The Tonic Tribe | Brand Review

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on June 15, 2020

As the CBD industry grows, so too does the number of brands. The Tonic is one of the most recent to hit the market, and it’s proving to be extremely popular. Let’s find out more about The Tonic in this full review.


The Tonic: Quick Summary

The Tonic Tribe Pros

  • The Tonic is a reputable brand endorsed by celebrities and the CTA.
  • The lab reports are available to view on the website.
  • The range of topical products is extensive.
  • The prices are really affordable.

The Tonic Tribe Cons

  • The Tonic doesn’t sell any capsules or vapes.
  • There aren’t lots of strengths in the CBD oil department.


The Tonic has several celebrity endorsers, but this isn’t the only brand that UK celebrities are loving. Check out our piece on five UK celebs using CBD.


The Tonic Tribe: Full Review

Reading up on CBD brands is the best way to make sure you’re spending money correctly. CBD products can be expensive, so the last thing you want to do is spend lots on a poor-quality product.

You’d think that a brand with celebrity endorsements, like The Tonic Tribe, would be good enough. It’s better safe than sorry, though. The Tonic Tribe UK seems like a good brand at first glance, so we decided to try the product and see if it really makes the cut.

In this review, we cover the essential products available from The Tonic. Let’s find out how this company measures up against the rest.

Who Is The Tonic Tribe?

The Tonic is another brand with a touching story. The website is called The Tonic Tribe, creating a sense of community with the customers. You feel like you’re entering this ‘tribe’ when you buy these products, and judging from the website, it’s a community you want to be a part of.

Kate Henderson and Michelle Oxley founded The Tonic in 2017 out of a desire to bring something fresh to the CBD market. Michelle’s brother suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for thirty-five years, and the family found that cannabis products were the only thing that brought him relief. It’s no wonder Michelle felt touched by the CBD industry.

Kate got involved with her twenty years of marketing experience, allowing the two women to create a refreshing and high-quality brand selling numerous CBD products. The Tonic stocks full-spectrum CBD products created from organic hemp plants that undergo CO2 extraction.

By the way, The Tonic is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association, providing extra reassurance about the quality of these products. Not only is the brand endorsed by the CTA, but it’s also gained credibility from famous faces such as Fearne Cotton and Professor Green.

So far, all seems well and good. So, what are the products actually like?


The Tonic Tribe Products

The Tonic sells several CBD products, with a particular focus on topicals. There are plenty of topicals available and a few CBD drops, as well as some delightful CBD tea blends.


The Tonic Tribe Oral CBD Oils

Almost every brand stocks CBD oil. It’s a fundamental product, especially for newbies to CBD. The Tonic sells several varieties of CBD oil, providing a little something for everyone.

The CBD oils are available in sizes of 10ml or 20ml. The Tonic uses organic hemp seed oil as the carrier and full-spectrum CBD. Each one comes in a spray bottle, which is handy for on-the-go use. However, the 25% CBD oil (super strong!) comes in a dropper bottle, and the 6% water-soluble CBD comes in a syringe.

The options are as follows:

  • CBD oil (8%, 25%)
  • CBD shots (4%)
  • Water soluble CBD oil (4%, 6%)
  • Mint flavoured CBD oil (8%)
  • CBG enhanced CBD oil (3%)

Prices start at £41.99 for most of these products. It’s great that The Tonic even has a CBG option, showing this brand’s commitment to choice.


The Tonic Tribe Skin, Muscle & Joint Care

The Tonic has tons of topicals on offer, covering an enormous range. We tried a selection, including the CBD bath products. The Tonic offers a unique approach to CBD bath bombs, with 6 bath bombs in a cute cotton bag. Each bomb contains 15mg, and is available in two scents:

  • Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang
  • Sandalwood, Orange, and Black Pepper

The bath bombs aren’t coloured, so they don’t stain your bath. But they smell incredible and the scents are super relaxing.

There are also bath salts in two more scents. The Lemongrass, Pine & Patchouli option is super invigorating and fills the air with a stimulating scent. The tub of CBD bath salt contains 360mg in total with 24mg per scoop. Your skin feels wonderful after use.

Thirdly, we tried the CBD balm. The Tonic sells several creams and balms, but the coconut balm looked intriguing. It consists of raw organic extra virgin coconut oil, with a refreshing scent. It feels nice on the skin, though not as nice as a cream or body butter would. Luckily, The Tonic sells lots of other topicals.

The range includes:

  • CBD soap
  • CBD aftershave balm
  • CBD and aloe summer skin soother
  • CBD beard and hair oil
  • CBD skin serum
  • CBD face and body cream
  • CBD lube
  • CBD skin maintenance for men
  • CBD muscle recovery oil infused with arnica

The soap starts at just £6.99, but most of the topicals are £20-£30.


The Tonic Tribe CBD Tea

The Tonic also sells CBD tea. The blends come in tea bags in a metal tin that looks really good in your kitchen; plus, you can reuse these tubs! The brand claims that this water-soluble CBD tea provides more than 10x absorption than an oil equivalent.

The tea blends include Vibrant Lemon, Cleansing Blossom, Black Mango, and Fruit Explosion.


Final Thoughts on The Tonic Tribe: 8/10

The Tonic Tribe is a great brand. We love the range of items. There are lots of topicals to choose from and they all have rich, exciting scents that make the product seem super luxurious. We love the range of water-soluble CBD, too.

We wish The Tonic sold products like capsules and vapes, otherwise they would have scored a perfect ten.

If you’re looking for another high-quality brand with amazing scents and a great range, we recommend Hempura. Read more about them in our full Hempura review.