Ecbd Review [All About the Brand]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on August 5, 2020

Vapers are always itching to find the best CBD vape products on the market. UK customers are now lucky enough to benefit from brands like ecbd. Find out more in this full review.


Ecbd: Quick Summary

Ecbd Pros

  • The brand claims to use CO2 extraction.
  • All flavours come from real terpenes.
  • The brand is based in the UK.

Ecbd Cons

  • There are no third-party lab reports.
  • The product range is minimal.
  • There’s a lack of information about the brand and the products.
  • The website is not very appealing to the general CBD user.
  • It would be nice if ecbd offered products for new vapers, such as pens.


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Ecbd: Full Review

Vaping CBD is now so popular that some brands are solely dedicated to vapes. There is all manner of products to choose from, from disposable CBD vape pens to terpene additives based on cannabis strains.

UK vapers can benefit from the vast range of options now available. Brands like ecbd are continually expanding their ranges to include lots of exciting products. Today, we are reviewing the entire ecbd product range so you can make an informed decision on these products.

After all, it’s imperative to read up on CBD brands before you buy – especially when it comes to vaping. Read on to learn more about the ecbd UK products.


Who Is ecbd?

Ecbd is a peculiar brand. The website features no information about the brand itself and who runs it, only a vague FAQ page. The official Facebook page, which has 158 likes at the time of writing, appeared in 2018. It’s clear that this brand has had time to get itself up and running, so it’s strange to see a website so lacking in information.

The layout of the site also isn’t the most professional. With a black background and flames, it seems to appeal more to teen vapers than those looking to use healthy CBD products. Nevertheless, it must be working for the company.

With so little information on the website, it’s impossible to talk about the brand’s practices. We don’t know where it sources hemp, what extraction method it uses, or if there are any lab reports. The product descriptions suggest that CO2 extraction is used, but lab reports would help verify this.

This really isn’t the most reassuring. Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the products.


Ecbd Products

Ecbd, although a vape company at heart, has a few CBD products on offer. There are vape liquids, crumble, and even CBD oil. We tried the products out, and here’s what we thought.


Ecbd CBD Oil

The CBD oil from ecbd is a terpene-infused variety. It has an MCT coconut oil base infused with broad-spectrum CBD extracted from hemp. Ecbd then infuses each bottle with an array of terpenes to match specific cannabis strains. Each bottle, therefore, has a slightly different flavour.

Ecbd CBD Oil

The options include:

  • Bananaberry
  • Blue Dream
  • Grandaddy Purps
  • Mango Kush
  • Pineapple Express
  • Platinum Raspberry Cookies
  • Red Diesel

There’s also the option to buy a terpene-free version. Admittedly, these aren’t the most excellent flavour unless you’re a fan of the taste of cannabis.

Ecbd also offers several strengths, starting at 100mg for £12.99 and going up to 2000mg for £89.99. It’s good to have this level of choice.


Ecbd CBD Crumble

Those who enjoy dabbing will be glad to see that ecbd offers crumble. Usually, crumbles are a form of CBD isolate, but the ecbd CBD crumble is broad-spectrum and contains a variety of terpenes.

Ecbd CBD Crumble

The crumble comes in the same flavour profiles as the CBD oil. Oddly, it also comes in the same strengths. Typically, brands will sell crumble in terms of size, since CBD concentrates for dabbing are usually 99% strength. As a result, 1g is 1000mg, and so on.

However, ecbd sells the exact same strengths as the CBD oil ­– and we aren’t sure about tub sizes. For us, this is not the most confident purchase since things like size aren’t specific.

The prices are also the same.


Ecbd CBD Vape

In an unsurprising turn of events, the CBD vape liquid comes in the same strengths and flavours as the crumble and tincture. This CBD vape oil contains propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, but ecbd doesn’t specify the ratio.

Ecbd CBD Vape

It comes in a dropper bottle to easily add to your vape pen. It’s a shame that Ecbd doesn’t also sell vaping equipment on the website for those new to vaping.

The prices are, once again, the same.


Final Thoughts on ecbd: 4/10

Sadly, we think there are better places to shop than ecbd. This brand has a very limited product range, and what’s there isn’t special. It’s true that the prices are very reasonable, but we still think you could find better deals elsewhere.

Ecbd could improve its store in several simple ways, such as adding more information to the website and publishing third-party lab reports. Claiming to conduct reports is not enough – they need to be published!

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