Cannajuice Review [CBD Products and More]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on May 15, 2020

Cannajuice is a CBD brand that specialises in e-liquids. However, it brings a large range of high-quality CBD products to UK customers. Here’s what we thought.


Cannajuice Quick Summary

Cannajuice Pros

  • You can buy lots of CBD brands in one place, which is convenient.
  • There’s free delivery on orders over £100.
  • You can return products for free within 14 days and receive a 2-year warranty on purchases.

Cannajuice Cons

  • There’s not a lot of information on the company.
  • The company makes medical claims, which is a bit dodgy. Remember, CBD cannot cure your ailments; it’s just for living a healthy lifestyle.
  • There are no lab reports.


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Cannajuice Full Review

Cannajuice is a unique retailer. This is a British CBD brand specialising in e-liquids, but that’s not all. The Cannajuice UK website offers up a wide array of vaping paraphernalia, including e-cigarettes, desktop vaporisers, and other accessories, which are certainly not intended for CBD usage (read: bongs and grinders).

Another strange thing about this company is that it sells CBD products from a variety of other brands, including:

  • Love Hemp
  • CBDistillery
  • Endoca
  • Doctor Herb

There are several other brands stocked by Cannajuice, too.

All in all, Cannajuice functions as a sort of CBD supermarket, with the ‘own brand’ products being e-liquids. In this review, we will be sticking to the Cannajuice e-liquids primarily.


Who Is Cannajuice?

Cannajuice is a company that says very little. We know it’s a British brand with its PO box in the Channel Islands, and we know that it has a range of CBD e-liquids. However, there is very little else to go on.

The Cannajuice website says that the company sources hemp from the EU, which is a good sign. But everything is quite vague, and we know nothing else about the growing and extraction process. There aren’t even lab reports to verify the contents of these products!

Another red flag is that Cannajuice makes medical claims. This is a bit deceiving for those new to CBD, as you should be aware that CBD cannot cure any ailments; it’s simply intended to support a healthy lifestyle.

That said, many of the other brands stocked by Cannajuice are reputable and high-quality, such as CBDistillery.

So, what are the Cannajuice products actually like?


Cannajuice Products

Cannajuice stocks an enormous range of CBD products from various brands. However, under its own name, the brand only sells e-liquids. Here’s what the Greenshoppers team had to say about these products.

Cannajuice E-Liquid


There are lots of ways to get CBD vape oil in the UK. It’s a popular product these days. Cannajuice’s CBD vape juice has a vegetable glycerine base and contains varying quantities of full-spectrum CBD.

There are three flavours available, supposedly made with natural flavourings. These include:

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Natural

There’s 15ml in the bottle, which can be added to any vaporiser. There is a dropper attached to the bottle for ease of use.

The strengths and prices are as follows:

  • 50mg: £18.95
  • 100mg: £24.95
  • 300mg: £29.95

We wish there were more information, but Cannajuice is very vague and provide little information. As we mentioned above, there’s no lab reports either.


Bottom Line on Cannajuice: 5/10

Cannajuice is a bit of a strange company. We’ve seen other sites stocking numerous brands before, but none like this one. Cannajuice sells its own e-liquids, but it doesn’t seem to advertise these very much.

It’s a shame that we can’t access lab reports or find out more about the company, as that would give us more faith in these products. In the end, Cannajuice gets a 5 out of 10 only for the quality of some of the other brands it sells.

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