Cannasa Review [CBD Brand & Products Walkthrough]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on June 29, 2020

As CBD drinks grow in popularity, some brands have dedicated themselves solely to CBD beverages. One such brand is Cannasa. Read our quick summary of the pros and cons below or jump ahead for a full Cannasa drinks review.


Cannasa: Quick Summary

Cannasa Pros

  • Cannasa is committed to sustainability, with responsibly sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging.
  • The flavour is delicious, with all-natural flavourings.
  • The website is really professional and easy to navigate.
  • Cannasa is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association.
  • Good pricing.

Cannasa Cons

  • There are no lab reports.
  • Cannasa doesn’t specify how much CBD is contained in each drink.
  • There is only one flavour right now.


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Cannasa: Full Review

Cannasa is a relatively new brand on the CBD circuit, and there are very few online reviews. That said, it’s vital for customers to read independent reviews before purchasing CBD, given that the CBD industry remains unregulated in the UK. Here at Greenshoppers, we always want our readers to stay safe while using CBD products they love.

We just had to review the Cannasa UK brand. This company has opted to sell one product, choosing quality over quantity. It’s a CBD drink, in case you were wondering. So, without further ado, let’s find out more about this brand and the product it currently has on offer.


Who Is Cannasa?

Matthew Pygott and Gregor Pecnik founded Cannasa, leaving behind jobs as sustainability consultants to enter the CBD industry. The duo wanted to create great-tasting hemp drinks that can replace tinctures and even vaping, allowing people to use CBD in social situations without vaping.

With a background in sustainability, Pygott and Pecnik wanted to ensure that Cannasa would be a sustainable company. The company sources premium quality hemp, but we aren’t sure about the manufacturing process; it’s likely that they use CO2 extraction.

Cannasa’s practices are completely sustainable. Not only does the brand source good-quality hemp, but it also sources responsible, sustainable ingredients to make up the rest of the drink. Of course, the packaging is also as sustainable as possible, with recyclable glass bottles and compostable labels partially made from hemp.

There’s clear information about how the hemp is grown sustainably, so make sure you check out the ‘Our Hemp’ section on the Cannasa site.

The website claims that Cannasa works closely with business partners to ensure that its sustainable ethos is continued at every step of the process. Speaking of the website, Cannasa’s site is incredibly professional and well laid-out. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

The main problem we have with Cannasa is the lack of lab reports; all companies should be providing certificates of analysis at this point.

However, Cannasa won us back again when we noticed that all profits from April, May, and June 2020 were being donated to mental health charities. It’s always great to see brands giving back to the community.


Cannasa Products

It’s time to review the products. We already know that Cannasa specialises in CBD drinks. However, the brand actually only sells one drink at the time of writing. Below, we provide more details on this beverage and tell you if we think it’s worth the cost.


Cannasa Botanical Rose Raspberry Lemonade

CBD beverages are super popular these days, but we haven’t yet seen a drink that looks as beautiful and appealing as the Cannasa option. It’s common to see CBD-infused drinks such as tea and coffee, energy drinks, and even water. However, botanical CBD drinks are rarer. We recently reviewed O’Shaughnessy, another brand pushing the boat out in terms of botanical CBD drinks, but they have two flavours.

Cannasa Botanical Rose Raspberry Lemonade

Currently, Cannasa has just one flavour, but it seems to be popular. The flavour is Rose & Raspberry, with additional flavourings from lime flower and lemon. The liquid is a stunning rose-gold colour that looks super refreshing and tasty. The label is also beautifully designed, and we love that it’s partially made from hemp and is completely compostable.

The brand specifies that it uses no sweeteners, no preservatives, and no artificial flavourings. It’s also gluten-free. Thanks to the lack of cane sugar, the Cannasa drink also avoids the UK sugar tax.

However, the brand unfortunately doesn’t specify how much CBD is contained per bottle. Given the low price, it can’t be a lot! It’s worth noting, though, that Cannasa’s price was lower at the time of writing due to a coronavirus discount; the company wanted to sell its products despite reduced numbers of customers. The original prices are listed below.

Assuming that the CBD content is quite low, we think Cannasa makes a decent drink for regular CBD users. It’s a good way to top up on your CBD dose, enjoying a small amount along with some tasty refreshment.

The prices are as follows:

  • 6-pack: £20
  • 12-pack: £36
  • 24-pack: £72


Summary on Cannasa: 8/10

Cannasa is a pretty good CBD brand. It’s a shame that it only sells products, but it’s likely that the brand will expand in the future if all goes well. We love that this brand is so committed to sustainability, with responsibly sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging.

There are a few things that Cannasa needs to work on, such as featuring lab reports and specifying the CBD content. For a new CBD brand, though, this one is pretty good.

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