Daiba Organic Review | CBD Brand Overview

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on May 29, 2020

The growing market for CBD brands is triggering an influx of new businesses. We like to put these new brands to the test here at Greenshoppers, reviewing the products so that our readers know which brands are worth it. Today, we take a look at Daiba Organic.


Daiba Organic: Quick Summary

Daiba Organic Pros

  • All of the products are vegan-friendly and contain ethical ingredients.
  • The brand has a larger range of CBD teas than we have seen previously.
  • The pricing is excellent, with lots of good-quality products for cheap costs.
  • Customers rate this brand highly.

Daiba Organic Cons

  • We couldn’t see any lab reports, despite the brand claiming to test its products.
  • There are no flavourless ingestible options like capsules; all of the options are quite intense.
  • There’s a limited range of oil strengths compared to some other brands.


Daiba Organic sells a lot of products that it markets as therapeutic. Usually, CBD is sold as a general wellness supplement, but Epidiolex is a pharmaceutical product seeking to change that. Find out more about Epidiolex here.


Daiba Organic: Full Review

Daiba Organic is a relatively new CBD brand in the UK. The website is really well set-up, with professional images and a good layout. It boasts the brand’s 4.5-star rating on TrustPilot on the home page. However, we always like to put these brands to the test.

We tried the Daiba Organic CBD products and investigated this brand’s background to find out more.


Who Is Daiba Organic?

Daisy and Bart started Daiba Organic out of love for botanicals and herbal healing. We assume that ‘Daiba’ is a compound of their names! Daisy and Bart discovered CBD a few years ago and found that it helped their physical and mental health.

Since the CBD market is unregulated, the pair wanted to create a reliable CBD brand with biodegradable packaging. Furthermore, the brand uses recycled materials in its packaging and products. Daiba Organic is not only healthy and safe, but it’s also sustainable. 5% of every product purchased goes to the Rainforest Alliance.

Daiba Organic is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association, showcasing the reliable nature of the company. This company stocks quite a few interesting and exciting products, so we had to give them a try.


Daiba Organic Products

Daiba Organic sells an excellent range of CBD products. The range includes CBD oils, topicals, teas, and even vegan CBD chocolate! Daiba Organic also advertises medicinal mushrooms, but in this review, we stuck to the CBD.


Daiba Organic CBD Oils

Daiba Organic CBD Oils

The Daiba Organic CBD oil contains a cold-pressed hemp seed oil-based. It’s full-spectrum and packed full of nutrients. It’s a standard CBD all, by all accounts, but we found it to be quite effective. Something that makes these oils stand out a little is that the RAW oils contain CBDa as well as CBD.

The oils from 2.5% strength, which is 250mg. For just £24.50, these oils are really well-priced. The most robust oil is 10%, or 1000mg, which is not the strongest oil on the market. However, it’s a decent strength for regular users of CBD. This option costs £67.50.


Daiba Organic CBD Chocolate

Daiba Organic CBD Chocolate

Something we love about the Daiba Organic CBD chocolate is that it’s vegan and uses sustainable, ethical ingredients. Award-winning chocolatiers from Solkiki in Peru crafted these bars of 63% dark chocolate, infusing it with 5.5% full-spectrum CBD oil.

The Gran Nativo chocolate also comes in a coconut chocolate flavour, which is absolutely delicious! However, this option only contains 33mg of CBD compared to the dark chocolate’s 77mg.

One coconut bar is £8.50, and one coconut bar is £11.50. However, you can save money by purchasing four bars at one time.


Daiba Organic CBD Tea Blends

CBD tea is a popular option, with many brands selling ready-to-brew CBD tea bags. Daiba Organic has gone for a more authentic approach, with a variety of loose-leaf tea options. For this, you’ll need a way to brew your tea, such as a teapot or a brewer.

The tea blends on offer from Daiba Organic are beautiful. There’s a standard CBD flower tea, costing just £9.95 for a 20g bag or £80 for a 250g bag. By the way, the bags are eco-friendly and resealable. Hemp tea is not to everyone’s taste, though.

Luckily, there are plenty more options. The range includes a Revive tea, a Sleep Well tea, a Detox tea, and a Butterfly Blue Pea tea, among others. Prices vary depending on the blend and bag size, but they’re pretty reasonable.


Daiba Organic Natural Skin Care

Daiba Organic Natural Skin Care

Daiba Organic sells one topical in the form of a Healing Balm. It contains the brand’s proprietary hemp oil extract alongside spruce pine resin, coconut oil, and jojoba wax. The balm has a delightful smell and feels nice on the skin. Nevertheless, balms aren’t our favourite form of topical because the texture isn’t quite as lovely as creams.

The high vitamin C content of the Daiba Organic balm is good for the skin, offering anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-fungal properties. All in all, this is an excellent example of a vegan-friendly CBD balm, and it costs just £22.50.


Final Thoughts on Daiba Organic: 9/10

Overall, we like Daiba Organic. It’s a great brand! Our only downside is that we couldn’t actually find the lab reports, even though the brand claims to test the products. Nevertheless, there’s a good range of highly-rated products here, all for reasonable prices.

Daiba Organic is a newcomer to the industry, so this brand still has a long way to go! Hopefully, the only way is up.

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