Live Well CBD [All Oils Reviewed]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 2, 2021

Want to know more about Live Well CBD before you buy these products? It’s a good idea to do research, and we hope this guide helps! Check out our Live Well CBD summary below, or skip right to the full review below.


Live Well Quick Summary

Live Well CBD Pros

  • Professional website and professional packaging – it immediately seems like a brand you can trust.
  • Third-party lab reports are provided alongside each product, ensuring that each one is safe for consumption and is well within the legal limits for THC.
  • A good range of products that include tinctures, edibles, vaping e-liquids, topicals, and dog treats. We especially enjoy the addition of bath bombs, which are a unique and fun product.
  • The reviews of this brand are very positive, with many customers praising the quality of this brand.

Live Well CBD Cons

  • Unfortunately, information on both the company and the products is few and far between. There is no information about the dosage, ingredients, or the company’s practices. Furthermore, there is no information at all on CBD; many companies nowadays make an effort to educate their customers, but not Live Well CBD.
  • As an American brand, you will not be able to purchase Live Well CBD products in Great Britain. There are plenty of British brands to buy from instead.


Our British readers will need to look elsewhere for CBD products. Make sure you visit our guide to the top ten British CBD tinctures for a guide on where to find high-quality products.


Live Well CBD Full Review

When buying CBD, it’s crucial that you know what you’re doing. There are many CBD brands out there now, and not all are what they seem to be. So how do you pick out the companies who are a head above the rest?

There are several things to look out for when buying CBD online, and any CBD consumer should be familiar with these things. There are also certain dangers, such as a high THC content and the absence of lab reports. CBD consumers should be aware of the laws in their country so that they don’t end up getting into trouble. Thankfully, cannabidiol supplements are legal in the UK as long as companies adhere to certain marketing standards.

But if you don’t want to do all the research into different companies, then you’re in luck. Here at Greenshoppers, we provide reviews on the latest and greatest in CBD. Today we are checking out Live Well CBD; they are an American brand, but nevertheless it’s good to know a bit about them.


Who Us Live Well CBD?

When you search for Live Well CBD, it will immediately become apparent that this isn’t a huge brand. Their website is not actually the first search result on the list, although it is their Facebook page that pops up.

However, after entering the website, it’s clear that this is a professional brand. Everything is very well laid out, and the packaging on their products is sleek and superb. Everything is nicely coordinated and clearly labelled – it’s all very aesthetically pleasing.

Sadly, Live Well CBD does not have a lot to offer in terms of an ‘About Us’ page. We know that they are based in the United States (in Arizona) and that the hemp is grown pesticide-free. But that’s pretty much all the information you get!

Lab reports are provided on the website, making it clear to see that their products are high-quality and trustworthy. This is great news, as some companies make it tricky to access third-party lab reports.

So, while there is not much information about the company on the website, this is not the be-all and end-all of a company. What about their products?


Live Well CBD Products

Live Well CBD offers a good range of CBD products, all packaged in a sleek black box or tub. We like the consistency across this brand’s packaging – it’s a great way to represent the brand. Unfortunately, there is barely any information about the products, but we will do our best to summarise each product with the little info we have.

Live Well CBD Tinctures

Live Well CBD Review

Live Well CBD’s tinctures are just like regular CBD oils – they come in 30ml dropper bottles to take the CBD sublingually. However, the difference is that all of Live Well CBD’s tinctures come in flavoured varieties, allowing you to avoid the taste of raw hemp. You have the option to choose between Sweet Mango, Blueberry, or Watermelon Ice.

In a 30ml bottle, the tinctures come in three strength options:

  • 250mg: $40.00
  • 750mg: $60.00
  • 1500mg: $100.00

Live Well CBD Lotions

CBD topicals are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s good to see this brand offering a range of topical treatments. We’re not sure what exactly is contained in these products and whether they are organic, vegan, etc. It is most likely that terpenes or essential oils are used to create the different scents, but we can’t be sure.

The CBD Lotions come in Citrus, Cucumber, and Lavender, all in a 2oz tub. Each tub contains 250mg of CBD and costs $25 – that’s $0.1 per milligram of CBD. That’s pretty mid-range when it comes to other brands.

Live Well CBD Bath Bombs

Live Well Bath Bombs Review

Bath bombs are quite a unique CBD product, and we appreciate that Live Well CBD are trying to branch out with this addition to their range. For skincare lovers who like to indulge in CBD lotions, CBD bath bombs are probably a quality, luxurious item to add into their pamper routine.

Three options are available: Cucumber Melon, Milk & Honey, and Vanilla Lavender. All are beautifully scented and will make a great addition to any bath. One bath bomb will cost you $20 and contains 60 mg of CBD.

Live Well CBD Edibles

Live Well Gummies Review

As CBD gummies are now extremely popular, we are not surprised that Live Well CBD sell their own tub. Since there is so little product information, we don’t know the exact flavourings or how these gummies were made. They are not gummy bears, like many companies produce, but actually come in cuboid shapes.

There is some inconsistency on the website here: The pictured tub says that it contains 25 gummies, but the product description says it contains 10 gummies. Likely, it is the 10 gummy option that is available for purchase. With 250 mg of total CBD in the tub, each gummy contains 25mg. It will cost you $30.

Live Well CBD Vaping

Live Well CBD Vape

Live Well CBD offers several options in terms of vaping. Their CBD Vape Cartridges are full cartridges containing 250mg of CBD. Costing $50, these are available in Blueberry and Watermelon flavours.

They also sell three varieties of CBD EJUICE, coming in Blueberry, Sweet Mango, and Watermelon ICE – just like the CBD tinctures. These are designed to be added to any regular vaporiser.

There are three strengths available of the EJUICE:

  • 250mg: $40
  • 500mg: $50
  • 1500mg: $100

Live Well CBD Dog Treats

Live Well CBD Treats

On top of catering to their human customers, Live Well CBD also sell CBD pet treats. Designed to be given to your pooch, these CBD Dog Treats contain 2mg of CBD each, meaning that a daily dose can be curated to your individual pet no matter their size.

The tub contains 20 treats, meaning that it contains 20mg of CBD in total. It will set you back $30.


The Verdict on Live Well CBD: 7/10

All in all, it seems that Live Well CBD is a professional and dedicated brand. Their products are clearly high-quality, though it’s unfortunate that there is no information about them. Hopefully, they will rectify this in the future and try to provide their consumers with more information.

Of course, the biggest hurdle for British consumers of CBD oil is that this company is based in Arizona; due to tricky international laws, we don’t recommend attempting to ship this overseas. Nevertheless, Live Well CBD certainly finds positives in its good product range and great-tasting CBD ingestibles.

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