High Falls Hemp Review [All About This Brand]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on November 18, 2020

Learn everything there is to know about High Falls Hemp New York in our full product review before you invest money in its products. If you’re short on time, check out our quick summary below.


High Falls Hemp: Quick Summary

High Falls Hemp Pros

 There’s a 30-day trial with a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

  • There are plenty of positive reviews online.
  • High Falls Hemp feels really homely and community driven.
  • Lab reports are freely available.
  • The products are all vegan-friendly.

High Falls Hemp Cons 

  • Some of the products are quite expensive.
  • High Falls Hemp doesn’t ship to the UK.


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High Falls Hemp: Full Review

High Falls Hemp New York is a brand based in America. Since this brand sells full-spectrum CBD in the USA, where the legal THC limit is 0.3%, our British readers cannot buy the products. The limit in the UK is 0.2%.

Nevertheless, this is a pretty high-quality brand that could have a lot to offer to the CBD industry. In this review, we explore all the products in more detail to help you figure out whether this could be the brand for you.


Who Is High Falls Hemp?

High Falls Hemp is a New York based company. The co-founder, Tricia, moved to NYC from her rural farm life in Ohio, and she found the city a little claustrophobic. Eventually, she moved to a farm in High Falls, New York, on the banks of the Roundout River. There, she and her husband Rick developed the property and tended the land.

One day, a car accident left them both with lasting injuries that caused pain. The couple began to use CBD as a method of easing the pain, and they were instant converts. So, when New York state allowed farmers to grow hemp in 2017, they jumped at the opportunity. In 2018, they planted their first hemp plants. Today, the couple has 13 acres of hemp crops in four locations.

The brand’s website features tons of information on the history and settlement of the High Falls hamlet. Although not specifically relevant to CBD, this is a nice touch because it makes the brand feel really homely. It’s easy to see how locals could be so proud of this company.

With locally grown hemp and a lovely sense of brand familiarity, High Falls Hemp goes from strength to strength. The brand also has its products tested by a third-party lab for quality assurance. The reports are on the website, but you also receive a QR code after purchasing for further transparency. The certificates show everything from cannabinoid content to toxins, so these are an excellent layer of assurance.

Now, let’s take a look at the products.


High Falls Hemp CBD Products

High Falls Hemp has a great range of products featuring all the main categories. Below, we cover the products in more detail along with the prices.


High Falls Hemp CBD Tinctures

Almost all CBD brands offer tinctures. The High Falls Hemp flagship tinctures contain a full-spectrum cannabinoid blend in a dropper bottle. The product comes with a hemp seed carrier oil and no additives. This is an extremely natural product. Several strengths are available in the same bottle size (30ml), meaning higher potency.

  • 300mg: $35
  • 750mg: $70
  • 1500mg: $125
  • 3000mg: $200

Using the subscribe and save feature allows you to save 30% on these purchases.

By the way, you can also get a ‘mini’ 375mg tincture (15ml) for $25.

High Falls Hemp also offers a Terpene Tincture. This one has a powerful aroma and plenty of added hemp terpenes. It comes in one strength of 1000mg (30ml) and costs $98.


High Falls Hemp CBD Isolate Tinctures

If full spectrum isn’t your thing, High Falls Hemp has a CBD isolate tincture offering. Once again in a 30ml bottle, this blend has been refined so it contains nothing but CBD. There are two strength offerings on the high end of the scale, so this is probably best for experienced users:

  • 1500mg: $125
  • 3000mg: $200

High Falls Hemp CBD Isolate Tinctures

Like the full-spectrum tinctures, the isolate oils are gluten-free and vegan.


High Falls Hemp CBD Capsules

Back in the full-spectrum category, the CBD Full-Spectrum Soft Gels offer a convenient solution for a busy lifestyle. Again, these capsules are advertised as vegan, so it’s likely that they’re made from vegetable glycerine. Soft gels are easy to swallow, making them the best pill option.

High Falls Hemp CBD Capsules

There are three options available, each in a bottle of 30 soft gels:

  • 300mg (10mg per capsule): $35
  • 750mg (25mg per capsule): $70
  • 1500mg (50mg per capsule): $125


High Falls Hemp CBD Gummies

The High Falls Hemp gummies are vegan-friendly, like the other products. They’re made from tapioca syrup, so they’re also gluten-free and contain no corn syrup.

Each gummy comes in a cube shape in two delicious flavours: Citrus Ginger and Pomegranate. With these naturally derived flavours, these are clearly not childhood candies, but gummies for those with mature tastes. They’re enjoyable to eat, too.

High Falls Hemp CBD Gummies

There’s 25mg of CBD in each gummy cube. You have the option to buy:

  • 4-count: $12
  • 30-count: $68


High Falls Hemp CBD Beauty

In terms of topicals, High Falls Hemp has two beauty products. The options are a CBD body lotion and a CBD lip balm.

The body lotion is a luxurious offering that contains aloe, calendula, and avocado oils. It’s non-greasy despite the oils, providing a gentle moisturisation. You can buy this product with 500mg ($48) or 1000mg ($85) of CBD.


High Falls Hemp CBD Pet Tincture

The High Falls Hemp CBD pet tincture allows your pet to benefit from CBD in the same way you do. It’s created using the same high-quality hemp, but with only 300mg of CBD. It costs $35, so it’s not too expensive to care for your pet.


Final Thoughts on High Falls Hemp: 8/10

High Falls Hemp is an excellent brand. It combines high-quality products with great branding. There are very few faults with this brand, other than some high costs for some of the products. Aside from that, it has very few issues.

Unfortunately, our British readers can’t purchase High Falls Hemp. As a result, you’ll need to check out another great brand like Medterra. You can read more in our full Medterra review.