Yumi Nutrition Review [CBD Products Full Review]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on October 13, 2020

Some supplement brands, such as Yumi Nutrition, are now stocking CBD products. Today, we are running through the CBD offerings from the brand to see if they match up to other brands on the market.


Yumi Nutrition: Quick Summary

Yumi Nutrition Pros

  • You can pick up multiple supplements in one place.
  • Yumi formulates all products according to UK regulations.
  • There is no THC in the products.
  • The prices are excellent.

Yumi Nutrition Cons

  • There is only one strength available, and it’s very low.
  • Yumi Nutrition does not provide lab reports. There is also, sadly, no information about where the hemp is sourced.
  • If you don’t like gummies, you’re out of luck.


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Yumi Nutrition: Full Review

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is so popular now that even non-CBD brands are stocking it. For example, major retailers throughout the UK are selling products, including Lloyds Pharmacy and Boots.

In some instances, supplement brands have been branching out into the CBD industry with their own line of products. Yumi Nutrition is one of these brands. Although this brand started out with other daily supplements and multivitamins, Yumi Nutrition has now added CBD gummies to its range.

We decided to give Yumi a try to find out if these gummies can compare to others on the market.


Who Is Yumi Nutrition?

Yumi Nutrition is a supplement brand that aims to provide a pleasant experience to those taking daily vitamins. Most vitamins and supplements come in the form of capsules, which are not only boring, but also hard to swallow. Yumi aims to change this by selling vitamin gummies.

This brand is based in Manchester, UK. As a result, you can rest assured that any product you buy is safe for consumption as per UK regulations.

The Yumi Nutrition website is quite vague. There’s not much information about the brand and where it sources products, etc. A lack of background info is common from brands that don’t specifically make CBD, as it’s not as common in the general supplement industry.

It would be better to know about where Yumi sources its hemp from and how it is grown. That said, the brand has included information about extraction. It uses CO2 extraction to create a clean, healthy extract. This is an excellent sign, though we would still appreciate more information.

Furthermore, Yumi Nutrition is lacking in lab reports. Seeing certificates of analysis would be very helpful for users, helping them to gain a sense of trust. After all, any brand can claim it sells CBD, but only a few provide lab reports to prove the cannabinoid content. It’s common for supplement brands to miss out on CBD lab reports, so this issue isn’t unique to Yumi Nutrition. Still, it’s something they should improve on.


Yumi Nutrition CBD Products

Yumi Nutrition has a decent range of products. Out of the line, only one of these products is a CBD option. We only tried the CBD gummies out, but we also talk about some of the other products below.


Yumi Nutrition Recover & Destress Gummies (CBD)

The Yumi Nutrition CBD gummies are called Recover & Destress. This name is relatively good at summing up at why most people use daily CBD. The gummies are little red circles and are flavoured with strawberry. The ingredients are natural, which is excellent.

The Yumi Nutrition label says that you should take 1 CBD gummy per day. Each one contains just 10mg, which is a very small amount of CBD. It might work for someone short with a low body weight, but otherwise, you may need more CBD.

Yumi Nutrition Recover & Destress Gummies (CBD)

In our experience, one of these gummies per day might make you feel slightly less stressed, but it’s unlikely to make a big difference. It could also be placebo.

Yumi Nutrition offers two containers: 30 gummies (300mg) or 60 gummies (600mg). The former is just £21.99, which is insanely reasonable. Meanwhile, 60 gummies cost £34.99, so you save quite a bit by buying the bigger bottle. The low price does make us question how much CBD is really in these gummies, though.

Yumi Nutrition also offers bundles:

  • Recover & Destress 60 Gummies Multipack x3: £94.97
  • Sleep & Recover Multipack (5HTP & CBD): £35.99


Yumi Nutrition Other Products

Yumi’s entire supplement range revolves around gummies. It’s great that you can pick up so many supplement options. The range features:

  • Lean & Detox: Apple cider vinegar
  • Sleep & Relax: 5-HTP
  • Hair, Skin and Nails: Biotin
  • Gut Health: Probiotic
  • All Day Energy: Multivitamins

If you’re a CBD user looking to pick up other vitamins at the same time, then Yumi CBD might be your new favourite online store.


Final Thoughts on Yumi Nutrition: 6/10

Yumi Nutrition is a great supplement brand. However, when it comes to CBD, it doesn’t really compare to others on the market. After all, there’s only one CBD product on the entire site. The gummies only offer 10mg each and are intended for one-a-day use. As a result, they may be too weak for many CBD users.

That said, it’s excellent that the price is so cheap. What’s more, Yumi Nutrition offers bundles and multipacks to help you save even more money. If you are looking to pick up a low-dose CBD supplement alongside some other vitamins, then Yumi could be the right brand for you. However, it might not be the best option for other CBD users.

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