CBD Ultra Review [Brand Walkthrough]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on August 12, 2020

Before you buy from any CBD brand, it’s imperative to read reviews. After all, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on a product that doesn’t work. Read this complete CBD Ultra review to find out if this brand is worth it.


CBD Ultra: Quick Summary

CBD Ultra Pros

  • CBD Ultra has a large range of products.
  • The prices are super low, especially for the quality.
  • The gummies are vegan and the skincare has been crafted with sensitive skin in mind.

CBD Ultra Cons

  • There are no lab reports at the time of writing.
  • The website has some mistakes, such as reading ‘sea’ instead of ‘tea.’


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CBD Ultra: Full Review

As more brands appear on the UK CBD market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a brand you like. Of course, the most important thing is to find CBD that’s high-quality. There’s no sense in wasting your money on poor-quality CBD that doesn’t work.

At the top of the list of things to look for are lab reports. It’s crucial to find a brand sourcing safe, high-quality hemp to avoid THC contamination. The farming practices should also be as organic as possible. A brand can only prove these claims by providing lab reports.

If you’re tired of trawling the internet and doing all the groundwork, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re reviewing CBD Ultra, a CBD brand based in the UK. It has lots of products on offer, so let’s jump straight into the CBD Ultra UK review.


Who Is CBD Ultra?

CBD Ultra is a UK CBD brand looking to make a splash in the market. It’s pretty difficult to stand out in this industry, but CBD Ultra is attempting to do so with genuinely high-quality products.

Interestingly, CBD Ultra sources hemp from the USA, despite being a British brand. The hemp comes from farms in Colorado, a state widely considered to be one of the best sources for hemp in the world. The crops are non-GMO, and no pesticides are used.

However, there is cause for concern. CBD Ultra has a lab reports tab. When you click on it, it says ‘Coming Soon.’ Currently, the lab reports are not available for viewing, leading us to question why. Hopefully, the staff will address this issue soon enough.

Still, CBD Ultra is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA), which is a good sign.

Let’s check out the products and find out whether they’re worth the money.


CBD Ultra Products

This brand has an impressive range of CBD products. The range features a little something for CBD users of all kinds, so let’s explore the full shop.


CBD Ultra Beverages

We have to say, the range of CBD beverages at CBD Ultra is one of the best we’ve seen. CBD Ultra is clearly being innovative with its products.

CBD Ultra Beverages

There are four varieties of CBD tea. In Britain, CBD tea bags are becoming increasingly popular, and most of them are healthy blends of tea leaves. CBD Ultra stocks the following options:

  • Hemp & Kenyan Black Tea
  • Hemp & Chamomile Tea
  • Hemp, Jasmine & Green Tea
  • Hemp & Lemongrass, Rosehip Tea

Each tea comes in a pouch with 15 tea bags. The hemp contains 5% CBD, and there is 1g of hemp tea leaves per tea bag. All you need to do is steep the tea in water and enjoy! Each costs £11.49.

CBD Ultra also provides luxury CBD-infused coffee beans. The brand sources arabica beans from Colombia, providing a toffee, walnut flavour profile with a zesty finish. Each serving contains 10mg of CBD, which is perfect for a morning mug. One pouch costs £17.95.

More uniquely, CBD Ultra has partnered with Green Times Brewing to introduce a CBD-infused beer. Yes, you read that right! The Highflyer Session IPA is gluten-free and vegan-friendly, with a 4.1% alcohol content. It’s hoppy and delicious, going down smoothly. By the way, you can’t buy this on the site, but it’s available at shops throughout the UK.

Finally, there is the CBD Ultra Bio Plus Oil. It’s a water-soluble formula that you can add to any drink, with each drop containing 5mg of broad-spectrum CBD. A 500mg bottle costs £30.


CBD Ultra Vape Products

For vapers, CBD Ultra has a large range of products. If you’re looking to try vaping for the first time, the CBD Ultra Vape Oil Starter Kit is for you. For £70, you receive a silver, lightweight vape pen with three temperature settings, a USB charger, and a vape oil. The starter kit’s vape oil contains a 10% concentration of CBD.

There is also the CBD Ultra Cannabis-Inspired Starter Kit for £30. This option contains a 20mg pre-filled cartridge. The flavour options include Cookie Dawg, Orange Diesel, and Runtz for authentic cannabis tastes.

CBD Ultra Vape Products

If you already have a vape pen, don’t worry. CBD Ultra has a few options for seasoned vapers. The CBD Ultra 1ml pre-filled cartridges are easy to click into place in any vape pen. They contain MCT oil and come in delicious flavours like Lemon Haze, OG Kush, and Gelato. Each 1ml contains 100mg of CBD and terpenes. The cartridges start at £8.

There are also the CBD Ultra 1ml strain-specific pre-filled cartridges. These are the same flavours as the cannabis-inspired starter kit and they also contain 100mg each. However, they cost £15.

Finally, the CBD Ultra vape oil comes in a dropper bottle. You can add it to any vaporiser of your choice. Once again, CBD Ultra has opted for an MCT base with cannabis flavourings. Each 1000mg bottle costs £55, which is significantly more expensive.

Please note that these flavours won’t be for everyone. If you enjoy sweet, candy-like vapes, look elsewhere.


CBD Ultra Oils and Drops

As for oils, this brand has a very large selection. The range includes the vape oils and the CBD Ultra Bio Plus oil. There is also, however, a regular CBD Ultra Oil Drops option. It’s a pretty regular CBD oil, complete with broad-spectrum hemp extract and an MCT carrier.

The 10ml dropper bottle is available in Natural and Peppermint flavour. Strengths range from 250mg for £15 to 3000mg for £120. There’s a range of strengths and prices to suit all needs! By the way, CBD Ultra also stocks a CBG-infused version of the 500mg bottle, costing £55.

Those looking for potent tinctures should look to the CBD Ultra Rich Hemp Oil. This comes in a 1g syringe because it’s so potent. 1ml of oil contains 920mg of CBD, costing £35. There is also a 3g syringe with 2760mg, costing £70. The taste is strong, but this provides an impressive boost of CBD.

Finally, the brand sells Organic Turmeric and Black Cumin Oil Drops. This option has a spicy, warming flavour and extra anti-inflammatory benefits thanks to the cumin and turmeric. This one has a hemp seed oil carrier. Prices start at £30, and the oil comes in three strengths.

Overall, CBD Ultra has covered the basics and added some more unique options.


CBD Ultra Balms and Massage Oils

CBD Ultra has separated its topical range into two sections. There are some massage oils and some cosmetic products.

The CBD Ultra Balm is, by all accounts, a standard CBD topical balm. With a beeswax base, it possesses a waxy consistency. It’s not really special, but it’s great to see that CBD Ultra gives you the option to buy the balm in scented and unscented varieties. The scented version has a pleasant lavender aroma. You can also buy it in 500mg and 1000mg tubs, costing £30 and £50 respectively.

CBD Ultra Balms and Massage Oils

Meanwhile, the CBD Ultra Body/Massage Oil doubles up as a soothing body oil and an intimate experience for you and a partner. Costing £20, the massage oil contains an incredible aroma blending patchouli, sandalwood, zest, and chamomile. There are even three options: Natural, Calming Zest, and Nighttime Relax. The oil contains 300mg of CBD and is designed to soothe and nourish the skin and reduce inflammation.


CBD Ultra for Beauty

CBD Ultra has several cosmetic options for beauty lovers. The range begins with an activated charcoal clay face mask infused with CBD; something we haven’t seen before. The £30 mask contains Kaolin clay and hyaluronic acid to care for the skin, while witch hazel cleans your pores. The tub contains an impressive 1000mg of CBD.

For after your cleansing mask, there is a CBD & Aloe Vera Moisturiser. CBD Ultra claims that it is perfect for sensitive skin. The cream contains vitamin A to help the skin, along with oat kernel and aloe Vera. One tub contains 1000mg and costs £40.

There is also a line of CBD Ultra bath bombs. The products include the Au Natural Bomb, the Nourish Bomb, and the Knockout Bomb. Each one contains either 20mg or 25mg of CBD, costing £5 or £7 respectively. The bombs contain a blend of essential oils and ingredients to promote specific effects. There’s a little something for all tastes.


Other CBD Ultra Products

There are even more CBD Ultra products on offer, but we don’t have time to cover them all. Other options include the CBD Ultra soft gels, the CBD Ultra isolate, and gummy bears. Whatever your CBD needs, it seems that CBD Ultra has got you covered.

Make sure you take time to explore the whole site if you’re thinking about buying from CBD Ultra.

By the way, the gummies are vegan-friendly!


Bottom Line on CBD Ultra: 7/10

CBD Ultra is a pretty good brand. It’s hard to find faults with it, but there are a few reasons we can’t assign a 10/10. First of all, lab reports are a necessity and CBD Ultra should be providing them. The website could be a little more professional, too; but this is a bit picky!

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