Tweedle Farms CBD [Things You Need to Know]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on August 13, 2019

Hemp flower is a product that is yet to take off in the UK CBD market, and there are some reasons for this! Read on to find out more about Tweedle Farms, a brand specialising in hemp flower.


Tweedle Farms Quick Summary

Tweedle Farms Pros

  • It’s always good when a company has complete control over the products throughout the growing process and beyond.
  • Tweedle Farms has pretty much filled a gap in the market – finding high-quality hemp flowers is rare.
  • There’s a pretty good amount of information about each product.

Tweedle Farms Cons

  • The lack of a selling license is a worry, if the rumours are true that is.
  • The THC content is higher than the legal limit, meaning that Tweedle Farms are restricted about where they can sell these products.
  • Buying these products seems to be a risk.


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Tweedle Farms: Full Review

As the CBD industry grows, more people are becoming aware that this compound is nothing to fear. Although it used to be heavily associated with cannabis, the public is now aware that this non-psychoactive component of hemp is actually beneficial.

Unique products are a staple of the CBD market. It seems as though new and exciting products are appearing often, giving consumers almost too much choice. Nevertheless, when you think of CBD products, you’ll probably immediately think about CBD oils, or maybe capsules and vapes.

What happens when you get a CBD company that doesn’t sell sublingual drops? You get Tweedle Farms!

Today, we’ll be reviewing this American hemp farming company, which sells CBD products that might be different from what you’re used to.


Who Are Tweedle Farms?

Tweedle Farms is a family-owned hemp farm in Northwest Oregon. Often, CBD companies source their hemp from other farms, but Tweedle Farms has full control over the growth of its hemp.

Rather than processing the hemp to make CBD products, Tweedle Farms instead sells hemp flowers and hemp ‘joints.’ In other words, the company gets to control the whole process from seed to sale, and there is very little processing involved. This ensures that the product is as true to nature as possible.

It’s understandable to feel apprehensive about a hemp ‘joint.’ Is this legal? Well, hemp contains very little THC, and so cannot get you high. It is simply a way of imbibing CBD that might appeal to smokers. If you feel concerned, Tweedle Farms does publish the third-party lab results for its strains. That being said, the reports reveal something concerning.

Some of the strains test above the legal limit for THC. Therefore, buying and possessing these products could be a little risky if you are found in possession and the flower is tested. Really, that risk is on you!

Another thing that makes us apprehensive about Tweedle Farms is the issue of licensing. Although Tweedle Farms is licensed to grow hemp, we have seen reports that this brand does not have a handler’s license, meaning they are not really allowed to sell the product. Again, this seems a little risky.

Nevertheless, those who take the risk seem to love this company’s products. They’re rated highly on TrustPilot! So, let’s check them out.


Tweedle Farms CBD Products

Tweedle Farms’ primary product is hemp flower. These are grown in various strains, available at different times depending on what the farm has grown. You can check out the archived strains and what’s available now on the Tweedle Farms site.


Tweedle Farms Hemp Flowers

Tweedle Farms

The hemp flowers are literally flowers, or buds, taken from mature hemp plants. They are available in different strains, with descriptions for each strain available on the site. Tweedle Farms tells you the genetics, cannabinoid content, terpenes, and what you can expect from each strain.

You can purchase the strains in small bud or regular form, depending on what you want to do them and what equipment you have. The larger buds will require a decent grinder to roll them into a joint or cigarette. However, you can use these flowers to cook CBD, for example making a cannabutter.

The price varies depending on the quantity of flower you buy:

  • 1 gram: $8.00
  • 1/8 ounce: $25.00
  • ¼ ounce: $40.00
  • ½ ounce: $65.00
  • 1 ounce: $90.00
  • Small Buds 1 ounce: $60.00

Be on the lookout for changes in strains. You can also buy a 4-strain mystery pack for $20, or a Trim/Shake Mystery Ounce for $20.


Tweedle Farms Pre-Rolls

Tweedle Farms Pre-Rolls

The pre-rolls consist of ground hemp flowers packaged neatly into a joint. Once again, these come in various strains at different times depending on what is available.

The pre-rolls come in a plastic case to keep them safe and stop them from unravelling, so you don’t have to worry about trouble during shipping. Once again, you can check out the cannabinoid contents in the product descriptions.

Each pre-roll costs $7.00. A pre-roll variety pack, containing 4 pre-rolls, costs $23.00.


Tweedle Farms Vape Cartridges

Tweedle Farms Vape Cartridges

Many people are put off smoking due to adverse health effects. Some people prefer vaping, suggesting that it is safer than smoking. One of the only processed products sold by Tweedle Farms is the vape cartridges.

There are not many varieties available; when we checked, there was only Gelato #33, Jack Herer, Banana Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies. The cartridges are a 510-thread, made using distillate, terpenes, and propylene glycol. Tweedle Farms says that the PG prevents crystallisation, but we know some companies have stopped using it due to health concerns.

Sadly, we’re not sure how much e-liquid is in each cartridge, but we know that they cost $45 a pop. That’s pretty expensive! You can purchase a battery separately on the site, meaning it costs even more initially.


Tweedle Farms CBD Wax

Tweedle Farms CBD Wax

Another vaping option is to use wax, which can be dabbed as a vapor. You will have to have dabbing equipment, such as a dab rig, already; Tweedle Farms only sells the wax.

The wax is a deep yellow in colour, and sort of crystallised in its consistency. Each tub contains 1g of wax, in various strains. When we checked out the site, Tweedle Farms was selling OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, AC/DC, and Cherry Wine.

Each wax contains a different amount of CBD depending on the strain. However, all are upwards of 80%. Each 1g tub costs $45.00.

Final Thoughts on Tweedle Farms: 6/10

Tweedle Farms is a unique company; not many brands sell hemp flower. And that’s because it’s a risk! Especially in Great Britain, nobody is going to think that smoking a ‘hemp joint’ is legal, and Tweedle Farms cannot themselves guarantee that you will pass a drug test.

Of course, these products are not shipped to the UK – that would be impossible! Our American readers are welcome to try out the products if they are a fan of high-CBD cannabis, and want to avoid a high. However, it is a risk buying these potentially unlicensed products.

There is nothing glaringly bad about Tweedle Farms, but you do have to carry the burden of risk when buying these products. But at the end of the day, the decision is yours.

Perhaps you’re in the market for a more reliable company; in that case, make sure you read our CBDfx review. You might see CBDfx products in shops, so it’s worth learning a bit about them before you buy.