Holland and Barrett CBD Oil Review

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Updated on December 20, 2018

It is important to buy CBD from a source you trust, and that’s why so many Britons are flocking to Holland & Barrett to muscle in on the CBD craze. When the health chain started stocking CBD at the start of 2018, sales increased by 37% in the following four weeks.

Although Holland & Barrett don’t produce their own CBD, they do sell CBD products from two other brands. Their main supplier is Jacob Hooy, whose range of CBD oils can be found on the shelves at Holland & Barrett and on their online site. But are these products worth it?

In this article, we will be reviewing the Jacob Hooy line of CBD oils and any other CBD products available at your local Holland & Barrett, so that you know whether it’s really worth a purchase.

Who are Holland & Barrett and Jacob Hooy CBD?

Holland & Barrett is a chain of health food shops with a presence in 16 countries; the United Kingdom is one of their most prominent and important locations. They were formed in 1870 by Alfred Slapps Barrett and Major William Holland, who started out selling groceries and clothing. A business that has survived this long is certainly one you can trust, and this chain is a household name in Britain.

Now possessing over 1,300 stores in total, Holland & Barrett are renowned for selling vitamins, supplements, and things related to homeopathy. Their focus is on being healthy, so it’s no wonder they have started selling organic CBD supplements.

As for Jacob Hooy, they are a Dutch company who had small beginnings as a herb stand in Nieumarkt, Amsterdam, run by Jacob Hooy himself. This began in 1743, long before Holland & Barrett existed. When he was just 21 years old, Hooy opened a drugstore shop. And now, centuries later, the company is still known as the place to go for natural remedies and authentic cures.

Jacob Hooy began producing CBD oils more recently, capitalising on what is growing to be an enormous industry. In the Netherlands, where attitudes to cannabis are more relaxed, they are in the perfect position to produce high-quality CBD oils.

Both Jacob Hooy and Holland & Barrett are longstanding, trusted brands renowned for their expertise in the natural world and holistic remedies. This partnership is bound to be a good one, but what are the CBD oils actually like?

Holland & Barrett CBD Products

The majority of CBD products that Holland & Barrett stocks are from Jacob Hooy – all but one in fact. There is a selection of oils, capsules, and one more unique product in stock, so let’s take a look.

Jacob Hooy CBD+ Oils

cbd oil holland and barrett

The Jacob Hooy CBD+ Oils are 100% natural products. They come in either a 10ml bottle or a 30ml bottle with a built-in dropper for ease of use; the 10ml bottle contains approximately 240 drops. You take them just the same as any other CBD oil, by dripping a few drops beneath your tongue, holding the liquid there for 90 seconds, and then swallowing. The CBD is absorbed sublingually through the capillaries under your tongue, meaning that the CBD enters straight into your bloodstream.

These CBD oils are called ‘CBD+’, suggesting that they contain more than just CBD. Holland & Barrett unfortunately do not specify if there are other cannabinoids in the oils, or what those cannabinoids might be. They do, however, state that every batch of oil is tested to verify that the products contain less than 0.05% THC; it is impossible to get high on these CBD oils. This limit also ensures that they are legal in the UK. Sadly, Holland & Barrett do not post the third-party lab reports, so you would have to go directly to Jacob Hooy to find reports. And their website is in Dutch, so good luck navigating it if you’re not a speaker!

The CBD (and possibly other cannabinoids?) are suspended in hempseed oil, made by cold pressing the seeds of the hemp plant. This stays true to the organic, hemp theme in CBD oils, and adds some extra health benefits of its own! What’s more, these oils can be enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans, too!

The Jacob Hooy CBD+ Oils range at Holland & Barrett is available in several strengths and sizes:

  • Jacob Hooy CBD+ Oil 2.75% 10ml: £19.99
  • Jacob Hooy CBD+ Oil 2.75% 30ml: £39.99
  • Jacob Hooy CBD + Oil 5% 10ml: £29.99
  • Jacob Hooy CBD+ Oil 5% 30ml: £59.99

This range is pricier than some other CBD oils on the UK market, especially when you consider that you can find more potent oils for less money. However, these are very high quality oils from a trusted manufacturer, so you’re paying for quality.

Jacob Hooy CBD+ Capsules

 holland and barrett cbd oil

It’s always a good sign when a CBD manufacturer sells capsules to add a bit of variety. Capsules are much more familiar to many people than sublingual oils, and they lack the distinctive taste of CBD oil. These are made similarly to the CBD oils, but are encased in a vegan-friendly gel capsule for increased ease of use.

Once again, there is less than 0.05% THC in every product. Taking one capsule is a little stronger than taking one drop of CBD oil – you are meant to take up to 10 drops of oil at a time, after all. With the capsules, you take 1 capsule once a day, half an hour before a meal. There is less bioavailability than with oils, but the CBD will still help you maintain your health.

The only complaint we have is that there is only one strength. With a pack of Jacob Hooy CBD capsules containing 60 capsules, each one has 2.75% CBD and is the equivalent to taking 8 drops of the lower strength oil. A tub will set you back £34.99, which again is more expensive than some competitor prices online.

Other CBD Products at Holland & Barrett

The market for CBD products is constantly growing, and brands are always releasing new, unique products. Love Hemp is one such brand, and they have released the first water in Europe that is infused with CBD.

Love Hemp’s CBD-infused water is available to buy at Holland & Barrett, for the extremely cheap price of 99p for a 500ml bottle. Each 500ml bottle contains 2mg of CBD. This is a very weak strength, but it is an excellent option for those looking to give themselves just a small boost. It tastes just like regular spring water and has proven to be an extremely popular product for the brand.

If you’re looking for a different, interesting and easy way to take CBD, this could be it!

Holland & Barrett CBD Pros

  • The combined expertise of Holland & Barrett and Jacoob Hooy ensures that these are very high quality oils.
  • A very low THC content means that these oils are perfectly legal in the UK and have no psycho-active effects.
  • There is a capsules option available for those who don’t like CBD oil or would prefer a traditional pill supplement.
  • The Love Hemp water is a great addition to the range; it is cheaper at Holland & Barrett than it is directly from Love Hemp!
  • Rather than paying for shipping, you can get these products cheaper by walking straight into a Holland & Barrett store.

Holland & Barrett CBD Cons

  • More expensive than some competitor brands, probably due to international shipping costs from the Netherlands.
  • There is only one strength of capsules, and these oils/capsules are weaker than many other products you can find on the internet.
  • Holland & Barrett are not specifically geared toward CBD. The lack of information on the website about these products shows that they are not as clued up on CBD as companies who are solely dedicated to CBD. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the products are bad, though.
  • It is hard to access third-party lab reports for Jacob Hooy.

Final Thoughts on Holland & Barrett CBD

Holland & Barrett is a very trustworthy shop that many Brits are already familiar with. If you’re wanting to get started with CBD and feel unsure, this could be the place to do it. It is true that the Jacob Hooy oils are weaker than some other brands’, but you can start out here and work your way up if you feel you need something stronger – these might be perfect for you anyway!

Overall, the range at Holland & Barrett is a decent starting point for CBD. As the first high street store to start selling CBD products, we hope that more UK shops will start to follow suit.

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