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The Martha Stewart CBD Brand [All You Need to Know]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on April 1, 2019

The CBD industry is enormous nowadays, including in Great Britain. However, North America are leaps and bounds ahead of us in terms of cannabis acceptance. Canada has legalised cannabis nationwide for recreational use, and several American states have done the same. Plenty more US states have legalised marijuana at least for medicinal use, although the plant remains federally illegal.

Here in the United Kingdom, the government has only just reviewed cannabis for medicinal use. The outcome of the review has been very vague, with headlines stating that cannabis is now available on the NHS, but no stories about this actually happening coming to the surface. Instead, it’s much more likely that cannabis-derived medications will be available on the NHS under very rare circumstances. Our medical marijuana programme thus remains very far behind that in America.

Although CBD has become a popular, legal supplement here in the UK, we haven’t seen evidence of British celebrities promoting the oils. The case is quite different in America. A number of celebrity personalities are embracing marijuana, actively advocating its usage. The star-studded line up includes Whoopi Goldberg, Snoop Dogg, and now, Martha Stewart.

It has been reported that Martha Stewart is teaming up with company Canopy Growth as a CBD ambassador. But what exactly can we expect from Martha’s brand? That’s exactly what we will be finding out today, so read on to discover more…

Why Are Celebrities Moving Toward Cannabis?

Celebrities have a lot of social power these days, and people really care about their likes and interests. With the cannabis-acceptance movement taking place, celebs have a huge amount of power to turn the tides and convince people that – hey – cannabis isn’t so bad!

Most of the celebrities who come to mind when you think of marijuana have been clandestine users for a while now. For example, Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen were using cannabis before it was cool. Now, though, other celebrities have stepped up to the plate after trying it out, usually after hearing from a friend that it could have health benefits when used responsibly.

A number of celebrities have now ‘come out of the cannabis closet’ and admitted their love for weed. More still have advocated the use of non-psychoactive CBD to help boost their health.

Perhaps shockingly, a huge number of celebs are launching their own brands for marijuana products. This might be confusing, but when you consider the amount of money to be made in the cannabis industry these days, it starts to make sense!

Maybe one person you wouldn’t have expected to branch out into the cannabis industry, though, is Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart: Cannabis Lover?

Martha Stewart has been famed for decades, and originally she was seen as very strait-laced and respectable. Of course, there was a short spell she spent in prison for fraud, and her innocent image was shattered slightly.

Recently, she has been hanging out with Snoop Dogg a lot; the pair even have a TV show together. The appeal of the show involves two people from very different backgrounds hanging out and learning from each other. It’s quite touching, really, but obviously equally hilarious. Perhaps Martha’s new friends led her down the cannabis path.

While she has not come out as an enormous advocate for smoking marijuana – she doesn’t smoke and rarely drinks, after all – she has come out in support of CBD.

Stewart has joined the company Canopy Growth as an adviser, helping them design a new CBD range for future release.

Canopy Growth: Who Are They?

Canopy Growth is a Canadian company that produces a number of different marijuana-related products. They have previously partnered with many other celebrities, including Snoop Dogg himself. His range is titled Leafs By Snoop, which contains full-blown marijuana and is thus illegal in the United Kingdom. Seth Rogen has also just joined the ranks, but we don’t know much about this breaking news story yet.

The fact that this company exists speaks volumes about the potential of the cannabis industry. We can only expect that it will continue to grow exponentially.

What Can We Expect from Martha’s CBD Brand?

As for Martha Stewart’s CBD brand, here’s what we know.

Instead of producing the CBD oils, you’re seeing in your pharmacy, you’re more likely to see Martha’s CBD in a veterinary clinic. An avid animal lover, Stewart is producing a range of CBD products designed for dogs, as it is reported that CBD may be able to support the endocannabinoid system in dogs just as it does in humans.

Giving CBD to dogs is becoming popular among pet owners, and a range of CBD products from a reputable company like Canopy Growth is really going to assure owners that Fido will remain safe. Furthermore, backing from a famous face such as Martha Stewart is clearly further backing that will convince pet owners.

Since Canopy Growth is based in North America (namely Canada) and they do sell products containing THC, it’s highly unlikely that the Martha Stewart CBD for pets will be available in the UK. There are, however, other brands that sell CBD for dogs right here in our country. When buying CBD, it’s best to buy from a brand that you know ships to the UK – laws surrounding CBD can be tricky, after all.

Currently, this is all we know about Martha Stewart’s CBD brand. What we can say is that we love how celebrities are getting involved in the industry – it shows that there is nothing to fear from cannabis-derived products. And Martha’s not the only one! Lots of UK celebs are getting involved with CBD, too.

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