Hempful Review [CBD Brand and Products Overview]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on June 10, 2020

Hempful claims to be the leading Irish producer of hemp and CBD products. We tried these products to let our readers know what we think. Check out the brand’s pros and cons in our quick summary, or read the full product review below.

Hempful: Quick Summary

Hempful Pros

  • Free shipping throughout the UK and Ireland.
  • The CBG spray is quite unique in the British market.
  • All of the products are reasonably priced.
  • The spray bottles are super easy to use.

Hempful Cons

  • There are no lab reports.
  • The range of products is pretty limited.
  • It doesn’t say what extraction method is used, nor what the carrier oil is. There’s some critical information missing.

Learn more about laws surrounding hemp and CBD in Ireland in our full guide. It’s crucial to know the regulations around CBD before you buy, so check it out today.


Hempful: Full Review

Hempful is a CBD brand based in the UK. There’s a lot of those around these days, complicating the shopping process for new CBD consumers. Rather than spending hours upon hours trawling the internet in search of the perfect brand, you can find exactly what you’re looking for here at Greenshoppers.

We review a multitude of CBD brands, creating lists of pros and cons so you can see our recommendations at a glance. Plus, we discuss the products to let you know whether they’re worth your money.

Today, we’re reviewing Hempful UK. There are quite a few products to get through, so let’s check them out.


Who Is Hempful?

On the website, Hempful claims to be Ireland’s leading producer of hemp food and CBD oil. The only other Irish brand we have seen is Celtic Wind Crops, sold at Lloyd’s Pharmacy. However, Hempful’s product range is much larger, so there may be some truth to this claim.

Hempful is quite clearly a reputable brand. The website has a clean layout and is easy to navigate. All products are made in accordance with UK laws on hemp, with a chemist on hand to help with the product development. We don’t know a lot about the extraction processes, but the products seem high-quality nonetheless.

The Hempful hemp Health Bars are now even sold in Aldi. If that’s not quality assurance, we don’t know what is – large supermarkets don’t tend to sell faulty products.

By the way, the Health Bars don’t contain CBD. Hempful is a purveyor of both CBD products and non-CBD hemp products designed for nutrition. We think it’s an excellent way to show the full benefits of the hemp plant.

Without further ado, let’s find out how the products went down.


Hempful Products

Hempful has a decent range of CBD products. We didn’t try the Health Bars as they don’t contain any CBD, but we hear they’re pretty good.


Hempful CBG 50:50 Blend

Interestingly, Hempful has branched out beyond just CBD. The brand also stocks a CBG blend spray. Although CBG is less researched than CBD, advocates believe that CBG has several amazing benefits. Most full-spectrum oils contain some quantity of CBG, but Hempful’s CBG spray contains a 50/50 balance of CBD and CBG.

The spray comes in one strength, with 600mg of cannabinoids in a 20ml bottle. That’s 300mg of CBD and 300mg of CBG. The bottle has a spray dispenser, which is easy to use with no mess. Each spray contains 4.3mg of CBD and 4.3mg of CBG.

The taste is quite potent, and not all that pleasant. It’s not too much worse than a standard CBD oil, though. I tried this option to help with chronic pain as a result of fibromyalgia, as I heard CBG is an anti-inflammatory. After about fifteen minutes, the pain was reduced!

One bottle costs £40.

Hempful CBD-Rich Hemp Tea

Hempful CBD-Rich Hemp Tea

Hemp tea is growing in popularity, offering a delightful flavour for those who enjoy herbal teas. This CBD-infused tea contains 40mg of cannabinoids per teabag. 5mg of that is CBD.

Hempful says that the CBD-rich tea is a good way to introduce CBD to your body. This may be on account of the low 5mg dose. For intermediate users, the tea can be a nice CBD top-up during the day, supplementing your CBD routine.

The CBD tea was out of stock when we reviewed this brand, so we didn’t personally try it. There are 30 tea bags per box, costing £12.99.


Hempful CBD Spray

Hempful CBD Spray

Rather than dropper bottles, Hempful has opted for a CBD spray. Sprays are sometimes easier to use and less likely to leak, which is preferable for those who have trouble with dropper bottles or who carry CBD on the go.

Hempful has several options available, all with full-spectrum hemp extract. There are four strengths, ranging from 250mg to 1500mg. This is ideal for a range of CBD users. Plus, the prices are very decent, with the strongest option costing only £90. It works out at £0.06 per milligram of CBD. Hempful also provides a breakdown of how much CBD there is per spray.

We’d like to know what carrier oil was used, but Hempful doesn’t provide this information. Of course, the lack of lab reports is also an issue.


Our Verdict on Hempful: 7/10

Hempful is a relatively good brand. There are several things to like about it, including the unique CBG spray, the tasty hemp health bars, and the spray bottles. However, there are some issues that prevented Hempful from getting top marks. For one, there are no lab reports.

Also, the product range is fairly limited. There are four strengths of CBD oil, sure, but not many product types available. It would be nice to see some capsules, topicals, or edibles containing CBD.

Nonetheless, Hempful is a reputable brand and it has room to grow.

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