Treatibles CBD Brand Review [And Walkthrough]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on January 20, 2020

Since the CBD industry is unregulated, it’s essential to do some background research on a brand before you buy it. Research is especially crucial when you’re purchasing CBD for your pet, such as when you decide to shop from Treatibles. There are a few Treatibles reviews online, but below, we review the entire product range to let you know whether this brand is safe and worth your cash.

Who Is Treatibles?

Treatibles is an American CBD brand specialising in CBD for pets. CBD users are steadily realising that their pets can also benefit from CBD, leading to several companies stocking CBD for dogs and CBD for cats.

It’s even more vital to find a reputable company when buying CBD for your furry friend – you want to make sure they stay safe, after all. Treatibles aims to provide high-quality ingredients for pets using low strengths of CBD. The products are all Compassion Certified, although we’re not entirely sure what this means.

Treatibles is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), suggesting that these are products you can trust. Below, we cover some of the products available from this brand.

Treatibles CBD Products

As we mentioned, Treatibles sells CBD for pets, with various products to suit your animal’s needs. We explore each of the products in more detail below.

Treatibles CBD Chews

One of the easiest ways to get animals to take cannabidiol is by using CBD chews. You simply give your pet a treat, unwittingly feeding them CBD as they gobble it down.

Treatibles sell CBD chewables for both cats and dogs, although the range of flavours is much more extensive for the canine population.

CBD Chews for Dogs

treatibles cbd

The CBD dog chews come in several varieties and flavours. The CBD soft chews are perfect for senior dogs who may struggle to chomp down harder biscuits. Each soft chew contains CBD, but it’s unclear exactly how much – you administer one chew per 30lbs of bodyweight.

They also include turmeric root, papaya, and pineapple stem. Aside from the regular version, you can also buy Sweet Potato soft chews. The 60-count tubs cost $38.

Meanwhile, the harder chews come in three types: Calm (turkey flavour), Balance (pumpkin flavour), and Ease (blueberry flavour). Each variety comes in small and large chews, with the little chews containing 1mg of CBD each and the large ones with 4mg. Details about how many to give your pet can be found on the website. A packet of small chews contains around 75 treats, costing $24, while large chews come in 45-count packs costing $32. You can also
stock up using cases of 10.

CBD Chews for Cats

Felines only have one option for treats. The CBD cat treats are soft chews containing 1.5mg of CBD each. They include turmeric, papaya, pineapple, and catnip. The tub is much larger, providing 100 treats, and it costs $32.

Treatibles CBD Capsules.

Some pets can take capsules if you hide them in food, and this can be an excellent way to administer CBD for pets. Treatibles stocks CBD capsules for dogs, but you can actually use them for all species as long as the strength is right.

The capsules come in either 10mg or 25mg varieties, each in a 30-count tub. You have to be careful with these strengths, as they’re quite high for most animals. If you have a small pet, it’s probably best to avoid these products. The 10mg tub costs $64, while you will be set back $120 for the 25mg container.

Treatibles CBD Oil

The range of Treatibles CBD oil for pets is quite extensive, even including horses. Some of the oils can be used for all species, with varying concentrations of CBD depending on the animal’s size. It has an MCT coconut oil base for a pleasant flavour that your pet won’t notice when it’s added to food. The strengths range from 90mg ($34) to 750mg ($120).

There are also species-specific options.

CBD Oil for Dogs

The Treatibles CBD for dogs comes in a ready pack, with 5mg of CBD separated into individual servings. Simply administer one blister at a time for the perfect amount. The 10- pack costs $28.

CBD Oil for Cats

treatibles cbd

Once again, the CBD oil for cats comes in a ready pack. This one contains 2mg per serving, but also comes in a 10-pack. With a lower overall CBD content, this pack costs just $22.

CBD Oil for Horses

The CBD oil for horses comes in a more giant bottle with a syringe included. In total, the bottle contains a whopping 1500mg of CBD, set in a blend of MCT oil and peppermint oil. It costs $185.

Treatibles CBD Cream

CBD topical cream is a significant part of any brand these days. Hemp cream is famous among humans, but it could also benefit your pets. Treatibles has only recently added the topicals to its range, including a 60mg tub ($24) and a 240mg tub ($60) for dogs and cats.

Ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera soothe troublesome spots of skin without harming your animal.

Treatibles CBD Products for People


For humans, Treatibles sell products from a company called Auntie Dolores. The products include organic hemp oil capsules and organic CBD oil capsules. We like that you can purchase some products for yourself while shopping for your pet, adding to the convenience of the whole thing. Admittedly, there’s not a lot of choices, but it’s still an excellent addition.

Treatibles Pros and Cons

Treatibles Pros

  • Lots of products for pets. Pet companies do not usually include a range this large.
  • Horses are usually left out of CBD for pets, but not at Treatibles!
  • Trusted products with NASC verification.

Treatibles Cons

  • You have to e-mail to request lab reports, which can be a little annoying.
  • For humans, the range is minimal.

Bottom Line on Treatibles

If you’re looking for CBD for pets, then Treatibles CBD is a good recommendation. You can browse through quite a range of products, which you don’t always see for CBD pet products.

We like that all our furry friends are included, and the range of treats even offers something for all dogs to try out.

Have you tried Treatibles CBD? What did your pet think of it? Let us know in the comments!