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Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on February 12, 2020

CannaVEST is a reasonably well-known brand stocking CBD, and yet its products seem to be missing when you search the brand online! Strangely, this brand has no official website, providing no way to purchase its products directly.

Partly, this is because the company changed its name following legal complications. CEO Michael Mona Jr. was charged with overstating the company’s assets back in 2017, forcing the company to change its name.

Currently, CannaVEST is trading under the name CV Sciences. Its products are available through a site called Plus CBD Oil. For the purposes of this CannaVEST review, we will be referring to the company by this name.

It may seem as though this review is off to a poor start, but has CannaVEST managed to turn things around?

Who Is CannaVEST?

Based in America, CannaVEST is a brand specialising in CBD. Over the years, the brand has traded in a couple of industries and under several names, in part due to legal matters.

Nowadays, CannaVEST is selling products on the PlusCBD Oil website, under a company called CV Sciences. Although this may seem odd given the company’s history, it appears that the brand has turned a new leaf.

PlusCBD Oil has become a popular site for cannabidiol in recent years, stocking high-quality products that consumers can’t seem to get enough of. It looks as though, currently, CannaVEST is a legitimate brand. It even conducts lab reports on its products!

So, without further ado, let’s let the products speak for themselves.

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CannaVEST CBD Products

The CannaVEST CBD products are available for purchase through the Plus CBD Oil website, under a brand of the same name. There is quite a good range of products available, so let’s check them out.




CannaVEST has a surprisingly broad range of CBD oils. There are many different options, including full-spectrum drops, a spray, raw drops (containing CBDa), and Gold Drops. The amount of choices is positive because it allows users to customise their CBD experience completely.

Not only are there these selections, but you can also select a specific strength and even flavour. Although the olive oil carrier is not too bad by itself, you can also purchase Peppermint, Café Moche, and Goji Berry flavours depending on the specific range of CBD oil you go for.

The prices for the tinctures aren’t too bad. Even the most potent Gold Oil Formula product is less than $150, which is less than some other brands. Given the quality, this is quite impressive.

CannaVEST CBD Balm


Among other topicals, Plus CBD sells a CBD Balm. This product appears to be a best-seller, as the brand has adapted it several times. Alongside the regular Plus CBD Oil Balm, available in the usual strength and Extra Strength Gold, there is a Raw Formula in travel-sized version, and two Gold Strength sticks.

CannaVEST has tried to cover all the bases here, which we respect. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information about the ingredients that go into the balm. What we can say is that, although it has quite a stiff texture, it feels quite lovely on the skin.

CannaVEST CBD Capsules


The CBD capsules from CannaVEST come in all three of the brand’s formulas. The Total Plant Complex soft gels contain 10mg of CBD per pill, coming in a blister packet for ease of use.

There is also the option to purchase Raw Softgels containing CBDa, but these only include 5mg per capsule. Finally, the Gold Formula capsules contain 15mg of CBD each. Prices vary from $12.95 to $19.95.

CannaVEST CBD Spray


We touched on the CBD spray a little earlier. It uses the same CBD oil blend as the other CannaVEST tinctures, with an olive oil base. The spray bottle is super convenient as it’s less likely to leak than a dropper, making it more portable.

The spray comes in a 1oz, 100mg bottle or a 2oz, 500mg bottle, with prices starting at $22.95.

CannaVEST CBD Concentrate



Formerly, CannaVEST stocked a hemp-derived CBD oil concentrate and a gold strength version. These products do not appear to be on the site anymore, which is a shame given that they were quite popular. The Gold Strength Variety contained 250mg of CBD and was a favourite with customers.

CannaVEST Pros and Cons

CannaVEST Pros

  • Quite a good range of products, with all the basics covered.
  • The prices aren’t too bad, meaning these products are accessible for most users.
  • CannaVEST lab tests the products for quality and safety assurance.

CannaVEST Cons

  • The company has a slightly dodgy history that tarnishes its reputation.
  • The website is a bit confusing; it would be helpful if they broke it down into sections.

Final Verdict on CannaVEST

CannaVEST CBD has a bit of a rocky history. It’s a shame, really, because the company’s current venture as Plus CBD Oil seems to be quite successful. Consumers are enjoying the high-quality yet affordable CBD that Plus CBD has on offer.

Overall, CannaVEST is a mid-tier brand. It’s not the most luxurious CBD company around, but it’s certainly not the worst, either. It’s good to see a brand offering products without astronomical price tags, so that’s a plus in our book!

Since this is an American brand, our British readers will have to head elsewhere for CBD products. Laws differ from country to country and even between states in the US, so it’s better to buy local to avoid any trouble. Check out our other Greenshoppers reviews to find a brand that’s perfect for you.

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