Trokie CBD [Brand Review and Highlights]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on January 22, 2020

Trokie CBD is just one of the many brands now available on the CBD market. But as with any other brand, you might want to read some Trokie reviews before you buy, just to be sure about whether this is the brand for you.

This pharmacist-founded brand is proving to be popular, but what is the driver behind its success? We reveal all in this review of Trokie CBD.

Who Is Trokie CBD?

Dr. Crowley founded Trokie CBD based on 30 years of medical experience in the pharmaceutical sector. With this kind of backing, you would expect Trokie to be an incredible brand with excellent quality. Sadly, there is not much information on the background of this brand, aside from the formal name of the founder.

We like to see a sweet background story behind CBD brands. Although a brand doesn’t need to tug at our heartstrings, it’s at least a good idea for the company to explain where they are based and how the operation runs. Even if it’s just a photo of the founder, we would appreciate some more background info.

That said, information is not entirely necessary – the most important thing is good products.

Trokie has quite a good range of CBD products, so let’s check them out.

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Trokie CBD Products

Trokie sells several CBD products with an option for everyone. The brand is most famous for its lozenges, but it also produces a few great topicals. We should mention that you cannot purchase Trokie products from the website; they are instead sold in selected dispensaries.

Below, we provide information on each of the products.

CBD Lozenges

The Trokie CBD medicated lozenge is a somewhat unique product, as not many brands stock CBD lozenges. It’s sort of like an edible in that it’s fruit-flavoured and you consume it through eating it. However, since you suck it until it has dissolved, you may derive more of a benefit from the CBD as it combines the benefits of an oil and a gummy.

Trokie sells several different options, combining varying levels of THC and CBD.

Remember, Trokie is an American brand that stocks products in licensed dispensaries. In the UK, THC remains entirely illegal. In other words, you can’t get Trokie CBD lozenges in the UK.

One thing we love about these lozenges is that they are vegan-friendly, allowing people from all walks of life to use them.

CBD Capsules

trokie reviews

The Trokie CBD capsules are pretty much standard CBD capsules. Since they are called ‘nanocapsules’, we can assume that they use nano-CBD – but Trokie CBD doesn’t specify this on the website.

Similarly to the lozenges, you can also purchase the CBD capsules with THC. Keep in mind that these are illegal in the UK, though.

CBD Patches

The Trokie CBD pain patch is, unsurprisingly, designed for pain relief. CBD companies are not usually allowed to make medical claims about their products, so you have to question the incentives behind such claims. Nevertheless, since Trokie is only sold in dispensaries, it has a bit of wiggle room.

The CBD patches for pain are supposed to work because they can target specific areas.

Apparently, the patches offer up to 12 hours of CBD release, and in some cases, the patches also contain some THC.

CBD Topicals

Trokie sells a few different topicals, including a CBD salve, a CBD buttercream, and CBD sprays. There is a little something for everyone here, but just how good are the products?

CBD Salves

trokie reviews

Once again, Trokie has made medical claims with the pain relief CBD salve, aimed at helping muscular pains. There are two varieties: Original Pain Relief and Cooling Pain Relief. The cooling option contains camphor, wintergreen oil and menthol to create a cooling sensation.

Users say the salve works, but it can feel a little greasy on the skin. A less oily option is the buttercream.

CBD Buttercreams

The CBD cream has a much butterier texture and feels less greasy than the salve. Once again, Trokie has opted to create this CBD cream for pain, but this time there are more options. You can choose between Original, Cooling, and Cooling & Deep Heat. The latter option combines the cooling action of menthol with heating ingredients, too. This is perhaps the most effective option for muscle and joint problems.

CBD Sprays

The CBD spray provides a more natural way to apply CBD oil topically. Rather than messing about with a dropper pipette, you can spray the oil directly onto the skin. A CBD topical spray is more hassle-free than CBD creams, as they are a bit more straightforward with fewer ingredients. Once again, Trokie has provided options with a First Aid Wound Care Spray, a Cooling Action Spray, and a Tattoo Care Spray.

Trokie CBD Pros and Cons

Trokie CBD Pros

  • There is a good range of products.
  • A qualified pharmacist founded the company.
  • Since Trokie is sold in dispensaries, you know you can trust the products.

Trokie CBD Cons

  • There is very little background information on the company.
  • It’s a little annoying that you can’t buy the products on the site.

Final Verdict on Trokie CBD

Trokie CBD sells some good CBD products, with a high quality you can rely on. Since you can only buy Trokie in dispensaries, you know that these products can be trusted.

Nevertheless, it’s not ideal for those looking for simple CBD products you can order online.

For those in the UK, you will have to look elsewhere for CBD supplements as Trokie is not available in Great Britain.