Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil [What’s All the Fuss About?]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on January 1, 2019

You’ve probably heard of Charlotte’s Web, also known as CW Hemp. This CBD company is famous for pioneering a way forward in the industry for people who need it. Check out our full review below, or get the highlights in the quick summary.

Charlotte’s Web Quick Summary

CW Hemp Pros

  • The site features a product finder, which consists of a three-question quiz to help you find which of their products would be best suited to you. We haven’t seen this before and think it’s an excellent touch, especially for CBD newbies.
  • There is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee in case you are not happy with your product.
  • The company uses CO2 extraction to withdraw the hemp extract; this is the industry-standard method as it is safe and high quality.
  • CW Hemp has been around for years – they are tried, tested and trusted by customers.
  • The range of products is impressive, not to mention extremely potent!
  • For the strength of the oils, the prices aren’t bad. The Original Formula CBD Oil, for example, works out at $0.20 per millilitre, which is quite good for the strongest oil we have ever come across.
  • The fact that they sell CBD for dogs is a nice touch.
  • CW Hemp clearly cares about its customers; all reviews are good.

CW Hemp Cons

  • Unfortunately, they don’t do international shipping outside of North America. If you want to get your hands on CW Hemp, you’ll have to wait until you find yourself stateside!
  • The website could be a little more informative about some of the products.


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Charlotte’s Web Full Review

Buying CBD oil is a complicated process. It takes a lot of time and research to find and choose a CBD product that you determine is right for you and your individual needs. First, you need to decide on what type of product you need – edibles, capsules, oil, or another variety. Then, you need to find a retailer that fits with your values and price range. It can be a time-consuming process!

That’s why it’s important to read reviews online of the different brands and retailers. It can save you a lot of time by telling you the pros and cons of each different manufacturer, so you can make a choice in a much quicker time.

Today, we are reviewing the brand CW Hemp, along with its most famous product – Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil. This product has made headlines in the past, and it has a very touching story behind it. But just because it’s famous doesn’t mean it’s the best product around – how does it hold up under review? Let’s find out…

The Story of Charlotte’s Web

CW Hemp has a truly incredible story that all starts with a little girl called Charlotte Figi. Just three months after Charlotte was born, she experienced her first seizure. It lasted for a whole thirty minutes. Following this, her seizures continued to worsen in terms of both severity and frequency, up to the point where her seizures could last for four hours.

By the age of two, Charlotte was showing signs of severe cognitive impairment. She often displayed aggressive outbursts, injured herself, and was reluctant to make eye contact with people. Then, at the age of three, Charlotte could not walk or eat, and she wouldn’t talk.

Eventually, Charlotte was diagnosed with a severe form of childhood epilepsy called Dravet syndrome. She was suffering up to 300 grand mal seizures every week, even causing her heart to stop several times. Her parents, along with doctors, decided to put her into a medically induced coma simply to allow her to rest. They even signed a do-not-resuscitate order in case something went wrong – clearly, a parent would only do this in a dire situation.

Having tried absolutely everything, the Figis were desperate for something that would help. Charlotte’s grandfather then came across a story about a boy with Dravet syndrome who had been helped by medical cannabis. Matt and Paige Figi decided to give it a shot. They managed to get a hold of some cannabis extract which they tried out on Charlotte, and for a whole week after the first dose, she had not a single seizure; remember, this is down from 300 each week.

The Stanley Brothers, touched by the story, did all they could to help. As growers of medical marijuana, they were able to create a hybrid strain of cannabis with a constant ratio of 30:1 CBD:THC. In order words, this strain creates no psychoactive high whatsoever, but still provides the benefits of CBD and cannabis.

After administering to Charlotte, the Figis found that extracts of this strain really worked to treat her. The seizures all but stopped, as she now experiences only a few seizures each month – and those are usually in her sleep. The Stanley Brothers decided to name the new strain “Charlotte’s Web” in honour of the little girl whom they had saved.

Now, CW Hemp (Charlotte’s Web Hemp) is a company dedicated to creating high-quality cannabis and CBD extracts to help people. They are still, to this day, headed by the Stanley Brothers. Their mission statement is “To better the planet and the people living upon it,” which speaks volumes about the importance they place on sustainable practice and improving people’s health.

Currently, CW Hemp has a line of products all crafted using the Charlotte’s Web strain. But are they any good?

CW Hemp Products

CW Hemp sells a range of products including various application methods and even CBD for dogs. They have recently updated their entire range, changing up some of the formulas, repackaging their products into a cool new design, and changing some of the names (they tell you what products used to be called on the site, in case you’re an old customer). Let’s take an in-depth look at this product line below.

CW Hemp CBD Oils

charlotte’s web

Original Formula CBD Oil
The Original Formula CBD Oil contains a very high potency of CBD. One serving is either 0.5ml or 1ml of oil, and you can purchase a 30ml bottle or a 100ml bottle. There are two flavourings: Olive Oil and Mint Chocolate. The latter is an excellent option for those who hate the taste of CBD, or for those who are planning on giving it to children. The Olive Oil flavour has no added ingredients other than olive oil and hemp extract, while the Mint Chocolate flavour only has the flavouring added to this combination.

The oil contains a range of different cannabinoids and terpenes, allowing for the entourage effect to take place. This variety of CBD oil contains approximately 43 mg of hemp extract per 0.5ml serving, making for an exceptionally strong oil.

The 30ml bottle costs $149.99 (around £120), while the 100ml bottle will set you back $274.99 (approximately £219).

Full Strength CBD Oil
The Full Strength CBD Oil is mostly similar to the Original Formula, but with a weaker strength. Once again it comes in either Olive Oil or Mint Chocolate flavour, in either a 30ml or 100ml bottle. Extracted from the same strain, the oil contains over 80 phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

The 30ml bottle comes with a dropper that holds 0.5ml of oil, meaning you can take that as a serving or take two drops for a 1ml serving. The 100ml bottle comes with a dropper that holds 1ml of liquid. This CBD oil option contains up to 10mg of hemp extract per ml, which contains around 6.65 mg of CBD. The 30ml option costs $39.99 (roughly £32), while the 100ml bottle costs $99.99 (around £80).

Extra Strength CBD Oil
This Extra Strength CBD Oil is twice the strength of the Full Strength CBD Oil. Like the other options, it comes in the same flavours and sizes. With this option, there is 25 mg of hemp extract per 1ml drop, equating to 16.65mg of CBD alongside the other 80+ phytocannabinoids. The 30ml variety costs $74.99 (or £60), while the larger bottle of 100ml costs $188.99 (approximately £150).

Maximum Strength Hemp Extract
This is a brand new product that contains the most hemp extract out of any CW Hemp products – or any product we have seen, to be honest. It’s so strong that it’s not currently being sold online, and is only sold at medical dispensaries in the United States. Available only in a 30ml bottle and only in the mint flavour, the Maximum Strength Hemp Extract costs $164.99 (around £131). This product is gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan friendly. Each 1ml drop contains a whopping 120 mg of hemp extract, with 60 mg of CBD.

This is a very impressive product, but it is clearly excessive for most people. In the case of treating epileptic children under the watchful eye of a doctor, this is excellent. However, for food supplement and dietary purposes, nobody needs 60 mg of CBD per ml of product.

CW Hemp CBD Capsules

charlotte’s web cannabis oil

Full Strength CBD Capsules
For those who don’t like the texture of CBD oil, flavoured oils may not be enough. Capsules are a quick, convenient option for those who want to take their CBD subtly. The Full Strength CBD Capsules are made from the same Charlotte’s Web strains as other products, containing a good range of phytocannabinoids. This option provides 8mg of CBD per capsule, and comes in bottles of:

  • 30 capsules: $34.99 (£28)
  • 60 capsules: $59.99 (£48)

Extra Strength CBD Capsules
These are very much like the Full Strength CBD Capsules, but stronger. They are intended to better general wellbeing with organic, simple ingredients. This option provides 18mg of CBD per capsule, coming with:

  • 30 capsules: $69.99 (£56)
  • 60 capsules: $119.99 (£95)

CW Hemp CBD Isolate

CW Hemp says that its isolate is intended to allow users to add extra CBD into their full-spectrum hemp routine as and when they choose. For an extra boost, users can take a little bit of CBD isolate to improve their wellbeing. This product comes as an oil, meaning it goes well with the other oil products. Containing 99% pure CBD, the CBD Isolate offers 20mg of CBD per 1ml, and absolutely zero THC. High-performance liquid chromatography ensures that there is no more THC than 13 parts per million. The 30ml bottle costs $99.99 (approximately £80).

CW Hemp CBD Topicals

charlotte’s web cbd oil

Hemp Infused Cream
CW Hemp crafted this cream to help rejuvenate and replenish the skin. All the ingredients used are sustainably grown, non-GMO, gluten free, cruelty free and packaged in BPA-free containers. The ingredients include Vitamin B5, aloe, coconut oil, arnica, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, and more. Containing 300 mg of hemp extract per ounce, this product is intended to relieve dry and itchy skin with these skin-loving ingredients. The bottle is 2.5oz in total, costing $49.99 (around £40). You can purchase both an unscented or scented option depending on your preferences.

Hemp Infused Balm
The CW Hemp Infused Balm is ideal for dry skin. It is made up of sustainable, organic ingredients such as apricot kernel oil and botanical scents, with absolutely no synthetic fragrances. There is 300 mg of hemp extract per ounce, with two sizing options available. The 0.5oz tub costs $14.99 (roughly £12), while the 1.5oz tin costs $39.99 (around £32).

CW Hemp CBD for Dogs

Sometimes our furry friends need a health boost, and since they have the same endocannabinoid system as we do, they too can benefit from CBD. However, they can’t take it in the same doses or way that we can, so it’s important to buy pet-specific CBD. Charlotte’s Web Paws comes in an oil form, in either a 30ml or a 100ml bottle. You can add the oil to your dog’s food to help them eat it, and it’s recommended to give them one serving twice a day. One 1ml of this oil contains 25 mg of hemp extract, of which 16.5 mg is CBD. The 30ml bottle costs $74.99 (about £60), while the 100ml bottle is $188.99 (approximately £150).

What We Think About Charlotte’s Web: 10/10

We can see why there’s such a hype about Charlotte’s Web. First off, the backstory for this company and its products is incredible and endearing, so we can see why so many people want to invest in this brand. Furthermore, their products are clearly very high quality and are made sustainably, which we appreciate a lot.

Some of the products are on the pricey side and are not accessible to everyone, which is especially unfortunate given the message of the company. That being said, it costs a lot to make CBD products, particularly ones that stick to this kind of quality.

In general, we would say that CW Hemp is an excellent brand. Their products are, sadly, not currently available for purchase in the UK. This could change as the climate in the cannabis industry shifts; if it ever becomes easier to ship overseas. For now, CW Hemp could be a great option for you if you ever happen to be in the states.