Amma Life CBD Review [Oils, Topicals, Edibles]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on January 21, 2019

Amma Life is a CBD brand with a great product range. Find out more about them in today’s Greenshoppers review.


Amma Life Quick Summary

Amma Life Pros

  • Reputable brand with many reviews on TrustPilot.
  • The prices are decent considering the potency and quality.
  • All hemp is licensed and legal.
  • A good range of products and strengths.

Amma Life Cons

  • We would like to see some edibles in the range, as Amma Life lacks some sort of gummies.
  • The popularity of products can sometimes mean that orders take a while to process.


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Amma Life: The Full Review

Today, we are looking at Amma Life. Read on to find out all about the company, their products and prices, and whether we think it’s worth giving them a try. We will be providing a full product breakdown for newcomers to CBD so that you know you won’t be stuck when it comes to choosing the right CBD product for you.

Without further ado, let’s talk about Amma Life…


Who Is Amma Life?

Amma Life is a company dedicated to creating food supplements derived from whole-plant hemp extract. They believe strongly in the use of CBD and hemp products to lead a healthy lifestyle since it is thought that cannabinoids may be able to improve and maintain our general wellbeing.

They were founded in the UK in 2014, making them one of the earlier companies to break through in the UK CBD market. ‘Amma’ originates from the Dogon tribe of West Africa, used to describe their supreme creator. Amma Life sees CBD as the “forefront of a new consciousness.”

With products for sale in both the UK and the EU, Amma Life’s products all contain less than 0.2% THC and are made using full-spectrum hemp extracts. The company promotes leading a healthy lifestyle alongside using CBD, which is probably why they have crafted such a good range of products for all to enjoy.

Amma Life’s mission statement and values are clearly very good, but does this make their products good, too?


Amma Life CBD Products

This company carries a good range of products all made from licensed industrial hemp. They have a few different product types, so let’s take a look.


Amma Life CBD Oils

amma life cbd

While some CBD oils contain potentially harmful (or just unhealthy) substances that are extracted alongside the cannabinoids, Amma Life takes extra steps to avoid this. After using a CO2 extraction process, they purify their oils to remove waxes, excess fats, and contaminants. This gives the oil a golden colour. Suitable for vegans, the hemp used is grown organically in an outdoor environment without using pesticides. Extra terpenes are added to create an entourage effect, and there is 0% THC.

Prices vary depending on the potency and size of the bottle:

  • 4% CBD Oil:
    10ml (400mg): £34.99
    30ml (1200mg): £89.00
  • 10% CBD Oil (10ml 1000mg): £59.99
  • 25% CBD Oil (10ml 2500mg): £125.00


Amma Life CBD E-Liquids

Vaping CBD is an increasingly popular option, and Amma Life is just one of many companies looking to cater to vapers. They currently sell two different strengths of their CBD vape liquids, both of which are new additions to their range of products. The vape liquids contain 75% cannabinoid extract along with active terpenes. The natural flavour comes about thanks to these terpenes, and therefore no flavourings are used. Propylene glycol is used as a thinning agent, which can be dangerous, but it is food grade.

  • 250mg: £29.99
  • 500mg: £49.99


Amma Life CBD Paste

As opposed to CBD oils, CBD pastes are more condensed and are not mixed with an oil carrier. The result is a full plant extract from hemp that delivers all the CBD goodness without the slimy texture of an oil. The hemp used to make the paste is grown in the Netherlands, with the final product packed full of cannabinoids and terpenes. Once again suitable for vegans, health fanatics will appreciate the fact that these are organic, non-GMO crops. After the growing process, the cannabinoids are extracted using CO2. The paste can be taken alone or added to food.

20% Pure CBD Paste:

  • 1g (200mg): £18.49
  • 3g (600mg): £49.00
  • 7g (1400mg): £95.99
  • 10g (2000mg): £129.00

30% Purified Cannabidiol Paste:
This paste has been purified twice using decarboxylation methods. The result is an oil with a very distinct flavour and a high potency. This purification also removes harmful waxes and leaves a more effective product.

  • 1g (300mg): £21.99
  • 3g (900mg): £57.99
  • 8g (2400mg): £129.00
  • 10g (3000mg): £165.00


Amma Life CBD Spray

amma life spray

Many people who wish to take CBD oil find that they don’t like the taste. While it is possible to add it to food and beverages, the oil is hydrophobic and therefore does not mix with water. Amma Life to the rescue! Their CBDX Water Soluble Spray is similar to their oils – packed full of terpenes that give it a pleasant taste, as well as containing plenty of CBD. Amma Life claims that this spray has a ten times higher absorption rate than other forms of CBD solution; simply add it to your drink!

  • 5ml (200mg): £24.99
  • 10ml (400mg): £44.99
  • 20ml (800mg): £79.00


Amma Life CBD Tea

buy amma life cbd

If you would rather have a ready-made drink instead of adding water-soluble spray to your glass of water, Amma Life have you covered. They sell two varieties of CBD tea, made using Cannabis sativa leaves. When you steep the tea bag in hot water, the properties of the plant are activated. The active ingredient may be CBDa rather than CBD, but this is nonetheless a beneficial compound. To use, simply add a teabag to boiled water and brew for up to 10 minutes; add lemon or honey to sweeten if you wish. Each box contains 18 teabags.

  • CBD Tea: £14.95
  • CBD and Mint Tea: £13.95


Amma Life CBD Topical Cream

The Nourishing CBD Cream is a topical formula designed to hydrate and replenish the skin. Amma Life suggest applying it to problem areas of dry skin. The cannabinoids can be absorbed into your body to add extra levels of hydration and nourishment. This product is petroleum-free and without parabens, containing a wealth of skin-loving, calming ingredients. The tub costs £26.99.


Our Final Thoughts on Amma Life: 7/10

Generally, we really like Amma Life. They are a great, UK-based company that clearly cares about the wellness of its customers. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with most of the complaints coming down to things like delayed shipping time. Some reviews state that the customers found the products too weak, and it is true that there is not a huge range of strengths available for some of the products. That being said, this is something that Amma Life could always expand on in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.

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