Alpha-Cat CBD Review [2021 Brand Review]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 23, 2021

Alpha-Cat is a European CBD brand that, like most, is looking to further change in the CBD world. Uniquely, this brand also sells marijuana test kits to help you determine the safety of your cannabis products. We tried this brand, and below, you can learn what we thought.


Alpha-Cat: Quick Summary

Alpha-Cat Pros

  • Seeing a brand working for a better future in the cannabis industry is always a positive sign.
  • There is a decent range of products to choose from.
  • Most of the products are reasonably priced.
  • Alpha-Cat sources hemp from the EU.

Alpha-Cat Cons

  • The testing kits are relatively expensive, defeating the point of making cannabis safer and better for patients.
  • The lab reports are absent from the website.
  • Not all product categories are represented.


With medical cannabis technically legal throughout the UK, it’s easy to wonder whether the same applies to Northern Ireland. Find out more about CBD in Northern Ireland here.


Alpha-Cat: Full Review

In 2018, the UK government officially legalized medical cannabis. However, no prescriptions have been written in the past two years, which means access to medical marijuana is virtually non-existent.

For some patients and families, cannabis concentrates are the only thing that has given them relief. Often, they must buy these from abroad, and the expenses quickly mount up.

In 2020, Hannah Deacon (mother of Alfie Dingley, who suffers from severe epilepsy) wrote an open letter to the government urging them to make better legislation. Currently, NICE and BPNA guidelines are preventing doctors from writing prescriptions that would provide cheaper access, and this is damaging struggling families.

The cannabis products that are available are not always as high-quality as they claim to be. As a result, it’s a worrying situation for patients.

Alpha-Cat is one of the companies fighting for a better future in the UK medical cannabis market. Alongside CBD products, this brand offers testing kits that will help patients determine the quality and safety of their medical products. Let’s find out if this brand could really make a change.


Who Is Alpha-Cat?

Alpha-Cat was founded by Sebastien Beguerie, a plant scientist who specialises in medical cannabis. He has seven years of experience in the cannabis testing field, making him fully qualified to head this brand.

The point of Alpha-Cat is to provide MMJ users in the UK with a sense of security. It sells testing kits that can pioneer a better future in the cannabis industry, allowing for better medical application. In essence, it’s a research company.

The brand offers mobile testing kits for consumers. Anybody can use these are they are extremely simple. However, the brand also has testing labs in Europe that provide test results and screens.

Alongside tests, Alpha-Cat also sells a handful of CBD products. Considering that the company owns and operates labs, it’s probably safe to assume that all products are reliable and safe to use.


Alpha-Cat CBD Products

Although Alpha-Cat specialises in testing kits, we only tried the CBD products. The testing kits are thoroughly explained on the company’s official website.


Alpha-Cat CBD Oil

The Alpha-Cat CBD oil is pretty high-strength, containing 50% total cannabinoids. The company uses EU hemp to produce its products, employing a strict extraction method to ensure quality every time.

Alpha-Cat CBD Oil

The hemp extract is suspended in Mediterranean olive oil, of course, giving it a slightly better taste than other CBD tinctures.

There are two strengths: 10% and 20%. Each comes in both 10ml and 30ml bottles, giving you a reasonable degree of choice. Prices start at €69.90 and go up to €319. These are fairly expensive, but you are paying for quality.


Alpha-Cat CBD Capsules

For those who even don’t like the taste of olive oil tinctures, there are capsules available. Each tablet contains 30mg of CBD, which is a good, mid-range amount. The pills are vegan-society approved, which is excellent news for those leading a plant-based diet.

Alpha-Cat CBD Capsules

It’s unfortunate that the CBD pills only come in one strength. However, you can purchase two sized tubs: 20 capsules for €42 or 60 tablets for €119.


Alpha-Cat CBD Crystals

Alpha-Cat claims that its crystals are 99.5% pure. This is very strong and even purer than other CBD isolate concentrates on the market. We decided to take this claim with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, the isolate is extremely effective and very versatile.

The fine texture is comparable to icing sugar, which accounts for its versatility. It’s perfect for infusing into oils, vapes, and cosmetics. Still, it can also be used for vaping.

Alpha-Cat sells two sizes: 0.5g for €29, or 1g for €59. This is competitive pricing compared to other brands.


Alpha-Cat CBD Cosmetics

This brand sells two CBD topicals, which it calls cosmetics. The first is a Calming Body Cream, also listed as a CBD Day Cream on the label. It comes in a pump dispenser that makes it incredibly easy to use. It contains hemp seed oil that’s packed with omega 3 and 6 to support healthy skin. Alpha-Cat has also crafted it to be free of pore-blocking ingredients and reduce sebum production. The bottle contains 0.5% CBD and has a light, citrusy scent. It costs €34.

Secondly, there is a CBD Balm for Night. This has a thicker, more ointment-like texture than the cream. Alpha-Cat states that this option is for fragile skin types. It’s designed for application before bedtime to combat flaky and dry skin. The balm contains lavender, chamomile, and more, providing a floral aroma.

The Balm for Night is vegan and plant based. This is excellent news for vegan users of CBD cosmetics. The balm costs €27.


Alpha-Cat CBG Products

Finally, Alpha-Cat stocks a few CBG oils. This is becoming increasingly common in the CBD industry as CBG becomes more popular.

The brand sells a CBD:CBG blend oil at 10%, costing €119. There is also a 4% CBG oil (€69.90) and a 10% CBD oil (€119).


Final Thoughts on Alpha-Cat: 8/10

Alpha-Cat is a decent brand. The company offers both CBD products and cannabis testing kits. The CBD/CBG products are good, high-quality, reputable options. Everything is quite reasonably priced too, apart from the testing kits. We understand that testing is expensive, but it’s a shame that struggling patients may not be able to afford these cuts.

There are some flashier brands that might be more appropriate for other users as Alpha-Cat can feel a bit clinical. For example, check out Receptra Naturals in our full review.