Zilis CBD Review | 2021 Complete Brand Review

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 16, 2021

It’s difficult for a CBD brand to go global, but Zilis International has achieved it. In today’s review, we find out how and why this brand has gone global.


Zilis International: Quick Summary

Zilis International Pros

  • The brand successfully sells in multiple countries around the world.
  • The UltraCell technology claims to be more effective than other brands.
  • There are several options available.

Zilis International Cons

  • The products are very expensive, especially because no strengths are included in the descriptions.
  • To buy the oils, you either have to invest in the company or shop through BuyItCBD.
  • There is very little information about the company.


CBD laws vary throughout the UK. Find out more about CBD oil in Scotland and CBD in Northern Ireland here.


Zilis International: Full Review

CBD laws vary from country to country. With so many differences, most companies struggle to stock products across the globe.

For example, the THC limit in much of the United States is 0.3%. In the UK, this limit is 0.2%. As a result, companies selling CBD products with 0.3% THC in the US cannot sell in the UK. Add complicated shipping to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Zilis International is a company trying to change things. It sells throughout the United States and Europe. However, is this brand really successful, or is it just a pyramid scheme? Let’s find out.


Who Is Zilis International?

On the website, the company states that ‘Zilis’ means ‘multiplying nutrition’ in Swahili. Luckily, the author of this article speaks some Swahili, and this is not the case. We’re not sure where the company got this information from, but it’s clearly false! The founders were sadly misinformed.

Speaking of the founders, Steven and Angie Thompson apparently created Zilis in 2015. They have over 20 years of business experience.

Zilis is a strange CBD company. The brand doesn’t sell products on its own website. Instead, it sells through what it calls ‘Ambassadors.’ In other words, you have to buy the products to sell to other people, which sounds a lot like a pyramid scheme!

Zilis might get away with multi-level marketing by offering its products through BuyItCBD. It’s quite tricky to find reliable information on the products Zilis sells, but below, we explore what little information is available.


Zilis International CBD Products

Zilis International sells products made from high-quality CBD. It uses UltraCell technology, which is apparently a water-soluble formula. Each product is lab tested; you can view the test results once you have received the item. Scan the QR code to find the lab report.


Zilis International CBD Oil

The CBD UltraCell tinctures from Zilis International come in several varieties. Each one contains less than 0.3% THC. The UltraCell formula is not only water-soluble, but also flavoured. As a result, each tincture can be taken on its own or added to beverages, increasing the enjoyment you get out of using CBD.

Zilis International CBD Oil

Oddly, the BuyItCBD website only states the bottle size and not the amount of CBD. This is a bit concerning, of course. The sizes are as follows:

  • 0.23oz (7ml): $59.99
  • 1oz (30ml): $119.99

For those sizes and an unspecified amount of CBD, the prices are extremely high. By the way, the available flavours are Berry and Lemon.

Zilis also makes a CBG tincture in hibiscus flavour, alongside a few CBD oils with additives. There’s UltraBurn, designed to boost your energy levels with cinnamon and coffee extract, and UltraDream, infused with GABA and melatonin to help you sleep. Both options cost $69.99. Technically, Zilis calls these products Ultra Boosters.


Zilis International CBD Topicals

There is one UltraCell topical in two sizes. The smallest is a 0.23oz (7ml) tub, which is pretty small. Once again, it contains an unspecified amount of CBD for the price of $29.99. The cream contains ingredients that supposedly increase skin elasticity. The list includes black pepper oil, citronella oil, oregano oil, and more.

Zilis International CBD Topicals

It also comes in a larger size of 2oz (60ml). This option costs $119.99.


Final Verdict on Zilis International: 5/10

There are definitely better companies out there than Zilis International. It’s concerning that you can’t purchase directly from the website; instead, you are forced to sign up and become an ‘ambassador’ for the products. It sounds like a pyramid scheme.

You can pick up the products from BuyItCBD, but this website offers products for an insanely high price. What’s more, the product descriptions don’t even tell you the amount of CBD contained within each oil. That’s very strange – and less than convenient.

The reviews also aren’t so great. There are very few reviews beyond the BuyItCBD website, and those that are there aren’t great. Even on BuyItCBD, some of the reviews are pretty negative. One customer said the UltraDream oil only worked for about 2 hours of sleep!

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