a step ahead of the game here, but it is likely that CBD paste will become increasingly popular. It consists of a highly concentrated hemp extract which is made in part from cold-pressed olive oil and a complete hemp extract. It has a much better texture than oil, which is why many prefer it. It is still taken sublingually (under the tongue) but tastes and feels a little different. The CBD Store’s paste, like others, comes in an easy to use syringe, containing 5ml of product. This means that there are 25 doses of 0.2ml in each syringe.

  • 20% (40 mg per serving): £79.99
  • 30% (60 mg per serving): £119.99
  • 50% (100 mg per serving): £169.99


Green Monkey CBD – A CBD Beverage

the cbd store aqua drops uk

For Green Monkey CBD, The CBD Store provides free delivery (they don’t on the rest of their products). It is a carbonated beverage containing 10 mg CBD per can, but unfortunately we are not provided with much information other than the ingredients list. You can purchase a multi-pack of cans, but we’re not sure of the time it takes to kick in, the effects, its impact on your health, or otherwise. You could try it for yourself if you enjoy fizzy drinks, but Green Monkey does not appear to offer any outstanding effects that separate it from other CBD products.

  • 6 pack: £16.99
  • 12 pack: £29.99
  • 24 pack: £49.99


Should You Be Buying from The CBD Store?

When it comes down to it, we can’t tell you which brand you should buy from. The reviews here on Greenshoppers are simply here to advise you; we would never give a good review to a brand that we don’t trust or believe in. However, taking CBD is part of your personal health journey, and therefore it must be decided ultimately by you.

We like The CBD Store as a whole, because they have a good range of products and their product descriptions show that they know what they are talking about. However, the lack of reviews and accessible lab reports is questionable. Everything else seems very professional, though, so if you are unsure you could try reaching out to the company to request lab reports before trying them out.

Now that we have assigned a fairly positive verdict to The CBD Store, you can check out our other Greenshoppers reviews before making a decision about who to buy from. You can start with our complete CBDfx review to find out why this brand is one of our top rated.