Vape Bright CBD Review [2021 Update]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on February 15, 2021

With all the ways to take CBD, it can initially be hard to figure out the best way for you. Vaping CBD has become quite a popular option, with many vapers switching over to CBD e-liquids as a way to help them quit nicotine.

This is actually a great option. Although it is up for debate whether it is safe to vape CBD oil, there is a high number of CBD vaping options available online. Proponents site the high degree of bioavailability you get from vaping CBD as opposed to other methods of consumption – the CBD can take effect almost instantly and very little is wasted. If you’re all about efficiency, then vaping could be for you.

Many CBD manufacturers now offer a vaping option alongside their range of CBD oils, edibles, and capsules. However, some companies are specifically dedicated to vaping, selling only the highest quality e-liquids and CBD vape pens. One such company is Vape Bright.

Today, we will be taking an in depth look at Vape Bright: Who are they and what do they stand for? To find out whether Vape Bright are worth it, keep reading…

Who are Vape Bright?

Upon visiting Vape Bright’s site, you are met with the words “We promise, you’re going to thrive.” This is a big statement to make, but it starts to make sense when you realise what they’re selling to you. Vape Bright is a fairly new company, and their first line of products is the Thrive range. Currently, this is the only line that they sell.

CEO Jason Hand created Vape Bright with the goal of providing a pure CBD vape alternative. He partnered with chemist Ben Smith, who found a way to create a CBD e-liquid that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, as many other CBD e-liquids do.

Vape Bright is affiliated with numerous other CBD brands, including websites like CBD Oil Review. This suggests that they can be trusted to deliver, as their products are regularly reviewed by consumers. The reviews are generally very positive – in fact, there is a striking lack of negative comments.

Vape Bright claims to use the “finest organic hemp oil on the planet, pure and unadulterated.” However, we can’t verify this claim. There is a button on the website that reads “View Lab Results”, but clicking on it leads to a page that doesn’t exist. This is worrying, as we usually recommend buying only from brands that have their lab reports clearly accessible.

Their hemp is grown in Scandinavia, which means it should comply with all legal regulations.

Vape Bright CBD Products

Vape Bright’s products are all geared toward vaping. They currently have one line of products called Thrive, with an extension called Thrive Beyond. Below, we will discuss the details of all these products.

Vape Bright Thrive CBD Vape Cartridge

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The Vape Bright Thrive CBD cartridge contains 200 mg of CBD. To comply with the laws of all 50 United States (as they are based in America), they contain negligible traces of THC; users will even be able to pass a drug test. Unlike competitors, these cartridges contain no propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine. Since PG has been suggested to cause damage to human health, this is actually very impressive.

It is recommended to take 10 inhalations per serving, which works out at around 15 mg of CBD. This equates to 20 servings per cartridge. One cartridge costs $45. You can also buy a 3 pack totalling 600 mg of CBD for $128, or a 5 pack totalling 1000 mg for $202.

Vape Bright Thrive Beyond CBD Vape Cartridge

Vape Bright’s Thrive Beyond CBD cartridge is different from the Thrive cartridge in that it contains 25% more CBD. Apart from that, it is the same product – no propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, all natural flavours, etc. In total, this cartridge contains 250 mg of CBD, costing a total of $65.

Vape Bright Battery, Charger & Case

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In order to use the Vape Bright cartridges, you’re going to need a CBD vape pen or e-cigarette. Vape Bright do sell something that allows you to do the vaping, but they only refer to it as a “battery.” The 510 thread battery is long and thin, resembling a traditional e-cigarette. Simply slot the Vape Bright cartridge into the end, and use the mouthpiece that comes with the cartridge to vape. With no buttons, all you need to do is inhale to start the process.

This kit includes a case to hold your battery, cartridge, and charger. The case is sleek and compact and will fit easily in your bag or pocket. The charger connects to any USB port and will charge up the battery in 30 minutes. This may seem rapid, but the battery life lasts long enough to provide over 100 inhalations.

For this kit, you will need to pay $20.

Vape Bright Starter Packs

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If you are completely new to vaping, then you may wish to buy a starter pack. The kit includes the battery, case, charger, and a vape cartridge of your choice. The Vape Bright Starter Pack costs $65, while the Thrive Beyond Starter Pack costs $75. Buying them collectively for your first time will allow you to save some money.

Vape Bright Pros

  • As they are a company dedicated to vaping, they are sure to know a lot about this particular consumption method and therefore can provide the highest quality – at least in theory.
  • The e-liquids here do not contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine – this may be better for your health.
  • The strengths of e-liquid are pretty potent.
  • Reviews are generally positive.

Vape Bright Cons

  • The lack of third-party lab reports is quite worrying. They may be able to provide them upon request.
  • As of yet, they only have a very small range of products. Hopefully, they will expand in the future.
  • The pen is not the strongest, and those who like big clouds of vapour may be disappointed.

What We Think of Vape Bright: Final Thoughts

Vape Bright is a decent brand for your CBD-vaping needs. They provide two strength options at the moment, and hopefully this range will expand in the future. We love the fact that their e-liquids are PG-free, and we hope that this approach will inspire other companies in the future.

However, we cannot entirely endorse a company without third-party lab reports. It seems a bit suspicious that the website link is faulty, but there may just be a problem with the site (fingers crossed!). Also, it’s a shame that they are US-based, as customers in the UK and Europe will have to look elsewhere.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of British brands who sell CBD products for vaping. Check out the other reviews on Greenshoppers to find a brand who can meet all your needs.