Who Are Infinite CBD? [Brand Walkthrough]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on December 5, 2019

Infinite CBD is a pretty well-known brand in the US. There’s lots of products to try, so we decided to check them out in this full review. Find out more below.

Infinite CBD: Quick Summary

Infinite CBD Pros

  • Massive product selection, giving consumers a lot of choices.
  • We think the prices accurately reflect the quality of these products.
  • Infinite offers free shipping on orders over $99.
  • The lab reports are easily viewable.

Infinite CBD Cons

  • There are no products for people who prefer a full spectrum of cannabinoids.
  • Retail stores are limited to Colorado, and the brand doesn’t ship worldwide.

Infinite CBD specialises in CBD isolate. Some brands have figured out a way to feature hemp terpenes in isolate products; the result is terpsolate. Learn more about terpsolate and its benefits here.


Infinite CBD: Full Review

There are multiple signs you should be looking for when shopping for CBD products. Top things to look for are third-party lab reports, active brand social media, positive reviews, and information on the products. Although critics sometimes paint the CBD market as scary, it’s generally a safe place.

Nevertheless, reading reviews is a good idea so that you can get a better idea of the brand as a whole. It can save you hours of searching for the relevant information when, more often than not, it doesn’t exist. It’s amazing how many brands don’t tell their customers the basics!

Today, we are looking at Infinite CBD. This brand is based entirely around CBD isolates. While many consumers seek out full-spectrum CBD, there is a substantial market for isolate products. Let’s see how Infinite CBD fares.

Who Is Infinite CBD?

The founder of Infinite CBD, Stephen Ryan, created the brand after his son’s best friend’s dad used CBD while suffering from Lyme Disease. The man used CBD for the first time and described it as “the most pain-free I’ve felt in years.” Ryan started the brand in 2016, meaning that Infinite CBD has been in business for over three years now.

The brand calls Colorado home; this state is known for being a great developer of hemp plants. The products produced are clearly of a high-quality – all the information is available in lab reports, which Infinite has kindly placed in each product description.

There are lots of things to respect about Infinite CBD. For starters, the brand received cruelty-free certification from the Leaping Bunny in 2018. Secondly, Infinite CBD products are sold in several retail locations, including gas stations. Infinite CBD pushes CBD into the mainstream and works hard for the recognition it deserves.

Interestingly, Infinite CBD has chosen to focus on CBD isolate. Each product contains a 99% CBD isolate rather than being full-spectrum. Depending on your stance, this is either fantastic news or a complete disappointment. Some people prefer full-spectrum products because they trigger the entourage effect, but others prefer isolates. If isolates are the product for you, then Infinite CBD might be your new favourite brand.

Infinite CBD Products

Infinite CBD has a vast range of products that covers all the basics and a little extra. We explore all the products in full detail below.

Infinite CBD Tinctures

No CBD brand would be complete without at least one tincture. Infinite CBD calls its tinctures Isolate Droppers, made using a blend of coconut oil and CBD isolate. Coconut oil is one of the best carriers for CBD due to the way it is digested, but it also has a milder flavour than some other CBD oils.

The Isolate Droppers can be taken orally, added to food, or applied to the skin. They’re pretty versatile. Plus, they come in quite a broad range of strengths:

  • 250mg (0.5mg per drop): $15.00
  • 500mg (1mg per drop): $22.50
  • 1000mg (2mg per drop): $38.50
  • 2500mg (4mg per drop): $90.00
  • 5000mg (8.5mg per drop): $160.00

For the strength, these prices are incredible!

The 1000mg and 5000mg strengths also come in flavoured varieties. These are natural flavours with a little artificial sweetener. Your options are Toasted Marshmallow, Strawberry Banana, and Cinnamon. The prices are slightly different:

  • 1000mg: $43.50
  • 5000mg: $165.00

Infinite CBD Isolate

Infinite CBD Isolate

A company famous for its isolates, it’s unsurprising that Infinite CBD stocks an isolate powder. The Absolute Zero powder is the base product for this brand. You can dab it, ingest it, or make a topical with it. As an isolate powder, the only ingredient is 99% pure CBD.

Once again, Infinite CBD has a range of sizes that blow other brands out of the water:

  • 1g (1000mg): $27.50
  • 3.5g (3500mg): $90.00
  • 7g (7000mg): $188.33
  • 14g (14,000mg): $369.17

Infinite CBD Topicals

Infinite CBD Topicals

Infinite CBD’s topical range is perhaps the most impressive on the whole site. Alongside the standard creams, this brand sells some unique CBD topical products. Honestly, we appreciate it.

It starts with the Freezing Point Cream. This is similar to other CBD pain creams on the market. It contains cooling menthol and peppermint oil, designed to relax the muscles and help relieve pain. Additional ingredients of eucalyptus and camphor also contribute to this effect. Two of the options are 2oz bottles that are ideal for travelling, but there is also a larger 8oz bottle that comes with a pump dispenser:

  • Freezing Point Cream 2oz (250mg): $17.50
  • Freezing Point Cream 2oz Extra Strength (1000mg): $44.98
  • Freezing Point Cream 8oz (1000mg): $49.08

The Freezing Point formula is also available in the form of a salve. Containing beeswax, the salve has a thicker consistency. You can get it in a tub, but it also comes in stick form. We love the stick edition because you can apply it to the target area without getting it on your hands.

  • Freezing Point Salve Stick (500mg): $28.20
  • Freezing Point Salve Tin (1000mg): $49.08

Next is Afterglow, described by Infinite CBD as a ‘healing oil.’ It’s like a tincture in its consistency, and it contains coconut oil, too. However, the Afterglow formula also contains Vitamin E, Manuka honey, and lanolin. Honey and lanolin are said to be good for healing wounds. Infinite CBD recommends using this product for new tattoos, skin conditions, scarring, or open injuries. The 50ml bottle contains 100mg of CBD and costs $18.10.

Now we start to get into the more unique products. It begins with Dark Matter, a liquid CBD soap. Infinite CBD recommends using this soap for dry and damaged skin; you mix it with water, lather, and rinse. It consists of CBD isolate mixed into a potassium soap. There is also lavender oil, which adds a pleasant, floral smell. The 60ml bottle contains 100mg of CBD and costs $12.43. This product is probably not going to become your go-to bathroom soap, but it is quite cool.

Here are the rest of the unique CBD topicals:

  • Big Bang: A CBD-infused lube to increase pleasure in the bedroom. It contains a variety of pleasantly scented essential oils and 150mg of CBD. It costs $24.49. Please note that it cannot be used with latex.
  • Moonlight CBD Lip Balm: This lip balm protects from UV rays and can give lips a plumper appearance with the use of fatty acids. It contains 100mg of CBD and costs $8.11.
  • Hair Plasma: This is a CBD hair mask; you leave it on for a while before rinsing for the ultimate in conditioning. You can get it for different purposes, including Dry Scalp, Conditioning, Shine, and Growth & Thickening. It costs $54.00.
  • Beard Flux: Say goodbye to beard dandruff with this combination of jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, and CBD. The Beard Flux retails for $20.36.

Infinite CBD Capsules

Infinite CBD Capsules

There are three varieties of CBD capsules for sale. The most basic tablets consist of powdered coconut oil and CBD isolate within a gelatine capsule. Note that the use of gelatine means these capsules are not vegan-friendly.

There are lots of options for these capsules. You can purchase capsules with 10, 25, or 100mg of CBD per pill. Each of these strengths comes in a tub containing either 30, 50, or 100 capsules. Depending on which options you choose, the price ranges from $20.64 (for a 30-count of 10mg) to $370 (for a 100-count of 100mg).

Alternatively, there are A.M. Capsules and P.M. Capsules. The difference is that the A.M. Capsules contain 100mg of caffeine, while the P.M. Capsules contain 3mg of melatonin. The prices are slightly increased from the original capsules, but are the same whether you buy the A.M. or P.M. variety:

  • 30-count 25mg Capsules: $38.76
  • 50-count 25mg Capsules: $63.74
  • 100-count 25mg Capsules: $130.33
  • 30-count 100mg Capsules: $140.76
  • 50-count 100mg Capsules: $191.22
  • 100-count 100mg Capsules: $385.29

Infinite CBD Gummies

Infinite CBD Gummies

Gummies are one of the most popular CBD products around. Infinite CBD has three isolate gummies on offer. The Asteroid Gummies are the most basic, so-called because the gummies are in a cute little star shape. Each star contains 25mg of CBD isolate. Something we love is that the gummies are made using pectin, and they are vegan-friendly! Plus, they use natural flavourings.

  • 5-pack: $11.91
  • 10-pack: $19.83
  • 20-pack: $34.23

For those who like something a little sour, the Asteroid Gummies also come in a Sour Gummies variety. They’re the same, but with added citric acid and costing a couple more cents.

  • 5-pack: $11.99
  • 10-pack: $19.89
  • 20-pack: $34.32

At the time of writing, there was a limited edition set of gummies for autumn, in a delicious Apple Pie flavour. Frankly, they were yummy. Plus, Colorado-sources apple cider is used as the flavouring, which is a nice touch. This variety only came in a 10-pack costing $19.83.

Infinite CBD Nano CBD

Nano-CBD refers to tiny CBD molecules, said to offer greater bioavailability. Infinite CBD branched into the world of nanotechnology in 2018, and currently has four products for sale.

The Freezing Point cream we discussed in the topical section is also available in a NANO Freezing Point variety. Admittedly, we wish it came in stick form, but the cream version is still good.

  • 2oz (250mg): $28.24
  • 8oz (1000mg): $92.04

The other options are all consumable products. The NANO CBD Enhancer is the most versatile. It’s an oil-based product that allows you to add nano-CBD to any of your favourite products. It can be used to strengthen existing CBD products or even to make your own at home.

  • 900mg: $49.92
  • 3000mg: $154.92
  • 6000mg: $304.92

If you’re the kind of person who often needs a morning pick-me-up or who struggles to sleep, we think you’ll love the NANO CBD Shots. There are three shots, each containing different ingredients to obtain specific effects. You can purchase Energy, Rest, or Detox. We imagine that you can guess what each one does! Each shot contains 10mg and costs just $4.50.

Finally, there is the NANO Non-Dairy Creamer. Used in coffees, this plant-based creamer is perfect for both vegans and CBD lovers. We guarantee that you’ll adore the French Vanilla flavour, but Hazelnut is also quite delicious. The creamer contains 100mg of CBD in total and costs $16.03 for an 8oz tub.

Infinite CBD for Pets

Infinite CBD for Pets

CBD for pets is a big market now. Infinite CBD is in a great position to sell CBD pet products because it focuses on CBD isolates. Given that few studies have been conducted on CBD for pets, let alone other cannabinoids, it’s probably best to give your pet an isolate.

The Pet Droppers are similar to the human droppers in that they use coconut oil, and you can apply them topically, orally, or put them in food. Each bottle is 30ml and formulated for breeds of specific sizes:

  • Small: $16.44
  • Medium: $58.55
  • Large: $108.50

Final Thoughts on Infinite CBD: 7/10

If you love CBD isolates, then we really suggest checking out Infinite CBD. This brand is excellent for all your CBD isolate needs, with a massive product range that dwarfs that of other companies.

Of course, those who enjoy full-spectrum products will be pretty disappointed. Furthermore, our British readers may feel disheartened and have to search elsewhere for CBD products. But for American CBD consumers and those who live in Colorado, Infinite CBD is a great brand.

Infinite has grown a lot in recent years, and we expect it will only get better in the years to come. Keep your eyes peeled, because Infinite CBD is one to watch.

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Official Site: infinitecbd.com