What Is Honest Paws CBD Like? [Reviewed]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on May 25, 2020

Honest Paws claims to be the number one CBD brand for pet products. Here at Greenshoppers, we like to put claims like that to the test. Check out our view on Honest Paws in the full review below. Or, if you’re short on time, read our quick summary of pros and cons.

Honest Paws Quick Summary

Honest Paws Pros

  • This brand uses organic, non-GMO, soy-free ingredients.
  • Honest Paws uses safe hemp grown in the USA.
  • All products contain less than 0.2% THC and won’t get your pet high.
  • Honest Paws uses lab testing for quality assurance.
  • There’s a good range of products and delicious treats.
  • Excellent pricing.

Honest Paws Cons

  • Some users say that the CBD bites are too hard.
  • Honest Paws currently doesn’t ship to the UK.

Is Honest Paws the brand for you? There’s really no better place to buy CBD for your pet, so jump straight to the official website using the button below, and don’t forget to enter our discount code for 25% off.

Honest Paws: Full Review

It is becoming more common to give CBD to your dog. Like humans, mammalian pets have an endocannabinoid system, and some people believe that they could benefit from cannabidiol products in the same way we can.

That said, it’s evident that dogs and cats are different from humans. When taking CBD, they require a much smaller dosage. It’s vital to find a product that uses safe ingredients that will never harm your pet. After all, your furry friend can’t tell you if something doesn’t feel quite right.

Enter Honest Paws. This CBD brand is dedicated to pet-friendly products. Every product bought from this website is designed for pets. We decided to check out these products to find out what they were like and whether they’re really safe.

Who Are Honest Paws?

Honest Paws was, perhaps unsurprisingly, founded by a loving dog owner. Self-confessed “dedicated dog mom” Chelsea started the company because her dog was suffering from a debilitating condition. After taking Baby Rose to the vet, Chelsea found that medications were not guaranteed to work and that the side effects would have a negative impact on her pet’s life.

So she started researching. Her research brought her to the world of CBD for pets, and she initially used a human CBD oil on her dog. It worked. But Chelsea decided that, for a better future, pets should have access to CBD products that are guaranteed to be safe.

Honest Paws provides an excellent opportunity for pet owners to give cannabidiol to their fur babies. The brand focuses on high-quality ingredients that are gentle on your pet’s body. This includes;

  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract: From hemp grown organically in Colorado.
  • Barley: Organically grown in the US; aids digestion.
  • Boswellia Serrata Powder: Provides joint support.
  • Chondroitin Sulfate: Provides active energy.
  • Coconut Oil: Sourced from South America; high in healthy fats.
  • Eggs: Human-grade and sourced in the US.
  • Glucosamine HCL: Supports healthy bones.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Supports healthy cartilage.

And way more!

So far, so good. But will your pet love these products, too?

Honest Paws CBD Products

Honest Paws provides a good range of pet-friendly products, including oils and two types of treats. The brand suggests providing pets with 0.25mg of CBD per pound of body weight (so a 5lb animal would get 5mg of CBD per day).

You can use the products for any pet, but try to stick to these guidelines. Furthermore, dogs are the most likely to enjoy the treats.

Honest Paws CBD Oils

The Honest Paws range of CBD oils covers dogs, cats, and horses. More effort has gone into the canine range, it seems, with three options available.

Each tincture is catered toward a different animal due to the strength. The cat option, for example, contains 125mg of CBD in total; the horse tincture, meanwhile, contains 1500mg.

Honest Paws CBD Oils

The dog options include:

  • Wellness: A regular tincture, like the others. This one contains 125mg.
  • Mobility: Contains added turmeric.
  • Relief: Contains added ginger.
  • Calm: Contains chamomile oil.

By the way, the dog tinctures are designed for dogs weighing less than 25 lbs. I tried the Mobility oil with my elderly dog, and it filled him with energy and seemed to ease some of his joint pain. He wasn’t a big fan of the taste, though! It’s probably best to hide it in his food.

Here are the prices:

  • CBD Oil for Dogs (All Oils): $39.95
  • USDA Organic CBD Oil for Dogs (Wellness): $44.95
  • CBD Oil for Cats (Wellness): $39.95
  • CBD Oil for Horses (Wellness): $149.95

Honest Paws CBD Bites

The Honest Paws CBD bites are designed for dogs. They’re hard treats with slightly different flavourings and effects. Similarly to the oils, the bites contain organic full-spectrum hemp extract. Each treat contains 5mg of CBD, which is perfect for easy measuring.

Honest Paws CBD Bites

The flavours are as follows:

  • Calm Bites: Peanut Butter flavour
  • Relief Bites: Tasty Turmeric flavour
  • Wellness Bites: Creamy Coconut flavour

We didn’t try these treats specifically, but several reviews say that they’re too hard for some dogs to chew. Bear this in mind when shopping! Luckily, there are also soft chews available.

Each bag of CBD bites costs $24.95.

Honest Paws CBD Soft Chews

There are two options available for the CBD soft chews. Like the bites, these contain 5mg of CBD each. We loved that they come in a resealable pouch, keeping those organic ingredients fresh.

Honest Paws CBD Soft Chews

The options are:

  • Mobility
  • Calm

Both are poultry-flavoured so that most dogs will adore them.

A member of the Greenshoppers team volunteered to try these on his dog. His spaniel suffers from separation anxiety, so he gave the Calm chews a try. He gave her three of the soft chews about half an hour before leaving for work; she gobbled them down, so they must have been tasty! He was pretty impressed with the turnout, by all accounts.

Final Verdict on Honest Paws: 10/10

Honest Paws is bringing safe and high-quality CBD to the pet market. It’s vital for dog owners to trust the products they’re giving to their four-legged friends, so we commend Honest Paws for the work they’re doing.

We love the product range, and they seemed to work for our pets when we tried them. All things considered, we had no choice but to give Honest Paws a 10/10!

If you have a pet and you want to try CBD with them, check out Honest Paws by clicking the link below.