UK-CBD Oils Review [Explaining the Brand]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on July 20, 2020

With a name like UK-CBD Oils, you may expect a broad product range – and you’d be right! Read the full review for a lowdown on the UK-CBD Oils brand and products.


UK-CBD Oils: Quick Summary

UK-CBD Oils Pros

  • UK-CBD Oils provides lab reports on the site.
  • There is an extensive product range.
  • Reasonable pricing.

UK-CBD Oils Cons

  • Some products don’t contain CBD.
  • Limited information on the company.


UK-CBD sells several edibles, including CBD gummies. Learn more about gummies in our guide: CBD Gummies UK.


UK-CBD Oils: Full Review

Before buying CBD products, it’s critical to read reviews. We recommend checking out third-party review sites that can tell you all about a brand before you spend your cash. That way, you know you’re not wasting money and you can have faith that you’re buying from the right brand.

The team here at Greenshoppers regularly reviews CBD brands. Today, we’re reviewing UK-CBD Oils, a site with lots of CBD products. It’s no longer difficult to find CBD oil UK, but it’s always nice to find all your desired products in the same place.

In this review, we give you a rundown of all the products you need to know about, including prices. Read on to learn more about UK-CBD Oils.


Who Are UK-CBD Oils?

Gym Flex Ltd runs UK CBD Oils, operating out of its base in Middlesbrough. UK CBD Oils is a standard British CBD brand, sourcing EU hemp to create a range of exciting products. The website doesn’t specify an extraction method but does claim that no more than 0.2% THC is in any product.

According to the website, all products are high-quality and contain no chemical growth enhancers. Nevertheless, they are full-spectrum, with a range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The website is quite vague about the practices. As we mentioned, it doesn’t say what extraction method UK-CBD Oils uses. We’re also unsure about the faces behind this brand, though it does state that Gym Flex Ltd runs the brand.

However, UK-CBD Oils does have a section on the site for third-party lab tests. All tests are present stretching back to 2018, which is definitely a good sign. That said, the reports are just for oils and not the other products.

UK-CBD Oils ships through DPD, so all shipping is reliable. The brand ships all UK orders the next day, which is great news for those excited to get their CBD products.

Speaking of the products, let’s see what UK-CBD Oils has on offer.


UK-CBD Oils Products

UK-CBD Oils sells an extensive range of CBD products. There are products in all the major CBD categories. Below, we give you a brief rundown of the product quality and prices.


UK-CBD Oils Drops

Of course, UK-CBD Oils sells CBD oil – it’s in the name! The brand offers three CBD oil droppers, one of which is for your four-legged friends! However, the CBD Oil for Pets was not in stock at the time of writing.

Aside from that, there is a full-spectrum oil and a broad-spectrum oil. Oddly, these come in two different strengths. The full-spectrum option contains 250mg while the broad-spectrum oil; contains a stronger 500mg.

UK-CBD Oils Drops

Both come in 10ml bottles with a dropper attached for ease of use. UK-CBD Oils claims that the oils are also rich in CBDa, another popular cannabinoid. Overall, these are standard CBD oils in a very limited range of strengths.

  • Full-Spectrum Oil 250mg: £22
  • Broad-Spectrum Oil 500mg: £38


UK-CBD Oils E-Liquids

UK-CBD Oils has an extensive range of CBD vape oil, including a Nord Pod Vape Kit for complete beginners.

These vape juices come in a delicious variety of flavours. There are also different options.

The ice menthol e-liquid is a standard e-liquid with a dropper bottle. Of course, it comes in a minty flavour, with 200mg of CBD in the bottle. There’s also a Lemon Haze version of this e-liquid, with 500mg of CBD. These products cost £24.99 and £39 respectively.

UK-CBD Oils E-Liquids

There are also vape shots – 10ml bottles containing a potent dose. Since they are flavourless, you can add a CBD boost to any of your favourite e-liquids. Prices start at £13 for 300mg and go up to £40 for 1500mg.

Finally, there are 50/50 vape juices. These contain a 50/50 blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Interestingly, they contain no CBD – you have to buy the CBD shots to mix with them. Each 20ml juice costs only £6, with exciting flavours including Strawberry Milkshake and Strawberry Lozenge.

We quite like this system, as it allows you to choose how much CBD you want – or if you want any at all!


UK-CBD Oils Capsules

There are also CBD capsules available from UK-CBD Oils. There are two options available: 450mg (£28.99), and 750mg (£40).

The ingredients include a vegan-friendly capsule blend with black pepper extract for extra health benefits. It’s good to know that anybody can use these products no matter their dietary preferences.

Each capsule contains 15mg of CBD, which is pretty much a standard dose.


UK-CBD Oils Cosmetics

In terms of topicals, UK-CBD Oils has a few cosmetics on offer. There are a few CBD cream products available, including face cream and body cream. The CBD cream collection includes all the standard elements, including a basic cream (100mg, £20), a cooling joint cream (100mg, £35), and a heat cream (300mg, £35). There’s also a CBD Pink Clay Face Mask, which is a unique product. It costs £25 for 250mg of CBD – a bargain!

UK-CBD Oils Cosmetics

UK-CBD Oils also produces CBD bath bombs and hemp soap. You could fill your entire bath range with luxury items from UK-CBD Oils. That said, there is only one product option in each of these categories, which is poor compared to other brands selling these products.


UK-CBD Oils CBD Paste

If you’re looking for concentrated CBD oil, then you might want to try CBD paste. A paste is basically unfiltered CBD extract.

UK-CBD Oils sells CBD paste in syringes for easy measuring. Since they are super concentrated, they come in small tubes that pack a huge amount of CBD, with a higher price point than tinctures. The offerings are as follows:

  • 800mg: £35
  • 1000mg CBD + CBDA: £49.99
  • 1000mg: £69


UK-CBD Oils CBD Edibles

There is a good selection of edible treats from UK-CBD Oils. There are delicious CBD gummies in two strengths of 300mg and 500mg. Both contain gummy sweets with 10mg of CBD each, costing £26 and £40 respectively. Plus, there’s a CBD cola bottles option for £22.

UK-CBD Oils CBD Edibles

If you want to try something different, there’s also a sugar-free CBD lollipop. It’s sweetened with stevia for a mouth-watering taste and infused with 10mg of CBD.

Finally, UK-CBD Oils sells hemp protein. Each sachet contains 50g of protein per 100g and is free from soy and dairy. It’s a completely vegan-friendly protein. Note that this product doesn’t contain CBD.


UK-CBD Oils Hemp Tea

The final product on the UK-CBD Oils store is hemp tea. This is a product growing in popularity, and UK-CBD Oil has several options. The range includes a Morning Brew, Bedtime Brew, Slender, and Trim & Cleanse. Each one costs £8.99 for 15 pyramid teabags.

The website does not specify whether these teas contain CBD or whether they are just hemp teas. This is a shame, as we would like to know.

Still, these tea blends taste delicious and work to their names. The bedtime tea was super effective for settling down!


Bottom Line on UK-CBD Oils: 7/10

UK-CBD Oils is a decent brand, but it’s not the best we’ve seen. There’s a good selection of products, including more unique items like hemp tea. UK-CBD Oils even provides lab reports on the website so you can trust your purchase.

However, UK-CBD Oils is not a top brand, in our opinion. To see what makes the difference and what makes us award top marks, head to our CBD Living review and snag a discount code.